Monday, November 3, 2008

Get ur vote (freak) on!

The plan was to vote early in hopes of avoiding the long lines tomorrow. However, today the lines were long, and it took about 20 minutes to get through at 3:45 this afternoon. I sat there filling out my ballot, making sure all bubbles were filled in completely... like a school kid taking the ND State Assessment. I wanted to make sure every vote counted! Supposedly they were averaging 500 voters per hour today. Crazy!

I took a picture of the pup last night and sent it to a friend. She made up a quick flier and posted on the fridges at school. It sounds like a few people are interested and should be able to have a new home for Molly tomorrow. I am growing more and more attatched, but I just can't deal with the fact that she is not potty trained 100%. (If you are unfamiliar with my story related to the puppy I am dog-sitting read the post below.) Here's a pic of the pup....

As much as I enjoyed the extra hour of sleep this weekend, and the visible sunrise on my way to work this morning, I did not like the fact that daylight was disappearing all too fast this afternoon. I rushed home from voting and took the pup on a near 2 mile walk. The temperature was well in the 60's. There is a nice man-made lake in my area and it was beautiful with the sun setting in the west.A picture like this makes me thankful for these beautiful fall days! Too bad we couldn't have a month of this weather. Winter will be here before I know it... or am ready for it.

Today's workout: 2 mile walk
Today's song: Missy Elliot - Get Ur Freak On


BeachRunner said...

Nice pics Peachy Teachy. And great job getting your freak on and voting early. We can't vote early here in NY State. I will vote early tomorrow morning and hopefully catch a nice sunrise.

Marcy said...

I'm with Beachy. NY stinks in the fact that we can't vote early. Lucky you! I'm getting up at the butt crack of dawn to beat all the old geezers to the polls :P

Anonymous said...

I voted Saturday and am so glad I won't have to stand in any lines after work!

Hope everything works out with the puppy, very cute by the way.

I am missing the sun at night.

N.D. said...

That is a really pretty pic!! I hear ya about the darkness coming in so quickly! It was less depressing going to school while there was daylight! Good job on the start to your week workout!

Anonymous said...

I voted two weekends ago!
Cute pup - too bad you can't keep her.

Michelle said...

You go girl!!!

TW, tomorrow is the day right??

Cute puppy...

I miss the longer day light too!! Only 7 more months till spring!!!

Jess said...

I'm voting tomorrow morning and hoping I'm not stuck in line for hours

Badgergirl said...

Either way I'm going to get stuck in a line. The line to vote early was an hour long today. I'm planning on a mid-morning voting run. Hopefully the line won't be too long.

And coming out of my office when it's dark at 5:15 p.m.? Depressing.

Borsch said...

poor puppy! Find him/her a good home.

Love the lake pic! :)

Holly said...

Adorable dog! Too bad it doesn't work out for you to keep her.

It looks like you live in a beautiful area!

Sherry said...

That is such a pretty picture of you... and the pup! :o)

Gotta love early voting! We had it for 2 weeks here in FL. I got my vote in last Friday. Even with the early voting, it's amazing how many folks wait until today... and stand on those dang lines!

Carolina John said...

i also hate how early it gets dark after the time change. and i wish we could vote early in SC. My polling place is the school that I run to on my normal 5k training runs, so I think I will walk up there to vote today.

Jess said...

I fyou only had to wait 20 minutes to vote, that's not bad. I waited for more than 2 hours.

J~Mom said...

Great pictures!! We had early voting here with 4 hour waits!! Crazy!

Unknown said...

I do miss the evening runs since the sun is down before I want to get out there!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I live in Oregon. We vote by mail, so I was able to vote at home with all my ballot measure information strewn about and really take my time!

I hear you about the time change. It's dark so early now. :(

Nice picture by the lake!

M*J*C said...

Hope everything works out with the puppy!! Great pics too!

akshaye said...

Really nice pics.. we had early voting on for the past week and almost 35% of the state was done before today.

Runner Leana said...

Sigh...I wish my 8 year old dog was 100% potty trained but that is the luck of the draw with my rescue dog.

Anonymous said...