Monday, June 30, 2008

Closing the books for June

I can't believe it, but the summer is already 1/3 over for this chica. Let's reflect on June a bit. A lot has been going one...
  • Overall, the weather has been pretty good with only a handful of rainy days here and there, and the temps have usually been between 75 and 90... which is perfect....until the humidity picks up in July.
  • I tagged along with Lisa and joined her in Streaking through the month. Here's what the numbers looked like...
    • Total days: 30 (24:40:33)
      # of Swims: 12 (6:43:00)
      # of Rides: 12 (9:18:15)
      # of Runs: 11 (5:12:18)
      # of ST: 3 (1:02:00)
      # of Walks: 2 (1:02:00)
      # of Turbo Sculpt Sessions: 3 (2:00:00)
      # of Turbo Ab Jam Sessions: 7 (2:20:00)
      # of Softball Games: 6
  • Here are the stats for the month as well....
    • SWIM - 16200 meters (or 10.06 miles) ....... 3200 meters in May
    • BIKE - 170.87 miles (mostly outdoors!) ...... 82.77 miles in May
    • RUN - 26.57 miles (my lowest this year) ..... 34.22 miles in May
  • I also participated in Viv's Weight loss Challenge. I have increased my workouts and decreased the bad foods. All in all I am pretty happy with the 6.2 lbs dropped this month!! Now the key it to keep it off and maybe drop some more.... slowly.
  • On top of all of this, I am currently in the market for a home of my own. I met with a wonderful realtor last week and looked at about 7 homes, all different sizes... townhomes, twinhomes, condos. For the past week I have been looking online for more to look at and crunching numbers like crazy. Who knew this could be that much work?!
  • And today? Today I started the crazy 100 Pushup Challenge. I was only able to do 7 pushups on my initial test, but starting W1D1 today... I completed 28 pushups altogether.
Keep on keeping on, y'all!
OCN (Sunday): 12.02 miles indoor, 32:34 (avg. 22.14 mph)
ORN (Sunday): 1.41 miles, 15:02 minute run-off the bike (avg. 10:39 min/mile)
OSN (Monday): 1600M, 41:00 (avg. 2:33 min/100M)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Rainy Day

I was exhausted Thursday night after my ride (see post below). I forgot to mention how I was almost side-swiped by a bimbo in a police car while waiting at a red light with the others infront of me? Or how I almost biffed it when following close behind others on a sidewalk when they decided to come to a screeching halt and I felt myself going backwards and unable to get my feet out of the clips? Fortunately, there were no falls and I came out of both situations with no marks.

Friday morning, my goal was to do a run/swim. I had two options; one getting it all done before 8am, and then the other around lunch time. When my alarm went off at 6 I knew I wanted to go with the later, but was texted by a friend already on her way to the gym. In hopes of not wasting my morning, I flew out of bed and was on my way to the gym. I wasn't able to get in a run before the swim. The swim was completely awful and I blame it on not getting enough rest. It's as simple as that.

This morning, I woke to a rainy day. Again...second day in a row. Blech. I slept in a bit and was able to get to the gym by 10. It was my intention to run for 30 minutes, and did so. I changed it up a bit and integrated some intervals into my run. This is something I hope to be doing more of... I have to Shave some time off my 5K this year, ya know!?..

After my run it felt great to cool off in the pool. It wasn't my intention to do a lot of distance in the pool, just some real good swimming in 20 minutes. So, I broke it into 2 10 minute pieces, trying to work more on pace than endurance. The first 10 minutes I only did 400M but it felt good and consistent. The second 10 minutes I was able to do 500M and very happy. I almost did another 10 minutes but decided to call it quits.

I am going to spend the rest of my afternoon reading and probably watching a movie... what could be better on a rainy day?!

