Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bigger Update

Sorry it's been so long, peeps, but things have been crazy busy around here. I can't believe how much has happened in the past couple of months. It's been quite a ride.

In May...

... I did work on the house, painting door frames and had a new door installed to apease a buyer that was interested in my twinhome..
... Many meetings with the Fargo Marathon Committee. Had a great turnout for the Youth Run. Walked the 5K with family and friends. Was designated photographer for those running the half marathon Saturday morning, as I was not up to par to run.
... My fiance closed on our new home, but we are not in it yet. We said they could rent it from us until August 1st (at the latest) to allow them to finish building their home. We are renting from his roommate who bought his house.
... My parents, with the help of many friends and family, began fighting for their home along the Might Missouri River. We built a dike around the house, moved things upstairs. Then we decided to move more things out - including all appliances and other larger furniture.
... still on the hunt for a teaching job in Bismarck/Mandan
... finished up my 4th grad class... working towards my ASD credential. 2 more to go!

In June....

... I finished out the school year, tears and all. It was bittersweet to leave my team at school, and my kiddos, but I was ready to move back home and be with my fiance and family.
... Kicked off my summer by participating in the Tour De Cure Bike ride with my sister, a friend, and brother-in-law. The Fiance came along to witness such fun and took some great photos. It was a perfect day for a nice 28 mile ride to fight for a cure for diabetes!
... I stuck around a couple weeks to pack up the house. My parents and fiance came and helped me move things out. Fortunately, we were able to find a couple storage units in Mandan to store all my crap for a couple months - since most were taken by those displaced from their homes with the Missouri River Flooding...
... I closed on my house in mid-June and walked a way with a sense of releive and a nice little check form the title complany.
... I moved in with the Fiance and we are enjoying the fact that we are able to see each other every day - unlike every weekend when we were 200 miles apart.
... Started my 5th grad class working towards my ASD Credential...
... My parents took a two-week trip to Germany with my sisters and brother-in-law. I chose to stay back and watch their dogs. It's like training for kids. I also took it upon me to check in on the house from time to time... Things are still dry - thanks to the dike that was built around our neighborhood. It still may be another couple months before my parents get to move back in...
... I am still wedding planning... but there's a lot to do. Trying to figure out invites, cake, flower girl dress, and guest list as of right now! It's fun tho!
... I have had a couple interviews this month. One with the state - that I didn't get, but I was glad I got an opportunity to interview. The other was with Bismarck Public Schools and I am still waiting to hear from them.. Cross your fingers, I hope this is the one!
... I have no training plans or races scheduled as of right now. But I am getting back into the swing of working out on a regular basis again. Unfortunately, Bismarck Y does not offer BodyPump but I was thinking about trying a couple other classes... maybe Kick Boxing?!
... I am thinking about the Bismarck Half Marathon in September... or maybe just the 5K. They don't have a 10K. We'll see.

What have you been up to? I am hopefully going to get into some of your blogs in the near future. We don't have internet at the house so I get to enjoy my time at starbucks each day, working on homework and a little web surfing if there's time!

Friday, June 24, 2011

mini update...

I can't believe it's been a month since my last post. However, if you knew everything that has been going on since the 24th of May, you would understand my MIA.

I am working on an "Update Post"... so bear with me. As for now, I am slowly trying to get back into the swing of things with working out and such. So many changes in the last month and I am trying to find my routine and get comfortable with all the changes!

Maybe tomorrow I will catch you all up. 5 months until our wedding so I am looking at some good pre-wedding workouts!