Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Self diagnosis, per say?

I think I am finally starting to feel better. I am not 100% just yet, but only a stuffy nose today is a helluva lot better than what I dealt with the past 5 days. I really should have taken a sick day Monday or Tuesday because they were both brutal. I was miserable and I felt like I was useless to the kids. I left work yesterday shortly after I was done seeing kids at 2:30 and went straight to my bed. I slept for a good couple of hours, layed around all night and drank water like it was going out of style.

This morning I got up for a nice run. I wanted to test out the legs again to see if that weird twingy thing in my left leg/shin/ankle area was still present. No problem with that. I was feeling very queesy and struggled through the run in that aspect. On top of that, my right knee is bothering me a bit. I am having a bit of tracking issues.... looking at all the symptoms, I think I might be suffering from Patella Tracking Disorder. For reals.

Looking back on my half marathon training a year ago, I didn't really deal with this too much. I have in the past, when I first started running. The only difference between training last year and this year, there was regular strength training incorporated then. I need to get this back into my schedule. Bad.

Do you incorporate strength training into your routing? And if so, what does your week usually look like?

Today's Workout:
Run - 3.1 miles, 38:00, 12:15/mile avg. (slow and miserable)

Today's Song:
Britney Spears - Circus (in sidebar)
(Only 2 months until her concert!)


Unknown said...

I suffered from PFS (patella femoral syndrome) that was also tracking related but not exactly PTD. I think you should have someone look at it if you think you have knee issues. Try to find an orthopedic that will be interested in returning you to your previous activiy level.

YES - I ENCORPORATE STRENGTH TRAINING. I also stretch 15mins per day.My week looks like this right now (and I keep telling people that I feel better than I have for a long time. I love my current routine)

sun - rest
mon - weights
tue - yoga am, running pm
wed - weights
thu - yoga am, running pm
fri - weights
sat - running am, yoga pm

email me if you want more of my story and what specifically i've had success with to get my knee back to tracking correctly

best wishes!!

Holly said...

I hope you feel back to normal soon!

Unknown said...

I'm not the best at getting in my strength training. I normally will get in one or two sessions in a week. It tends to help with my injury prevention.

N.D. said...

Glad you are feeling better and I like the new look. I need to do more strength training - I was doing it 2 days a week and it seemed to help.

Badgergirl said...

I need to do more strength training. But honestly, it kind of scares me mostly because I'm not quite sure what I should do.

Glad to hear your feeling a little bit better!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

like the new profile pic and blog look! Take care of that knee... I used to have a lot of knee pains, but added a lot of strength training, and since, no more knee pain. Good luck!

Aka Alice said...

Can I just say that I may become addicted to that website and self-diagnosing all my aches and pains!

I just started to incorporate some strength training...I'm looking forward to it helping.

MJ said...

I do full body strength training on Mon, Wed, and Friday. I usually keep it super high tempo and mix in three to five 2-3 minute cardio bursts to keep the heart rate high throughout. With a 5 -10 minute stretch at the end it takes one hour.

I think of it as the backbone of my entire program.

Shannon said...

Get a foam roller (just don't have sex with it LOL). It might be an overuse injury and you can stretch those muscles supporting the knee. Also, in reference to what Lisa said you could have someone check it out.

Weights two days a week, EVERYONE should be doing that all year long. (ok, trainer is getting off her box)

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon and hope the knee stops acting up. Strength training is great. However, I don't' do it anymore.

BeachRunner said...

Hells yes, I do strength training. I love how it makes me feel too. Given my schedule and time constraints I do one full upper body workout about every 5 days or so. Hope you feel better.

Anonymous said...

I do strength training roughly twice a week. It helps to give more variety. As if swim, bike, run isn't enough variety.

P.S. I like the new picture!

Wes said...

When I get done with P90X, I plan on using this set by Mark Allen.

Aron said...

glad you are feeling better!

i usually try to incorporate weight training but when i get into peak marathon training it usually slacks off, which i am trying not to do this time! i like do to at least one day of upper body and at least one day of lower body, ideally 2 days of each. then i try to do abs/core work whenever i do other weights. i am trying to incorporate it all in now :)

Kelly said...

I'm not good at incorporating strength. Basically when my running buddy says "we're doing strength today". And, I hope you feel better soon. Circus, totally a new song on my ipod. Yay.

Carolina John said...

First, i love the cute new profile pic! how pretty.

yes, you need to add some weights. it's a timely question, because i wrote a book review this morning for what sounds like the perfect plan for you. the moving patella is a balance problem. the shin tinglies are from a weak core, more than likely. you should really look for the tri power book i reviewed today. i think it will give you exactly what you are looking for.

Danielle said...

Strength training is good. I definitely see a difference when I work out regularly. Don't neglect upper body...and build hills in!! They help a lot!! :)