Sunday, January 6, 2008

3 days on/3 days off ... and Blogland Book Club

Last week I started off the new year with a bang. 3 workouts in a row. And then what?

Then, I took Friday off and went home to Bismarck. I didn't do anything Saturday morning. I had 3 miles scheduled for today and thought I was going to do it when I returned .... but was feeling quite car sick and very hungry. Now I can't get myself to do anything. I am completely wiped!

This week will be better, though. It's just those weekends away .... they completely throw me off. And I have two more weekends away... in a row!

***************************** BLOGLAND BOOK CLUB *************************************
Here's a few ideas I had:
  1. Start a blog ... for the book club. (think of Blog title)
  2. Read 1 or 2 books per month ... depending on the length? Maybe just one, since everyone is pretty busy with training?!
  3. Write posts ... in regards to what has been read, any thoughts or questions for discussion relating to what has been read ...
  4. Vote on ideas for which books to read (fiction, nonfiction, biographies, etc.)
  5. I know I had other thoughts... but just lost them.
Let me know what you think or any ideas you have. It's all open for discussion... Maybe I should just open up a blog and we can start posting ideas/comments???


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a splendid idea. You should start up the blog page. And where will you get the book ideas? Recommendations from people in the club?

teacherwoman said...

Recommendations from the club sounds good!

Jess said...

Those are good ideas for the book club. I would say one book a month -- based on a vote. We could each throw out one or two ideas and then in the first week of the month, vote, and the majority wins.

Wes said...

Great idea! Wish I had time to read :-( Maybe I could do one book a month! Will there be any tech books involved ;-) Just kiddin!!

Sara said...

Sounds awesome - I'm in!

J~Mom said...

Sounds like a great plan! I am in!

Runner Leana said...

I love the sound of a book club. One book a month sounds doable to me!

akshaye said...

yeah.. we should do a book list and then vote for the top 1(2) books to be selected for a month

Danielle said... many books I need to read, book club sounds like a cool idea.