OSN (Friday): 1200M, 35:00 (2:55 min/100M);
Turbo Abs - 20:00
ORN (Saturday): 3.1 miles, 32:51 (10:35 min/mile);
OSN (Saturday): 900M, 20:00 (2:13 min/100M)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Riding into the Sunset

I have been struggling with my eating habits today. I blame it on the summer heat. Honestly. I didn't head to the gym after school today as I usually do, only because I knew I was going to join the group tonight for a ride. When I got home, I looked in my fridge and nothing sounded good. Finally, after staring in my fridge and cupboards for a while, I opted for scrambled eggs. I attempted to make an english muffin with the egs but found the last one left to be moldy. Scrambled eggs alone it was. I Just wasn't that hungry today. Maybe my stomach is shrinking? I still blame part of it on the heat.

It was about 83 degrees when our group met up shortly after 6 this evening for our ride. The UV index was only at a 3 (out of 10). Don't worry, I still applied the sunscreen! We had a nice turnout... 6 guys and 3 girls (including myself). We took a different route from any other of our rides; wanting to head south and then east, riding into the 10-15 mph wind, with the idea that when we would head north and back west it would be smooth sailing.

When heading south it was hard work. The wind was so strong, but I was able to keep up with the front of the group, averaging 14-16 mph on the bike. When we started heading east, the wind wasn't as bad but was still present, especially as soon as we reached the county road heading into MN. The beautiful green fields were enough to distract one from the wind.

We headed north through Moorhead and were going to attempt riding through Lindenwood Park. Getting there seemed to be quite a challenge. A few of the neighborhoods were re-doing their roads and we had to re-route a couple times, and then got to another street that was being re-done as well. We were determined to get to that park. Finally, at one point, we ended up getting off our bikes, walking along the side of a couple yards, crossing the dirt covered road, and then got back on the saddle. We were a bit dirty and muddy, but from there it was smooth sailing. The park was beautiful and the sun was starting to drop in the west. It was a great ride overall... a little challenge thrown into some great scenery!

OCN: 18 miles, 1:28:00, 12.27mph

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Lesser of Two Evils

run in near 80 degrees with 22-30mph wind gusts and the sun beating down on you?

- or -

run in a most-likely-humid gym on the infamous dreadmill?

Well, I just couldn't bear the idea of doing another dang run on the treadmill. I figured it was going to be too humid in the gym for my liking (which increases the amount of stinky men) and thought a cool breeze (breeze being the operative word) would feel good on a nice short outdoor run.

Turned out it was only 77 degrees, but the sun was scorching, and I knew there was something I forgot to check before I left... the UV index. 7. oops... a bit high. It was only 5 when I burnt myself sunday. Luckily this time I remembered the sports sunscreen with ultra sweatproof protection! ha! yeah, righ.

I must have been running at a good pace (when I was running) because I did quite a bit of walking and thought the sun was going eat me alive. The wind gusts, when present, were horrible. I was dying out there and sweating like a ____________? .........feel free to fill in the blank as you wish.

ORN: 2.48 miles, 29:57, 12:04 min/mile
Turbo Abs: 20:00

Monday, June 23, 2008

A book with the blues....

On Sunday I finished my first summer read, Clapton: The Autobiography by Eric Clapton. Over the years, especially the past 10 years, I have grown to love reading as an enjoyable pass-time; reading all sorts of books from love stories, suspense, to memiors and such.

Last year, as many of you may remember, I traveled to Chicago with my family to attend Eric Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival. This was his second, and probably his last. If I remember correctly, 100% of the proceeds were going to his Crossroads Centre in Antigua. A large number of musicians participated in it and it was absolutely wonderful.

When I heard this book was coming out, I was esctatic. After taking part in the Festival last summer, I wanted to learn more about his career as a musician and such. Music has been such a huge part of my life growing up and I always found the piano to be my sanctuary. Whenever I felt down or needed time to myself, you could probably find me seated in front of our 88 keys, an old upright that once belonged my my Mom's father. I would always feel better after sitting down at the piano; whether it was for 20 minutes, or an hour. This was the same with listening to a wide variety of music; instrumental, oldies, classical, country, etc. My participation in band from grade school through my high school years was fun a well, but mostly for social enjoyment. Thus, I have always had a fondness and appreciation for all sorts of music.

