Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Improving Form

Some of you had questioned how I motivate myself to leave my warm comfy home to venture out in the bitter cold ND weather. Today was just as bad as yesterday, with the wind chill being the same -42 degrees, but the temperature itself had dropped to -25. However, the sun was shining which made a huge difference. As weird as ND weather is, it somehow has warmed up starting this afternoon and is currently ONLY -12 with no wind. So, leaving home for the gym tonight wasn't as bad as it was this morning. That was brutal.

My swim went well. My friend had commented on how much faster and better I was getting. I shot her a look and said flat out that it wasn't my goal to be faster. I want to focus on improving my form before speed. I was trying my hardest to swim slow, pay attention to my arms in and out of the water, as well as taking a breath every 3 strokes. Why is it that I have a harder time taking a breath to my left rather than to my right? When I take a breath to my left, I find that my left arm is just hanging out above the water too long. Am I turning my head too late? Hmm.

There was a guy in the lane next to us that really knew what he was doing. I was in awe and stopped to watch him a few times. He was doing a little bit of everything but the thing that really caught my attention was the butterfly. He did it like a pro. I hate the butterfly and hated being forced to learn how to do it. I despised it. It was hard and if I never have to do it again, I will be fine with that. It was gorgeous.

Towards the end of our swim she had mentioned doing some sprints. I was up for it. We planned to race to the other end of the pool and I kicked her butt. Royally. It felt good. We did this a handful of times and then she gave up. She is still a better swimmer than I am though.

I'm tired and my arms are sore. I wonder how my lift session after my run will go tomorrow. Good thing Friday is finally a rest day!

OSN: 1250M
- finished off with 100M of sprints
Michael Phelps


miss petite america said...

haha, i posted a pic of michael phelps tonight too :)

butterfly is torture.

i take a breath every 4 strokes so i can always breathe on the right. but i'm a newbie so what do i know.

what are your swimming workouts like?

Wes said...

My left side is my weak side too. What I have discovered recently is that I lift my head out of the water when I breath on my left. Where as, when I breath on my right, I roll on my side and just turn my head until my mouth breaches.

Of course, when you lift your head, you butt goes down and you sink. It's really very simple :-) I learned to make sure that I am turning my head exactly the same when I breath on each side. Voila! Big improvement :-)

Marcy said...

You could've had your bikini on in that -12 degree weather :P

Molly said...

I am enjoying the is different from my usual read, which is nice.

I am still SO impressed that you get out in that. I walk Koz at lunch every day (this in going to KILL you) and it has been 45 when we walk and I am SO cold!

Take Care

Danielle said...

Hmm...maybe that's part of the problem I was having...I try to breath basically every 2nd stroke, every time I'm on the right that is...I don't know what is wrong with breathing to the left but it doesn't feel right.

Allez said...

I love butterfly! I can't do it for very long, but its one of those strokes I want to be good at just because it is so graceful when done right!

Unknown said...

I've only just begun to learn the butterfly. The fact that I struggle with it is encouragement enough to keep trying... Great picture of Phelps!

akshaye said...

I suppose the speed improves with the form. -12f .. bring those shorts out!

Jess said...

You and MPA are on a Phelps kick, eh?

RunnerGirl said...

Have to say, I liked the photo!

Jess said...

Nice job on the swim. What's with all the love for Michael Phelps lately lol!