Monday, December 31, 2007

2007: A Year In Review

Here is my run-down of 2007.

12 Months of 2007 style.

January: I started the year off with some minor soreness... due to running a 5K on extremely hard surface with a combination of compacted snow and ice. I started spinning and loved it. I found it to be a great cross trainer. I was looking forward to starting my last semester (of 3) of graduate school.

February: Not much here. Just running and spinning. A lot of spinning... especially when my ankle started to bother me and I had to cut back on the miles and "interval sessions" on the treadmill. Maybe intervals wasn't what I should have been focusing on at the time... you live, injure... and learn. A little fun was had... I put together a bachelorette party for the sis ... tucked away in a nice and cozy cabin in MN!

March: Great month of running and spinning...logging almost 50 miles in both. Our Sioux went to the Frozen Four... and my Tarheels lost in Overtime to Georgetown... what else do you want me to say?

April: Celbrated another bachelorette party... in the Twin Cities. Things started to get really busy with graduate school. Finalizing my paper for graduation, and a few other projects... as well as paperwork at work. My sister moved home to prepare for the wedding, and I moved in with my aunt to finish off the school year. Crazy busy... but fun times were had by all!

May: Graduated with my Masters in Special Education... finally! My cousin got married and I was blessed to be a personal attendant in her wedding! I finished off the school year and ended up moving home to help prepare for the beautiful wedding.

June: With all the wedding preparations, it was here and gone before we knew it... But it was beautiful.. and fun! After a handful of interviews, I finally landed myself a special education teaching position ... at the elementary level... in ND.

July: Hurt my knee pretty good on a long run...which pretty much put a halt on my running for what seemed like an eternity. My parents (and baby sis) helped me make the big move to Fargo, ND... and then I topped off the month with an awesome trip to Chicago.... with the purpose of hittin' up Eric Clapton's Crossroad Guitar Festival!

August: Things started to settle down and I began preparing myself for my new job. I started to do a little swimming and picked up spinning again. The time away during the summer did me no justice!

September: Broke my 5K PR at the UND Homecoming Race in September. Plain and simple, it was a good month!

October: Attempted to do an Octapolluza, but struggled with the last week. Being away for a weekend and getting caught up in work will do that to ya! Halloween was fun, though.

November: Too much work and paperwork. Time flew by. Did the 5K Turkey Trot.... and thought it was going to be my last race of 2007.

December: Completed a self-driven indoor mini-tri sort of thing. Boy, did that wear me out! Gained another year in age. Big 27. I think I handled it pretty well! I also was able to squeeze in my last race of the year (yesterday)... the 5K ZooYear's Eve Race.

2007 in Numbers:
- 366.14 miles
Cycling - 665.85 miles
Swimming - 6950 Meters

I was a little upset to find that I only completed 3 races this year. 3 5K races. Geez. 2008 will be different. That is fo sure!

Next post, Goals for 2008.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy ZooYear's 2007 - 5K Race Report

Remember my last race of 2006?? The one where we got inches and inches of snow the day before? Well, on a last minute decision, I chose to do it again. I didn't think I was going to be able to ... since I thought I was going to MT to do some skiing but that turned out to be a flop. When I woke up this morning and saw the weather forcast, I just had to do it!

Registration started at 12:30, but the race didn't start until 2pm. As much as I don't care for afternoon races, it is almost necessary in the state of ND ... in the heart of winter. Not only was the temp looking reasonable (turned out to be about 21 degrees), but the sun was shining and there really wasn't much wind.

My right calf was still tight from my run on slippery grounds yesterday afternoon, but I was bound and determined to just do it. It's really hard to pace yourself when it seems like everybody is sprinting out of the starting line. I did some walking and some running ... a little slippin' and slidin' as well!
I was just happy with the idea of finishing faster than last year's race. The winter (in ND) is not a prime time to be worrying or hoping to beat any PR's. I think I did this race in about 37/38 minutes. Dummy me... I forgot to stop my heart rate monitor when crossing the finish line. I was too worried about the guy who was being put into an ambulance after supposedly having a seizure. Scary.

Next post? Year in Review.

Friday, December 28, 2007


My goals for 2008 are still a work of art in progress. I keep pondering ideas, and then have to bring myself back to reality. I want to have something to reach for, but not so far that the goals are unattainable.

