Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Feeling "With It"

Softball went later than usual last night, due to us hanging out in the parking lot after the games and having a couple beers to celebrate 3rd place. Well, the rest of the team drank; I socialized. Honestly. I was good.

I couldn't fall asleep before midnight and was up early for work. Needless to say I was very tired this morning and didn't know what my swim was going to be like today. But, I remembered my bag! :)

Despite the late night and lack of 8 hours of sleep, the swim was great. It has been a week since I was in the pool and I was excited. At first I didn't have anything planned as to what I wanted to do in the water. But, as I was warming up, I felt it was a good day to do some intervals and work on some speed. I warmed up for 400M, then did 4x50M sprints with 1 minute R/I, another slow 400M, then 4x50M sprints again, and then a 400M cool down. It felt great.

I then came home to do my week 3 day 2 push ups. not the funnest thing to do after a hard workout in the pool, but I persevered and accomplished the task with a whopping 72 push ups!

If all goes well, I will be able to do a short run tomorrow morning as well as some strength training (focusing on the legs) on the machines before the last day of summer school with the little kiddos. It's supposed to rain all day tomorrow and be sunny and warm on Friday.... when I plan to get in a nice LONG ride out on the open road!

OSN: 1600M (didn't even pay attention to the time)
400M w/u
4x50M sprints with 1 minute R/I
400M free
4x50M sprints with 1 minute R/I
400M c/d

What do they say... you get faster if you train faster?


Marcy said...

SHUT UP!!! You can do 72 push ups?!? I am so jealous! With the rate I'm going it will be 2010 before I get to that point :-X

Ms. V. said...

Did you just say *funnest*?


It must be summer.
(I'm just jealous on the 72, too.)

teacherwoman said...

You read it... I said funnest.

Remember, I am working with 1st graders this summer!

akshaye said...

72.. wow! Nice intervals too.

Enjoy your ride on Friday.

Brian said...

Nothing better then swiming when it's hotter then hell and you don't want to run so much.

Plus, great job on the push ups.

Jess said...

72?! Holy cats!

Jess said...

WOW 72 push ups!!! after swimming! You are jacked! hahah!!!

Wes said...

LOL... You know what caught everyone's attention in that post :-) 72, 72, 72!!! You rock!!

Sherry said...

Your post is motivating me to get in the pool... haven't been in the water in nearly 2 weeks! YIKES!!!

Great job on the push-ups! Keep it up!!!

hepsmom said...

Excellent bounce-back! I know it's cliche, but it's appropriate here: You go girl!

RunnerGirl said...

72 push ups? You are a machine!

Holly said...

I actually talked to two of your aunts over the weekend - I'd know them anywhere. Your cousins, however, are another story. I won't know them until I do roll on the first day of school! :)

Erin Leigh said...

72 FREAKING pushups!!! You are amazing!!!

IronGambit said...

its true, thats how the french and the germans do it over here! ;)

J~Mom said...

WOW girl you are rocking on the pushups!!!!!!!!

Viv said...

Sweet sprints in the pool and then 72 push ups...U can prolly doo the 100 fresh.