Thursday, September 6, 2007

Feeling Good

I have been at a loss of words for posting. I know, shocking. But, it is the truth. I hate to waste my time posting, to bore y'all and waste your time. That wouldn't be fair, would it?

Last night was pretty much nothing. I left school shortly after 4 and went to wally world. I am not a huge fan of wally world, but this one is just a few blocks north of my apt and it also has a grocery store. killin' 2 birds with 1 stone, yes! So I got a few much needed groceries, a bunch of items to organize myself at work, and took a few minutes looking in the drug section. It only took me about 30 seconds of staring at all the choices before pulling out the good ol' cell phone to catch my Mom. Yep. 26 and I called mom for help! I had been taking OTC meds for about 4 days straight and all my symptoms changed. It switched from allergies/sinus to coughing and congestion. Thanks to Mom's help, I went home to take some of the Mucinex that I had from last year. Smart woman!

After I got home, ate dinner, I took the drugs and planned on cheering on my Twins. The intensity of my headache from the afternoon(probably from coughing all day) had gotten so bad that I was in bed before 8pm. And, to make matters worse, I woke up at 1am, took some ibuprofen, and woke up again at 5am....with the damn headache.

The day did get better with an intake of caffeine to start the day off! It was all smooth sailing from there! The kids were good, work was fine, and spin after school was a butt kicking episode as all have been! I rode the furthest I have ridden in a spin session...ever! Rock on!

OCN: 20.75
Duration: 47:23
Avg Pace: 2:17/mi


Now, if anyone can teach me their trick to getting their ars out of bed in the morning for a workout rather than later in the day.... that would be wonderful!



Wes said...

I think, thanks to Lisa, we've all decided that the secret is espresso. You didn't hear that from me ;-)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like your days have been just as eventful as mine, if not more!

Unknown said...

My trick to getting up early for working out:

Early to bed, early to rise...

Although, honestly, I think you're either a morning person or a night person and converting one to the other just doesn't work out.

That's why I'm useless in the evenings. And without knowing you very well, you just might be a night person. If that is the case, I suggest you simply embrace it and work out after work!

J~Mom said...

Yes, what Wes said. ;>)

If it makes you feel better I am 36 and STILL call my mom for advice. There is nothing like wisdom from mom at any age.

jahowie said...

Nice job on the spinning. Your Twins and my Tigers are both stinking up the place!!

Marcy said...

Awwwwhhhh Mom's are great aren't they ;D

Yeah, what Wes and Lisa said. Caffeine all the way baby!!

Unknown said...

I'm 35 and I still call Mom (usually with cooking/food preservation/canning/sewing questions). Moms are great!

Congrats on the great spin workout. My girlfriend spins and between the 2 of you, I am intrigued more and more. :)

Mendy said...

Okay, because of you - I am going to have to go spinning the next time they have it. I remember having a great time and a feeling of accomplishment too. It's a great workout!!!

That's fast, chica!!! very fast. Nice job.

Scott McMurtrey said...

i used to put my alarm clock on the other side of the room and turn the volume up really loud. this worked great for my friend to get him up in the morning. with me it just helped my throwing accuracy as i launched stuff (books, pillows, cats) at the alarm while still laying in bed. a few weeks of that and i totally kicked boo-tay at the milk bottle throw at the local fairs. so the way i see it, either outcome will benefit you somehow.

Larissa said...

I think Lisa is right - though if you really get into this tri thing, you may be doing some two-a-days.

It doesn't always work (didn't this morning) but I try to remind myself that I've never regretted getting out of bed to run/bike/swim, but I've often regretted skipping it. That, or I just don't think, just get my body up and go. After a couple of minutes, you wake up and its all good.

Sounds like you're kickin' some butt in spin class!

psbowe said...

NOthing wrong with calling mom, they love that actually. :)

Glad you're getting better.

Deb said...

Love MB! What a bummer you're not feeling better. allergies are the worst. Glad school is going well and sounds like life is pretty darn good.
I'm a morning person and can't see how people work out later in the day. I program my coffe pot for 5AM. I'm up at 5:02 and I can smell the joe. My gym bag and work clothes in the car the night before. I put on gym clothes and start drinking the black gold before my mind catches on to what I'm doing. Once I'm at the gym the coffee has kicked in and it's all good. EVERYTHING is just need to make it happen. Simple, huh?! ;)
Feel better!

Jess said...

I've had headaches like that. It's awful to wake up with one!