Saturday, October 27, 2007


Yesterday I was in a total funk. And, I am sure it stemmed from everything going on this week at work, getting in some workouts, and then not getting enough sleep at night.

I was planning on running yesterday afterschool and then doing some bowling with a few friends. I backed out of both. Instead, I left work, grabbed some essential groceries, made dinner and fell asleep on the couch a little after 6. I didn't take a nap. I slept. Until the tv woke me shortly after midnight. From there I crawled into my bed and slept until 8. I know that I need atleast 8-9 hours of sleep each night, and when I am getting 6-7 hours and not sleeping well, I can't function. I am tired at work, and I struggle at the gym as well.

This morning I laid around for a couple hours (after feeling completely rested) and then headed to the gym for a nice run. I focussed on do a little speed work and a lot of hills. I am sure my quads will thank me tomorrow. Before leaving the gym I did a serious ab workout and lifted a bit to beef up da pipes! ha!

Y'all still haven't guess my halloween costume. Perhaps I will post a pic later!

Today's Workout:
3.3 miles run
weights - arms


Jess said...

Okay, are you a prisoner?

I know what you mean about the sleep thing. This week wiped me out, and last night I slept from 11 pm until 9:30 this morning, and I think I may have been able to sleep longer if I hadn't had stuff to take care of.

Wes said...

We must of been tuned in last night. I fell asleep on the couch at 8 PM and didn't get out of bed until 8 AM :-) and it was GOOOOOOOD!!!

SavvyFitChica said...

Girl, some days, I just need to do nothing...the weekend after weekend of constant go-go-go just gets to you until one day/weekend, you just lay around, take long naps, and go to bed early. Hey, if it's what our bodies need...who am I to complain. I'm glad you got yourself some sleep just b/c you obviously needed it and b/c you can't be tired when sporting your Halloween costume (whatever it is!)!!!!

I updated my blog re: my race this weekend! Check it out!

J~Mom said...

Missing sleep does the same thing to me. I have to get a really solid night of sleep at least every other night.

Yes, I took my first ELL class. In AZ we have to take 2 classes now to remain certified. My next one will dive into more of the planning for ELL lessons. Bah. :>)

akshaye said...

you really did need that sleep! i invariably end up getting 9-10 hrs on Friday night to catch up for the week. sometimes i feel im really getting old - not being able to function without sleep like I could!

still no clue what that costume is..

Danielle said...

Sleep is definitely oh so important. Glad to hear someone else that needs 8-9 hours. I need that and try to get it and everyone seems to think I'm crazy!