Back to the book. I will be honest, this was a hard one for me to get into. It was slow starting but the last 2/3rds of the book I thought was enjoyable. I learned a lot about him as an artist, and as a person, as well as an addict. Probably more than I wanted to, and I know that some others whom have read this book have lost respect for him. Fortunately, that was not the case with me. I knew that he was a drug addict, I just didn't know the details. If you don't want to know more than the fact that he pretty much did every drug in the book and drank every thing on the shelf at one point in his life, then don't read the book. But, if you can look past that and realize how much talent was there, his fight to overcome addiction over and over again, and what he has done with himself in his years of sobriety.... then read it.

Mostly due to my Dad's love of the blues, I have grown to love Eric Clapton's music over the past years, as well as many other kinds of blues artists. So many people have such a negative view of this genre of music, and that is okay... it's their opinion. But, Eric Clapton couldn't have said it better....
"The blues is a style of music that was born from the union between African and European folk cultures, conceived in slavery, and fostered in the Mississippi delta. It has its scale, its own laws and traditions, and its own language. In my view it's a celebration of triumph over adversity, full of humor, double entendre, and irony, and it's very rarely, if ever, depressing to listen to. It can be, and usually is, the most uplifting music you will ever hear."
If you are interested in blues music and looking for other artists of interest... let me know. I have a wonderful list started.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

11 Weeks ... The Countdown Begins...Now.

This morning I was finally able to join the group for a ride and there was only four of us, me and three of da boys. We went out on the route we took the first time I went with the group, stretching it a bit longer and taking a path along the river. When comparing the two rides, today was faster and further in less time than my first ride. All good, right?! If we wouldn't have had to stop for a train and wait at a few red lights, I think my average speed would have been well above 13mph. I now know what it feels like to go 22mph on a bike... yikes!

Between the ride today and reading outside at the coffee shop later... I might have gotten too much sun. Wait... I know I got too much sun. Damnit, forgot to re-apply the sunscreen. What's worse than runners tan lines, Marcy? Cycling tan lines on top of them...
The streaking has continued with the weight loss at a stand still, somewhat. At least I am not gaining weight, right? Here's what the streak looks like thus far....

Total days: 22 (20:00:09)
# of Swims: 8 (4:31:00)
# of Rides: 9 (6:47:41)
# of Runs: 8 (3:54:28)
# of ST: 3 (1:02:00)
# of Walks: 2 (1:02:00)
# of Turbo Sculpt Sessions: 2 (1:20:00)
# of Turbo Ab Jam Sessions: 4 (1:20:00)
# of Softball Games: 4

I have been so caught up with streaking this month that the training for my next triathlon has been put on the back burner, so to speak. In a way, I have been training, but not with a definite plan in mind. I have 11 weeks to the day to train. No worries here. I just need to find a training plan or make my own... 11 weeks. 11 weeks.

Calling all triathletes....

Is there anything you can think of that I need to keep in mind with my training plan??

FRIDAY: SWIM/BIKE BRICK: SWIM - 1100M (20:00); BIKE - 12.76 miles (35:15) avg 21.71mph
SATURDAY: RUN - 2.52 miles (12:53 min/mile); Turbo Abs (20:00)
Cycle Group Ride - 17.6 miles (1:24:04) avg. 12.7 mph; Turbo Abs (20:00)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday Sixer

Fables and Fairy Tales:

At summer school, we try to change things up a bit in the area of reading. My main focus is exposing the children to different stories, mostly at their level, with very repetative lines. We usually will read a book a couple times a day for a couple days.

This week at summer school, I was getting ready to read with three of my students and quickly came to the realization that none of them had read The Gingerbread Man before or heard of it. Ever! I can bet that all of them have seen the movie Shrek with the Gingerbread Man in it, but had no clue what story it was coming from.

Don't parents read to their kids anymore?

I remember reading a lot of books with my parents growing up; curling up on the couch or chair with a big book.

Looking for a post idea?

Try this Saturday Sixer....