I will get back to you all. Currently I am sulking in my beer... crying over our loss of our amazing football coach... right before we go to DI. He'll be hard to replace. Southern Illinois - take care of our ND native... Mr. Dale Lennon.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

A little of this... a little of that...

Christmas in ND was wonderful. We were blessed with healthy family and good traveling conditions, for the most part. We were all spoiled with gifts... mine consisting of winter running clothes, many books, the video of the Crossroads Guitar Festival we attended this summer, jewelry, crock pot, and a few other things. If you have a love for music, especially blues/jazz, I highly recommend this one!

After a lot of running around on the 24th and 25th, it was nice to sleep in yesterday and just lay around most of the day. It wasn't until mid afternoon that sis and I went out for a run, but I was thankful that the temps were in the mid 20's. It was bareable, and quite enjoyable... despite sis complaining about being so cold. She's quite the wimp.

We spent the evening celebrating my god-daughter's ninth birthday, and then over to my cousin's house for his housewarming party. It was fun, but another late night. I just can't go without 8-9 hours of sleep a night.

Today will be another day of relaxing and then to my cousin's high school basketball game this evening. Supposedly they are pretty decent. It should be fun. If the temp goes up from 8 degrees, I might venture out for another short run. We'll see.

I have been doing a lot of thinking about what kind of races I want to do in 2008. I have quite a few in my sidebar, but most of them are there to remind me of my options... I just haven't decided what I am doing for sure yet. My goals for 2008 will be in a post, coming soon...

But first... here are a few pics from the past few days...

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Vacation

Merry Christmas to you all!! Enjoy your time with loved ones far and near, crazy and sane!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

P.S. I Love You

My Mom, youngest sister, and I went out for a movie this afternoon. P.S. I Love You. This was probably one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. I thought it had a wonderful story line.

Afterwards, the rents and I ventured out for a short jaunt. By 4pm, the temp had finally risen from feeling like -2 to 8 above... and the sun shining. Since it has been well over a week without doing anything I just wanted to go out for a short run. And that is what we did. The cold air killed our lungs and made my legs feel like lead. 2 miles. Done and done.

I have finally wrapped all my gifts and placed them under the tree. Hopefully Mom won't notice that I decided to go without bows or ribbons. If she does, she will take them and finish them off for me. She is kind of bow/ribbon crazy like that. I just don't care. I hate wrapping.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Happy Holidays!

I am finally home in Bismarck with the family, looking forward to the week and a half away from work. I can't believe how fast December has gone. I hope to get back into some sort of workout routine over the next week... weather permitting, since I am away from the gym. I look forward to using some of my R&R time to check up on all your blogs... it's been a while! That and a lot of holiday hoops!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Long Day.... with no run.

  • Went to bed early last night with good intentions of getting in an early morning run.
  • Was awaken by a friend a 30 minutes after falling asleep.
  • Could'nt fall back to sleep for an hour plus.
  • Didn't run.
  • Had a long day at school.
  • Student spilled my coffee.
  • I had to count to 10 and back.
  • Long meeting on schedule change.
  • Went for a few drinks at 4 with music teacher and 3 PE teachers...
  • had 2 beers and 2 chucks
  • went with a friend to get hair cut
  • went to mall during the busiest shopping week of the year....
  • now home to crash for the night.
  • blech.

P.S. Congrats to my Sis on passing her 4th and final CPA exam! You rock!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Insane in the Membrane

Geez! I think I am going insane! Why is it this time of year is full of stress, joy, little-to-none spare time, excitement, numerous meetings, stress, crazy people, etc? I have been super busy this past week and haven't been to the gym since last Wednesday. I won't be getting anything in tonight either.

Christmas parties, shopping, and extra time before and after school with meetings has consumed my mind inside and outside of work! I had a special education Christmas party last night and we were required to bring a $10 gift. Well, I have a huge Tupperware container full of candles and decorations from when I worked at Bath and body works... all unused... waiting for an occasion as the such. Well, at the last minute before leaving for work, I reached in, grabbed a candle and bag, and went about my business. It wasn't until we started to play the dice game at the party that I realized I had given a USED candle! It must have somehow ended up in that container in the move! How embarassing!

Today I forgot my lunch. Luckily our office staff had put together a lunch for all teachers and par-educators as a Christmas gift! phew!

After school I went about my business, hoping to finish off my Christmas shopping. I think I am done. Thank God! There is no fun in Christmas shopping when you leave it until the last minute... next year will definitely be better!

