Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Where has this week gone? I haven't even really had much time to post here or leave any comments elsewhere. My sister was bugging me to post again so she (and others) don't have to look at that wonderful piece of cake.

I haven't done anything since my mini-tri on saturday. No running. No Swimming. No cycling. Nothing. Nada. Nilch. Until today. I finally got myself to the gym. I like to assume I have been recovering. In all respect, it's not all my fault. It's been a crazy busy week already. I chose to take Sunday off, Monday was a long day at work followed by too much Christmas shopping, and yesterday evening consisted of a work dinner and 4 hours of high school basketball. Are those enough excuses?

My knees have been a little sore so my adventure on the thrillmill was quite minimal and a slow, easy 2 miles. It wasn't until I halfway through my run that I realized how sore my legs are... still. I finished off the workout with a good lift session, arms and legs. I still can't believe how tender my knees feel. Ouch.

Supposedly we have a nastly storm coming through. No, not like the one we got a couple weeks ago with 15+ inches of snow in 48 hours. This one is supposedly going to show the nasty, dirty side of mother nature in ND. Nothing but wind, wind, snow, some more wind, and maybe some more snow. Blech.

I am off to check y'alls blogs and watch a bit of the Santa Claus.... and probably some basketball.


Anonymous said...

Ewww... bad weather is no fun! My town just had mountains of ICE, blah. I'm just happy I have power unlike many of my friends.

Take pics though! :)

Mendy said...

No worries about missing workouts. It's such a busy time of year!!

I can't believe the amount of snow you get. 3 inches here would be a "snow storm". That's crazy! And to motivate yourself to workout in it at all or even drive to the gym. Thumbs up!!!

Happy Belated Birthday! Enjoyed the list. We have a lot in common.

L*I*S*A said...

Everyone deserves a bit of rest, especially after a tri. :)

Danielle said...

I hope that snow isn't headed toward us...and wind...I'm bummed cause it's supposed to be around 30 around noon today, but then drop to single digits tonight. I was going to run after my chiropractic appointment tonight.

I know how you feel about the missing workouts. I did workout yesterday morning, but wanted to run last night, but couldn't do it. I needed to be home after work, no idea why, cause I didn't really do much anyway, but it was just that feeling.

Wes said...

Even a mini-tri deserves a good recovery period! Batten down the hatches, thar she blows :-)

Joe said...

Be kind to your knees. You need them.

J~Mom said...

Better to rest up and recover then get injured! Stay warm and dry!

akshaye said...

Loads of weather stories from your neck of the woods... stay safe!