List six of your favorite children's stories/books:
  1. Goldilocks and the Three Bears
  2. Princess and the Pea
  3. The Ugly Duckling
  4. The Emperor's New Clothes
  5. The Tortoise and the Hare
  6. Little Red Riding Hood

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Water, water, water....

The past four days seemed to go by really fast. Throw in a late night of softball, 4+ hours of working out, and a busy evening with my Mom and youngest sister who were in town last night/today ... all left me feeling a bit tired this evening.

Our temps are finally reaching above 80 degrees! I blame today's sluggishness to the combination of going, going, going, all week, an afternoon of put-put in the sun today, and not enough water. I am usually very good about getting enough water, from the moment I wake up until I crawl into bed.

However, I have been slacking on the hydration a bit this week, and it was definitely apparent today. I was so tired today that I didn't make it too the cycle group ride. And you know I am not myself when I don't make it to that ... especially considering the weather hasn't been that cooperative lately... until today. Today.... it was a perfect 82 degrees with a slight cool breeze, but I just could not get myself to go. I opted for a nice walk and then an hour of Turbo Sculpting and Abs.

I love my Turbo Jam. I purchased this a couple years ago, but haven't really used it much in the past year. The video selection consists of Learn and Burn (30 min), Turbo Sculpt (40 min), Ab Jam (20 min), 20 Minute Workout, and Cardio Party (45 min). Supposedly it does wonders for the metabolism! It's the only kind of exercise video that I have really enjoyed and seen results. Now, if I can incorporate it into my regular routine, we should see some very necessary changes.... soon?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Congrats to the Boston Celtics

Gabriel Bouys/AFP/Getty Images
You tell 'em, Garnett!

The Celtics royally creamed the Lakers last night ... winning the 2008 NBA Championship .... and I missed it all thanks to softball. However, I did make it home in time to watch the majority of the press conferences and was up way too late...but it was just too exciting!

Last night was a perfect night of softball. The sun was up until almost 10pm, the air was warm, but the mosquitoes were definitely beginning to make their appearance. It doesn't help that we have received a more than adequate amount of water in the past couple of weeks, which have created large breeding grounds in many grass areas. We won our first game and tied our second. Very fun!

My swim workout today... pretty much left me exhausted. That's a good thing, right?

OSN: 2300M, 55:00 (LONG swim workout)
450M w/u, 200M kick, 400M freestyle, 200M kick, 400M frestyle, 200M kick, 450M c/d

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What's Your Slogan?

Your Slogan Should Be

Between Love and Madness Lies Stacy

The Slogan Generator

Try this out. I thought it was kind of funny.

I took advantage of the glorious weather today and took my bike for a spin. It was sunny, with really no wind, 78 degrees! Loved it! Although I have noticed that many drivers definitely treat cyclists in a group different from those riding solo. Many drivers gave me a sense of feeling that I was not to be on the road, and were rude about it too. And one wonders why I really don't care to ride by myself!

There is a chance of rain Thursday, which is group ride day ... but I think it is only in the AM. It should be 81 and sunny that evening! Wahoo!

OCN: 11.3 miles, 56:22, 12.02mph ---> Very slow and cautious at times.
78 degrees, sunny, minimal wind

Monday, June 16, 2008

Got My Mojo Workin'

I want to wish a big happy 1 year anniversary to my sister and brother-in-law (or bro-in-law as one would like to say). I can't believe it was only a year ago that we were prepping for the great outdoor wedding; Dad mowing the lawn and doing extreme outside cleaning and Mom pulling weeds...everyday. I hope you two had a wonderful 1st anniversary!


After teaching the little munchkins today, I hit the gym for a great back to back workout. I really wanted to focus my energy on a good run today, as it seems like my mileage has been lacking in the past couple weeks.... even though I have been working out everyday. After my run I took advantage of dipping in the nice cool pool and was thrilled to see that I had the lane to myself. If I wouldn't have been so hungry already, I probably would have gone further! In the words of Muddy Waters ... I Got My Mojo Workin' .... see sidebar.