At least they fixed my smoke alarm yesterday! Although I think I still hear the beeping in my head....

I hope to make it to the gym in the AM for a short jaunt. We'll see.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

I have just returned from a wonderful weekend in the cities! Yesterday, sis and I did some very necessary Christmas shopping. I think she was more successful than I was. Before we knew it, it was time to get ready for their Ugly Christmas Sweater Party! There were only a couple that didn't wear ugly sweaters... otherwise it was a full house of ugly sweaters!

It is Blaine's Birthday tomorrow.... so Steph made him open his gift early... that way it could be used last night...... there couldn't be a better time for a family photo!

.... yes. someone brought jello shots! ..... me and my bestest friends..... ever! (pictured above ... friend since middle school; and sistah!)

here was the ugliest sweater.... and most creative.....
Good times were definitely had by all!! Thanks, Steph and Blaine for a wonderful time!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Shut the Beep up!

If I live through this evening, I will be suprised. Actually, if this piece of sh*t makes it through the evening... I will be suprised. Now, I know these things are supposed to protect us from fires, but I have 3 within my 600 square foot apartment all working fine, except for this one. This one, I am assuming, is on it's way do death, sending out a high tone beep every 30 seconds. Every 30 seconds. Every. 30. Seconds.

Now this is not news to me, as this has been happening on and off for the past 2 weeks, but only lasting a short period of time. Now, I believe that this has been beeping for the past 24 hours. And with it being on my vaulted ceiling, approximately 13 feet high, I am not able to reach it... even if I stand on a stool. There is no one in the apartment building office to help me... I will just have to live with it for the evening... and try to sleep through it, for the second night in a row.

My evening will consist of cleaning, packing, and baking some goodies to take with me to the twin cities tomorrow evening. I can't wait for the weekend! My sister and her hubby are having a house warming party saturday night ... with a theme: Ugly Christmas Sweater Party! I am so pumped. We have quite a few cousins that already live in the cities and a couple of us coming from ND. I just hope for good travel weather!

If I don't post tomorrow... have a wonderful weekend a check back for great pictures on Sunday!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Where has this week gone? I haven't even really had much time to post here or leave any comments elsewhere. My sister was bugging me to post again so she (and others) don't have to look at that wonderful piece of cake.

I haven't done anything since my mini-tri on saturday. No running. No Swimming. No cycling. Nothing. Nada. Nilch. Until today. I finally got myself to the gym. I like to assume I have been recovering. In all respect, it's not all my fault. It's been a crazy busy week already. I chose to take Sunday off, Monday was a long day at work followed by too much Christmas shopping, and yesterday evening consisted of a work dinner and 4 hours of high school basketball. Are those enough excuses?

My knees have been a little sore so my adventure on the thrillmill was quite minimal and a slow, easy 2 miles. It wasn't until I halfway through my run that I realized how sore my legs are... still. I finished off the workout with a good lift session, arms and legs. I still can't believe how tender my knees feel. Ouch.

Supposedly we have a nastly storm coming through. No, not like the one we got a couple weeks ago with 15+ inches of snow in 48 hours. This one is supposedly going to show the nasty, dirty side of mother nature in ND. Nothing but wind, wind, snow, some more wind, and maybe some more snow. Blech.

I am off to check y'alls blogs and watch a bit of the Santa Claus.... and probably some basketball.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

