Sunday, October 7, 2007

Pain is Weakness Leaving the Body

Yesterday was a day full of shopping with a friend. I was very excited to find some work clothes. My new favorite store is New York and Company! I also spent a good hour at scheel's looking at bikes and bike stuff, you know... shoes, clothes, etc. I have a lot to learn! On a fluke, we ended up going to a local running store. When I was there, I discussed with the two employees the situation with my knee. They asked if I would be willing to do a couple things in order for them to determine what kind of shoes I should be running in. Heck ya! After these activities, they gave me a few shoes to try on. The Brooks Trance7, New Balance, and the Mizuno Nirvana3. I liked them all. I really liked the Nirvana's but maybe that was due to the colors! Ironically, when I was at scheel's, I was carrying around a pair of Brooks trance6 that were on sale but ended up putting them back on the shelf before leaving. After leaving this running store, we ran to scheel's again and I picked up those shoes. They were a steal! I just couldn't pass them up.

This morning I tested out the new shoes. I know what you are thinking.... didn't she just buy new shoes less than a month ago? And yes, yes I did. And I don't know what I will be doing with them. A part of me wants to return them, but I will hold onto then for a while longer. But, the shoes were wonderful and my run went well! Can't complain here.

I was thinking I would head into school today for a couple hours but after my workout I told myself I wasn't going to do it. I couldn't. I couldn't think of anything that needed to be done for tomorrow, or tuesday for that matter. It wasn't necissary to go in this weekend. A decision guilt free.

I will spend the rest of the day flipping back and forth between football and baseball.. I couldn't think of a better way to spend a wet and gloomy Sunday.

Yesterday's workout:
19.43 mi Spin
(shopping all day)

Today's workout:
2.5 mile run
strength training (legs) & abs

Week 1 Octapolluza results:
  • 6 days of workouts with 1 optional rest day on friday
    • 2 spin sessions, 4 runs
  • No soda for over a week.
  • 2 strength training days.
    • 1 arms, 1 legs

Cheers to a great week ahead of y'all!


J~Mom said...

Yeah for new's important to have a pair that fit right! I hope the new ones work!

Molly said...

You were watching MTV today....


Take Care

teacherwoman said...

Yes, yes I was!

Marcy said...

There is nothing wrong with having more then one pair of shoes ;-) You have to color coordinate sometimes, right? LOL

The Stretch Doc said...

nice week in getting in the workouts! and no Soda for a week, Awesome!
I for some reason have started drinkning Dr. Pepper every day and need to stop that.. none today tho!

keep the Brooks 6's good shoe for stability people. I like it more than your Asics k's.


Holly said...

Great work on your first week of Octapolluza! Keep it up!

akshaye said...

yea.. new shoes!

anyone can use some variety in running shoes ;)

IronGambit said...

If you have questions on the bike dept. let me know.

Wes said...

I felt the same way when Dee Dee went in for a new pair of shoes, and I picked up a pair for myself :-O Having the right shoe is so important! I'm glad you learned more about the knee stuff :-)

psbowe said...

There's no such thing at buying too many new running shoes, I buy two pairs at a time to rotate.

Badgergirl said...

Great first week! And I think 3/4 of my wardrobe comes from New York & Company.

SavvyFitChica said...

Your Week 1 of Octapolluza was more successful than mine. I missed a strength-training workout and one running session! Whoops! =)

There's always this week though right? Good luck on a new week. Keep us posted!

jahowie said...

You are doing very well on your workouts!! What a great weekend for college football too. Shopping for running shoes, watching sports...Sounds like a great weekend to me!! :-)

Jess said...

Ohh I love new shoes...especially when they are a steal!

Danielle said...

NY&Co is perfect for work clothes. If you get on their mailing list, you often get spend $75 get $30 off...for me that equated to two tops and a pair of pants for $46 last month. I LOVE that store at Christmas time too, lots of great sales.

I have so many pairs of shoes it's not even funny...all pretty much the same brand though, the same ones I started running in...thankfully they haven't changed, except to get better over the years.

Anonymous said...

Great job on week one and enjoy your new shoes.

Scott McMurtrey said...

no such thing as too many good pairs of running shoes. :)