Looks like the Celtics/Lakers will be facing off in Boston for game 6 this week. I am pretty sure the Celtics will be able to pull it off, but royally disappointed that I will miss the game altogether... unless it rains. We have softball at 9. damn.

Happy Monday, y'all!

ORN: 3.21 miles, 36:15, 11:17min/mile
OSN: 1000M, 21:00, 2:06min/100M

Sunday, June 15, 2008

The past few days....

Wednesday I went in for a haircut. Mind you, my hair was getting very long (middle of back), and with it being so heaving and thick, I had to get it chopped. I wanted it just long enough to still get in a low ponytail for when it's hot, working out, and when I am just too plain lazy to do it. And that is exactly what she did...and then some. Damn, it turned out shorter than I was envisioning. However, I figure it will be back to my shoulders by the time school starts back up.

Thursday night I didn't get to the cycle group ride. I actually did my bike workout earlier in the day as the forcast predicted rain. Sure enough, it ended up raining (briefly) while we would have been out on our bikes. Instead I opted to watch the Celtics and their unbelievable comeback (in hi-def) with a couple friends. That was an amazing game. Period.

Friday night a few of us went bowling and I was quite surprised to see how well I did considering there was no alchohol involved! I bowled 117 in the first game and 109 in the second. Anything above 100 is good for me!

Last night we had a nice little tornado warning here. I am extremely fascinated by weather, but as soon as it is too close for comfort, I am scared shitless. The sirens were going off like crazy and the black clouds outside my patio were rotating. Supposedly a funnel was located about 7 miles southwest of my apartment. I grabbed my purse, keys and shoes and joined a handful of other neighbors in the basement. Luckily nothing came of the storm and in less than a half hour the sun was shining. Ahhh.

The streaking lives on! I am actually enjoying this, because to be honest, I have been a bit bored with all the extra free time. I am not as productive as one would like to be with all my free time. Here's what the streak looks like 15 days into it....

Total days: 15 (12:19:45)
# of Swims: 5 (2:54:00)
# of Rides: 6 (3:52:00)
# of Runs: 6 (2:45:45)
# of ST: 3 (1:02:00)
# of Walks: 1 (32:00)
# of Turbo Sculpt Sessions: 1 (40:00)

It's another gloomy/rainy/cool day and I look forward to relaxing a bit; reading, watching the Twins, reading, and watching the 5th game of the NBA Finals. Do the Lakers even have a smidgen of a chance? Because I love a good playoff game, it would be fun to see the Laker's win tonight in Boston territory... plus it would probably make my Dad a happy camper! .... come on... it's Father's day people! Happy Father's Day, Dad! I hope you have a great day! Same goes for all the other father's out there as well.

Don't worry, once the finals are over, this blog will have a new look with new colors! :)

Thursday: Bike 15.63 miles, 46:00, 20.38mph
Friday: Turbo Sculpt, 40 minutes;
Swim 1200M, 26:00, 2:10min/100M
Saturday: Run 3.2 miles, 40:22, 12:36 min/mile
Sunday: Bike 15.24 miles, 42:00, 21.77mph;
Lift arms/core

Friday, June 13, 2008

As if you didn't know enough about me already....

Jess tagged me and I figured I really didn't have anything exciting to blog about today (which is a rare occasion...right?).

Here are the rules and my reply is just below. Tagging is easy. Just copy the following onto your post. The rules of the game are posted at the start of your blog post. In this case, I'm asking you 5 questions about running. Each player answers the 5 questions on their own blog. At the end of your post you tag 5 other people and post their names. Go to their blogs and leave a comment on their blogs telling them they've been tagged and to look at your blog for details. When they've answered the questions on their own blog, they come back to yours to tell you. Got that? Here goes.

1. How would you describe your running 10 years ago? Non-existent. Plain and simple. There were so many times I attempted to start running in high school because my parents had started running. It was just a hate-hate relationship at the time and I didn't put enough time and effort into it. It probably wasn't until a couple years later that I slowly started to pick it up, but nothing like the past few years.