27 Things

In an effort to write a post about my birthday, I have chosen to borrow an idea from POM. The following is a list of 27 cool things about being 27. Yes, this girl has turned 27. So, here goes...
  1. A friend of mine told me that I am officially in my late 20's. I don't know if I am necessarily okay with that, but it is definitely a fact.
  2. I enjoy being single and living by myself.
  3. After ending a 4 year relationship... I don't have to listen to friends and extended family continuously ask me when I am going to get married...
  4. Now I have to listen to co-workers and even people I don't know suggest people they can set me up with...
  5. I think I finally realized I don't need to get inebriated to have fun...all the time... I think.
  6. On a friday night, I would much rather curl up with a glass of wine and a good book, or watch a game.
  7. I know what it's like to have a good nights sleep and would much rather prefer crawling into to bed at 9 than staying up until the butt crack of dawn (or after 11pm) partying.
  8. I am settled into my career and comfortable with my job, where I am living, and what I have made of myself.
  9. I have realized I am lucky to have found my passion in life... and enjoy going to work each and every day.
  10. I am thinking about purchasing my own home. Thinking being the operative word.
  11. I have goals; short-term and long-term.
  12. I have done my best to accomplish my goals and have done pretty well so far.
  13. I am responsible and pay off all credit cards each month.
  14. I have a savings account that has usually only touched to pay off my student loan in huge chunks.
  15. I am able to say no when someone wants to buy me a shot.. and I stick to my gun.
  16. I know what kind of food is good for me and do my best to eat well.
  17. I have also learned what kind of crap is bad for me and have cut that out of my diet... soda in particular.
  18. When it comes to working out, I stick with it ... even if friends try to keep me out late.
  19. I know my priorities.
  20. It doesn't bother me when others tease me about my "obsessive" or "crazy" workout routine (involving my mini-tri and early morning workouts).
  21. I am up earlier on the weekends... afraid to waste the day away in bed.
  22. I have more self confidence.
  23. I am still learning from my mistakes.
  24. I make all my decisions.
  25. I look for positive in every situation.
  26. I am appreciative of those in my life. Both friends and family.
  27. I know that life is short and I try to live it to the fullest each and every day.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Mini Tri

This morning was my "mini-tri"! I felt that if I could make it through this morning, I would definitely be able to handle the one in February. Our plan was to swim for about 30 minutes, rinse off and head to Spin class (which usually last about an hour), and then hit the treadmill for a quick 30 minute run.

The Swim:
The water is still my weakness, but today was the best swim I have had in the last 5 months. It was quite consistent. My plan was to do 50M intervals with a 1/2 minute to 1 minute rest between each. About the first 10 laps were pretty slow and then kicked into gear my last 5 laps to get that blood flowing back into my legs.
Total distance: 800M in 30 minutes.
T1: This was quite long. I needed to rinse off, dress, and then get a spin card a half hour before class started to actually get myself a good bike.
The Bike (spin):
Our favorite spin instructor was back and ready to pretty much kill us! She had her coffee, we didn't. You do the math! There were a lot of sprints and a lot of hill climbs. I did a few sprints but had to remind myself to take it easy, and be consistent, otherwise I would never make it through my run. My goal was approximately 20 miles.
Total Distance: 19.83 miles in 47 minutes.
T2: After spin we had done some yoga. I was so relaxed I was almost ready to go home! I had about 12 minutes before getting on the treadmill and used the time to do some abs and push ups.
The Run:
I hate the 30 minute rule on the treadmills. The guy before me took quite a while getting off and a cleaning the treadmill. I was shorted a few minutes. I think I started to feel really tired, a little sore in my upper legs, and also had to use the bathroom, but there was no time for that! I ran, slow.... very slow.
Total Distance: 2.15 miles in 26:52.

I will admit that I had a great time with this, despite the fact that it was indoor and a little discombobulated. Next time I try this (probably in early January), I am going to do the actual distance of a sprint triathlon... in a different format: swim the distance, rinse and get on a regular bike, and then get on the treadmill for 3.1 miles.

Now, I must get myself ready for a night out. I have dinner plans with a bunch of great friends to celebrate my birthday. Then, I believe we have some other things to attend to afterwards!

Tomorrow? Rest and a birthday post.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Morning workouts

First of all.... guess who is coming to Fargo?


I was up this morning at 4:30am. Should have been up earlier to eat some oatmeal or something because a mile into my run at about 5:15..... I was super hungry and it was oh so distracting. This was what definitely factored into my choice to stop after 2 miles. That and giving me more time to do my strengh training because I didn't know how long it would take. Now I know that I could have run another 15 minutes. I am feeling sore all over... but a good sore. Thankfully tomorrow is a rest day before my big "mini-tri" saturday morning.

I really do enjoy the morning workouts better than the evening. I was able to leave work today and just go home. And that is what I did. With the addition of taking a 1 hour nap. I guess I was tired!

And now I am checking blogs and switching back and forth between the Nuggets game and Grey's Anatomy... Go Nuggets!

Signing off,

"Sporty Spice"

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Back in the saddle again

Geeez... it was -8 when I left home tonight for the gym. Sounds like we will be getting our 3rd snowfall in less than 6 days here. Will it ever stop?

I feel like all this talk about snow has been taking over my time from exciting y'all with my superb workouts! Ha!

