Thursday, October 9, 2008

A fear of not getting enough sleep...

I went to bed later than usual last night with a feeling that I wasn't going to make it to the gym this morning. This is where the problem begins. I fear that I will be too tired, therefore, most times I don't get up for a morning workout because I am afraid I will be too tired. Thus, I should be making that decision not to workout in the morning, prior to going to bed, rather then at 430am. If I make the decision before bed, I will set my alarm for later, thus getting a good extra hour and a half sleep. If I don't make the decision prior to going to bed, the alarm goes off at 430am, and then I toss and turn for another hour and a half, feeling guilty instantly. It's not a fun thing, and I should know better.

We all know now how this morning went. I definitely didn't get up at 430 and I most definitely did toss and turn feeling guilty for an extra hour and a half. All I could think about while getting ready this morning was starting the day off without a workout. It just bugged me. I knew I could get it done after school, but I knew then I would be crunched for time as I had prior commitments this evening.

Fortunately, I was able to get out of school right after the day was over and got to the gym with plenty of time to get my run in. It was nice and quiet in the gym for a change, and I didn't have to limit myself to 30 minutes on the thrillmill.

I knew I wanted to do a bit more than my usual 3 mile run; something between 4-5 miles. I started out slow and was able to run for 25 minutes strait, before I had to sign up for another 30 minute. After that I did the run 5 minutes walk 1 minute for about 15 minutes and then worked on some speed intervals within the last 15 minutes, maxing out at 7mph (avg. 8:34/mile) on a 2% incline.

While stretching out on the mat I was thinking of how much I had left in me. I knew I could have put in another mile, but I just ran out of time. Overall, the run was good, and I wasn't too guilty any more about trying to sleep in this morning and move the workout to later in the day... this time.
On a side note, I less than 48 hours I will be participating in the Breast Cancer Awareness Ride! I am super excited, but I am not so excited about the weather. The high for the day will be around 54, but I am pretty sure it won't be anywhere near that at 10am. Plus, there is 60% chance of rain/thunderstorms and a 13mph wind out of the North. I am not looking forward to that. How does one dress for that?!
Today's Song: TI - Whatever You Like

Wednesday's Workout:
Lift u/b, core
Bike - 10.85 miles, 30:00, 21.7mph

Today's Workout:
Run - 4.6 miles, 54:00, 11:44/mile

Have a great weekend y'all! Good luck to those who are racing this weekend as well!


J~Mom said...

I dance with that guilt often myself. Good job still getting the run done! I vote for a bike jersey, arm warmers and a light shell that you could wrap up and put in a pocket. I don't have all that buy maybe you do. LOL

Unknown said...

I know what you mean about the early morning guilt of not getting up to workout. I struggle with that all the time. I keep planning to get up but just don't get to bed early enough to actually do it.
Good luck on your ride. I am sure it will be great!

Wes said...

It's all about teaching the body a new habit :-) Right? You are a teacher. You know this!! Once the habit becomes ingrained, you'll sleep better.

Have a great ride!!!

Anne said...

The mental jostling the night before is not unfamiliar to me. Nor the nagging feeling the rest of the day, or the truncated workouts when you do go because of time limits.

Have a great time on the ride this weekend!!!!

Marcy said...

I do that too. Think "OMG I'm going to be so tired if I get up that early" but some how I manage to trick myself by saying "It's ok you can take a nap in the afternoon" Ummm yeah that NEVER happens HAHAHA

Jess said...

Bravo to you for even CONSIDERING 4:30 am as an option. That's way more than I ever do!

Good luck with your ride this weekend!

sunshine said...

Glad you were able to get such a kick-butt workout in. Must be all that pent up early morning anxiety ;)

Unknown said...

The worst part of all of that is having to 'sign up' to run more than 30 minutes. If my gym were like that (and it isn't) I would be looking for a new one.

Make sure to get to bed early tonight. ;-)

BeachRunner said...

Good luck with the Breast Cancer Ride. Have fun!

Viv said...

I hear you and the sleep is so important too. I am glad you got a good run in for what the time allowed. I really hope the rain stays away for your ride. i just flip out with the slippery brake stuff. Ride safe.

PS I like the song of the day i have a lil ghetto in me hehehe

Unknown said...

Have a good time on that breast cancer ride this weekend!!

Holly said...

I hate putting my runs off to a different time than I originally had planned. It makes me disappointed in myself.

Have fun on the Breast Cancer ride!

akshaye said...

Yeah.. I have just shifted to an evening routine. I cant keep screwing with my mind every morning :)

Aron said...

GAH i know the exact feeling... i always think and try to get up in the morning but it rarely happens. BOOOO.

Michelle said...

Good luck with your ride!! ROCK IT!!!

Danielle said...

I know that guilt of not getting up. I allowed this week to sleep in but next week starts up the regular routine again!!

Yeah, I still can't get over those stats...I'm...I don't know...slow people run it maybe??

Sherry said...

Hoping... praying... that you'll have nice weather today so that you can enjoy your ride. It's such a wonderful cause, but I can understand how FRIGID temps could completely kill any fun in it.

Definitely looking forward to the post-ride report (if there is one). :o)

Jess said...

good luck in your ride!! can't wait to here how it goes!

i'm the same way with the a.m. workout guilt!

Brian said...

Have a good ride, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?

Its a tough time of year, meaning that most of the tri season is over. With most if not all of the 'A' races over it's hard to keep the rhythm of the build up. But I think your a smart person for wanting to start want to get in the habit of getting up earlier.
I think I need to follow your lead.
Plus Wes is off coffee so now their is extra.

Ride strong!

Ms. V. said...

I hate it when I can't sleep. I really really try to not have a Diet Coke after noon. It's definitely hard.

Erin Leigh said...

Where the hell is my response?? I know I posted on this.

Good job getting out there, especially with that weather.

And in response to you too big comment which I totally get. There is def no change in size, only improvement in appearance.