2. What is your best and worst run/race experience?
The best:
My first half marathon, the Fargo Half Marathon. It was a combination of addrenaline, motivation and congratulations from perfect strangers every bit of the way, and all the work and training that went into it. The best race that comes in a close 2nd was the UND Homecoming 5K, where I PR'd last fall, running a race for the first time on my own.

The worst: I don't know if there has ever been a really bad race. There were definitely races in the past that I have not been completely satisfied with, but I think I have grown from each and every race I have completed.

3. Why do you run?
I will keep this plain and simple: 1) because I can ...and.. 2) I find it to be a great stress reliever ...and.. 3) I like to challenge myself

4. What is the best or worst piece of advice you've been given about running?

Worst -
It's not so much bad advice that I have received, but the negative comments. For example, "You're crazy to run," and "Don't you know how bad that is on your body?"

Best - Listen to your body. Aches and pains show up for a reason, get to know your body and know what is causing it and make the appropriate changes to get rid of them.

5. Tell us something surprising about yourself that not many people would know.

I don't know what to write here. I don't know if there is anything out there that I haven't already told you.

I am probably one of the last fill this out, so I am going to tag whomever wants to do it that hasn't yet!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Intervals in the pool

I love being able to get into the pool more than once a week. I can tell things are starting to change and I am starting to get a bit better with not only my endurance but some speed. Yesterday was a prime example.

Prior to getting into the pool, I didn't really know what I wanted to do. I was kind of sick of just doing laps and really didn't like what I found online for swim workouts (thus far). So what does a girl do? make up her own workout.

I got my feet wet and was quite consistent over my first 500M. No breaks necessary. After the first 500M, I grabbed th kick board and kicked for 250M. Then I did the same routine over again; swim 500M, kick 250M. I finished off with a nice strong 500M cooldown, which ended up being faster than my first 500M. Hard to consider that one a cooldown. I really wanted to add in another interval, but thought I would save it for next time.

OSN: 2000M, 53:00
500M w/u, 12:00
250M kick, 10:00
500M free, 12:00
250M kick, 9:00
500M c/d, 10:00

Even though the sun is shining as I type this post, the rain clouds will be rolling in this afternoon and I will not be joining the cycle group tonight for an outdoor ride. Thus, I will be doing it at the gym. Blech.

On the flip side... tonight is Game 4 of the NBA Finals... and I will be watching this one on the big screen in high def.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

weather permitting ...

I don't know about you, but I like to change things up a bit when I head to the gym, especially if I am confined to the gym. (I am sure this is part of the reason why I enjoy tri training so much.)

Today was no different. I didn't want to run too much as we are supposedto have softball later tonight (weather permitting). I didn't want to just bike and I didn't want to swim two days in a row. So I tried something different ... ran 1 mile, biked approximately 30 minutes, ran another 1 mile. To top it off, I did some strength training (ST) on the upper body and core region. I was dying at the end of my second run. It was already after 1pm and I was so hungry. I hadn't eaten since breakfast at 7. oops.

It's supposed to rain for the next four days starting later tonight. This drives me crazy because I was hoping to join the cycle group thursday evening. But, a part of me hopes the rain comes earlier tonight, so softball is cancelled .... which means I would be able to watch Game 3 of the NBA Finals on a friend's new HD TV! Go Celtics!

Today's Workout: Streak Day 10
ORN: 1 mile, 11:07
OCN: 9.79 miles, 27:00, 21.75mph
ORN: 1 mile, 11:40
ST: 22 minutes (upper body and core)

Monday, June 9, 2008

At ease ... but exhausted.

Today was the first day of summer school. I was so flippin' nervous as I didn't feel as prepared as I would have like to have been. You see, when it comes to teaching, I have to be organized and ready with plan A, B, and possibly C. Today, I barely had plan A figured out.

I am used to working with 4th and 5th graders and this summer.. I will be working with 7 year olds ... going into 2nd grade. I didn't know a single student, as none of them were from my school. But, as each an everyone one of them walked into my room, I felt ready and at ease. Plan A went completely out the window. It wasn't worth losing sleep over! The kids were ready to learn. All of them are so different, all 8 of them. They all have their different strengths and weaknesses, so it will be a challenge to group them for reading groups, but I look forward to growing with them over the 6 weeks of summer school.