Last night's workout was wonderful. I was hoping to do more like 2.5 miles of running, but there just wasn't enough time before spin began. We now have a new instructor for tuesday night spin, sniff sniff. But, she is good. She also has a great selection of music... my favorite being the song playing as you are reading.... as well as Paralyzer by Finger Eleven. We didn't do as much sprinting as we usually do, but we really worked on climbing those hills and digging through tough terrain. It was awesome.

A part of me really wanted to get to the gym this morning for a couple miles so I could swim this evening.

What do YOU think I did?

Read on, my friend.

This morning the alarm went off at 4:30. Let's just say it was re-set and I went about my normal morning business. I worked until well after 4pm, came home, ate dinner, and watched a little Oprah (with a short 20 minute nap in there). I took in some local news, dressed for the thrillmill, packed my swimming bag, and hit the gym.

What did I do?

Well, I did a nice and easy 2.33 mile run... stretched... abs.... stretched... pushups.... stretched....

Then I changed for the pool. It's been well over 2 weeks, probably 3, since my last date with the pool. And boy did I miss it. Despite the fact that it has been weeks since my last swim, I felt like I picked up right where I left off. Actually, I felt stronger and more comfortable in the pool tonight. I was able to swim longer with less breaks and I think I finally found my comfortable speed. Prior to tonight, I was going out too fast and wearing myself out. Tonight I took it slow and easy and kept it all consistent. A slow 20 laps and I was done!

Tomorrow... it is my plan to get up and run in the AM before my morning meeting at the district office. I figured if I posted it here, it was more likely to happen. In addition, I will be treating myself to caribou coffee on my way to work... if I run!

Someone at work today said I look like Sporty Spice... I thought maybe she was on crack... but I guess I could go with that... she's the second one from the left (for you fools out there that don't speak spice girls)....

Peace, y'all!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Still snowing

Ahh, it is definitely winter here. I feel like a broken record and this is all I have been posting about. But, when it is beautiful ..... it is a must to post pictures.

It has snowed all day today. ALL day. I don't know when it started, but it was snowing when I woke at 5:30, and is still snowing. Except it is blowing snow. The wind has picked up. This is definitely when I DO NOT like winter. The wind could kill! It is nasty! Absolutely NASTY! You really have no idea, unless you have had to (grin &) bare it!

I am sure we have gotten atleast another 7-8 inches of snow today. But, like I said, it was pretty. When I left school shortly before 4, heading downtown to the gym, they (the big orange snow plows) were starting to clear the heavier roads, leaving it almost impossible to turn onto the side streets. And then I saw this... just before getting to the gym....I know I probably shouldn't be taking pictures while driving, but I was at a stop sign. By the way, who the heck piles snow on the corner of a 4-way stop intersection? Geepers. Good thing there were no other cars!

But then, this is what I saw when I arrived at the gym... absolute beauty in the park next to the Y.
And, it was a sight to see while on the thrillmill... and the bike!

Today's Workout:
1.5 mile run
15.87 mile spin

Monday, December 3, 2007

You know you're living in ND during the winter when....

