Saturday, September 15, 2007

Finish Strong

Our spin session this morning consisted of an imaginary ride along Interstate-94 into Medora. We went through the badlands, around the elk and buffalo, through narrow clearings between buttes, over rocks and through riverbends and small streams. This was a different spin session, with a different instructor, but I enjoyed it. Having been to Medora multiple times, the last being my 5K Badlands Race a year ago, I was really able to imagine the scenery.

Afterwards, I changed into my new shoes, stretched a bit and hopped on the thrillmill. It took about 4 minutes for my knees to transition from the bike to the run. I didn't have a number of miles I wanted to do, I was just focussing on time. I wanted to go 30 minutes and that is just what I did. My run was slow and easy but I finished with a little extra speed and an incline in the end. I wanted to finish strong. I could hear my Dad saying that in my head. When I have run with my parents, Dad has always said "finish strong" at the end of a run. It kind of annoys me how well both of them run. Last time I talked to them about a run, they had done 6 miles with about 10min splits. I don't do long runs with them... I like to stick to a few miles! Ha!

Today's Workout:
OCN: 19.5 miles
ORN: 2.5 miles

I was thinking I would get to the school today to take care of some stuff. But, I am just not feeling it. I don't want to be putting in tons of hours every saturday, as there is always something that could be done. I might skip it this weekend, work a little later after school during this coming week, and see how it goes. I need my me time. Plus, errands need to be run, clothes need to be washed, college football is in full speed, and my Twins play this evening. Today is Stacy's day. Ha!
P.S. I think my Twins lost last night because I had washed my shirt. Damn it. You were right, Scott!


Anonymous said...

I agree, you need your "me" time. I have to remind myself of that when I get so busy with homework, work, and other activities (clubs, volunteering, etc) that I risk getting burnt out.

Enjoy your day of relaxation! I'm ready for some college football tonight too ;-)

Steve Stenzel said...

Nice brick workout! And why'd you have to go wash that shirt?!?!

Dances with Corgis said...

Thrillmill huh... that's an upgrade from the dreadmill!

good luck getting your errands done today. as someone that works many weekends, i hear ya on the me time.

Dances with Corgis said...

can i also add, that the song currently playing on your blog is PERFECT for my state of mind today :(

SavvyFitChica said...

1. Sorry, I'm a bit behind on reading the blogs.
2. Mmm...Caramel Highrise ...
3. Great workout.
4. Sexy shoes! I'm glad you decided to get some new kicks! You deserve it!

Jess said...

I understand the need for "me" time. It happens all to frequently for those that teach, to take their work home every weekend and never get any space from it. I agree with staying a little late during the week in order to keep your sanity over the weekend. I have some papers I brought home with me that need to be graded, but ya know? I'm just not feelin them.