With all the questions and comments from previous posts in regards to our weather here, I thought I would put a list together of what I think it's like to live in ND....the Winter Version. Enjoy!
You know you're living in North Dakota during the winter when...
  • It's the only time of year when the temperature can be -1 at 7am, 8 degrees at 5pm, 17 degrees at 9pm, and will be around 22 degrees at midnight. A sure sign that a snow fall is in the forcast.
  • You get hyped for that first snow fall, even if it consists of 5 or more inches, but within 48 hours you have forgotten your excitement.
  • You are not surprised that there is another storm projecting 5-7 inches of snow only 48 hours after the first storm of the year brought 8 inches.
  • You see snowmobiles driving through the the city.
  • You see highschool students driving snowmobiles to school (in rural communities).
  • Kids wear carhartts to school rather than snow pants (mostly in rural schools).
  • If you had to click on the link above, I know you're not from ND.
  • You watch the weather, wait for the weatherman to give the current temp, only paying attention to the wind chill... it's brutal, and it's all that matters.
  • The weather drops from the 70's, to the 50's to the 30's in a matter of days... you bitch that it's too cold.
  • The weather drops from the 30's to the single digits to 30 below zero to 50 below zero with wind chill, you bitch even more and swear to anyone willing to listen that you are going to find a job in a warmer state or work from home.
  • The weather jumps from below zero to all the way UP to freezing point; you are ecstatic, and wearing only a fleeze jacket. No gloves necessary.
  • Temps are below zero, you start your car and let it run for 20 minutes before leaving for work.... even if it was parked in the garage all night.
  • You think most cars come with block heaters and sometimes plug your car in even if it has been sitting in the garage.
  • You carry in your trunk the following: your own set of jumper cables (extra long cords), a small shovel (just in case you get stuck), a huge blanket or sleeping bag, and a tin can consisting of winter survival things --- candles, matches, chewing gum, chocolate candy bars -- only to find most of it deformed from the summer heat.
  • If you own a truck, you also carry extra sturdy tow ropes and a couple bags of sand in the bed -- to keep you from swerving too much on the ice.
  • You look forward to wearing long johns, snow pants, long sleeved shirts, sweat shirt, winter coat, scarf, mittens, gloves over mittens, two pairs of wool socks, and a winter hat with ear muffs.... all at once, just so you can go ice skating at an outdoor rink...or sledding in a neighborhood park.
  • You look forward to coming home and thawing your entire body in front of a fireplace with hot chocolate, or apple cider (or Tom and Jerry) in hand.
  • You have to remove the lawnmower blade from your riding John Deere and replace it with a rotating snow plow.... hopefully before that first snow storm hits. Hoping it won't be too much misery.
  • Some men look forward to that first snow storm, just so they can hook up their snow plow to their Chevy, Ford, or Dodge... and go around looking for people they can help get out of a messy situation.
  • You've seen the Northern Lights and Sun Dogs multiple times.
  • Even though there is compacted ice from previous snow storms, covered by 7-10 inches of fresh snow that hasn't been plowed.... there is only a 10% chance school will be canceled if you live in the city.... but a 95% chance school will be canceled if you live in a rural community and 90% of the students take a bus to school.
  • You think you can drink away the cold temperatures and bitter wind chill with heavily concentrated whisky-sevens, the diesel, or even strong Tom and Jerry's.
  • Even though the weather calls for a predicted 2 feet of snow, 50 mph winds with -60 wind chill, the highway is full of cars traveling to Bismarck, Fargo, or Grand Forks to shop or attend a state basketball tournament.
Cheers, to a happy and exciting winter ahead of us (me)! Isn't North Dakota beautiful?

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Weekend Recap & Wild Hair Up the Butt

I am my own worst enemy. If I don't make myself do anything, I won't. This weekend was a prime example, but I had the weather to blame, right? We were warned of the snow storm coming our way friday, and sure enough... it showed up saturday morning! This is what I woke up to......The snow was coming down steady and despite how chilly it was, it was beautiful. I went to the gym before the weather got worse, you would be suprised how many idiots don't know how to drive in this crap. Well, a mile and a half into the run I stopped to walk and felt nauseous. So nauseous that I thought I was going to puke right then and there. Very weird. but I pushed through it and did 3 miles. I had to call it quits. I just didn't have 7 miles in me. I was hoping to be ready fro the 8 miles on the 8th, but I think that went down the crapper. Instead, my favorite spin instructor is subbing saturday, and a friend of mine suggested doing a mini-tri. So, I think we will attempt that. I will swim for 30 minutes in prior to spin, spin for 45 minutes, and then hit the treadmill for 30 minutes. I will see how that goes and determine whether or not I have it in me for the Tri-U-Mah in February.

After my run I headed to Target to get my christmas tree and some decorations. I spent the rest of the day watching movies that were on tv, my Tarheels beat Kentucky, and then I joined some people for dinner at the Olive Garden. And, ooh, it was so good!

This morning the snow had been cleared of the parking lots and pushed to the sides of the streets. It snowed ALL day long yesterday into the late evening. The weatherman estimated around 7-9 inches, as it was still snowing at 1opm last night and they were unsure. After the Vikings game, I got a wild hair up my butt. Shocking, I know. I put on the layers, and lots of them, and headed out to venture through the neighborhood. The temperature was a balming 6 degrees but I guess it felt like -7, according to Thankfully, there was really no wind or breeze. Here's what ND and 7+ inches of snow looks like the day after....

kids playing on a fresh snow pile in the park

christmas trees for sale

This evening, I finally finished putting away all of my fall decorations, and pulled out most of my christmas decorations and candles (remember I used to work at Bath and Body Works). I will enjoy the rest of the evening watching the movie Elf, reading my new Runners World magazine, and enjoying the smell of frosted cranberry.

'Tis the season!