After the kids got on the bus and I left the school around 11:40, I headed to the gym. It was my intent to run 30 minutes, strength train the legs/core, and then swim a short distance. The gym was packed. All those lunch time workouts. So, I was only able to grab a treadmill for 15 minutes, and made the most of it with some speed. I had to call it quits after a mile because the guy next to me reaked. Honestly. Then I lifted and did some core workout and hit up the pool. I was very slow/tired/sore in the pool. Overall, the workout went good, but I was completely exhausted this afternoon and ended up taking a 2 hour nap! Geez!! What's up with that?!

Check out this video ... it's pretty cute!

ORN: 1 mile, 10:30
Strength Training (ST): legs & core, 20:00
OSN: 650M, 20:00, 3:04min/100M

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Family, Blues, Streaking

I spent this past weekend in the cities. Friday night my sister had a bunch of our relatives who were in town over. We were able to meet my cousin's baby girl for the first time and she is oh so adorable and teeny. Saturday afternoon was spent in down town Mpls taking in a bit of the Famous Dave's BBQ and Blues Festival. It was free (the music), fun, and a great day to get in a bit of sun! If you like Blues, here's a few of my favorite groups from the day to check out .... Willie West, Big Jay McNeely, and The Brass Kings.

Saturday night was spent at my cousin's high school graduation open house. It was fun to see everyone.

After returning home from a fun-filled weekend in the cities today, I was exhausted and had no desire to do anything. Nada.

But, I had to.

I went out for a nice walk through the neighborhood and enjoyed the stroll by checking out some of the neighborhood houses for sale.

The streak lives on and here's what it looks like so far.....

Total days: 8 (6:36:06)
# of Swims: 2 (1:15:00)
# of Rides: 3 (2:57:00)
# of Runs: 3 (1:32:06)
# of ST: 1 (20:00)
# of Walks: 1 (32:00)

Despite all the crap I ate this past week (don't make me list it), I ate a lot of good stuff too and was able to lose a couple lb's. Goal for this week is to not add the weight on and try to drop a bit more!

Now, it's time to take in game 2. GO CELTICS!

Yesterday's ORN: 2.5 miles (run/walk), 32:00
Today's Walk: 2.1 miles

Friday, June 6, 2008

Friday Randoms

It sounds like there are a few of you still interested in the Blogland Book Club. Super! For those of you who are new to this and would like to be a contributor, drop me your email address and I will add you. Makita wrote a post with some ideas as to how we can organize our book club better. Is everyone up for starting the next book and discussing it by July 31st?

Still going strong. 6 days in. Tomorrow might just be a long walk. I will be in the cities with family for a cousin's graduation but am really counting on getting something done in the morning. Yesterday I was able to sneak in a run before meeting up with some family in town. The run was brutal. It was too damn humid and hot in the gym, but was too wet/windy outside. This morning I got my ars out of bed and hit the pool for a nice long swim. It was definitely more successful than Monday's. I felt like I was in my groove.

NBA FINALS: Game one .... Celtics win.... Lakers lose. What more can a girl say? I am so very happy!

Have a great weekend y'all!

ORN: 3.15 miles, 36:00, 11:25 min/mile
OSN: 1650M, 40:00, 2:25 min/100M

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Just another day of summer break....

I had to rub that in.

I am done now.

I think.

In all actuality, it didn't feel like summer break at all today. It was gloomy all day .... I had 6 hours of training (prep work) for summer school today.... I worked out ... and I cleaned my apartment from top to bottom. I didn't sit down on my couch until almost 8pm!

In the midst of prepping for my group of 1st graders, soon to be 2nd graders, for summer school, a handful of teachers wanted to do lunch. Me and my quiet mouth went along and my food from Taco Johns did not agree. I didn't really want it, but I didn't want to make the decision of where we wanted to eat all that much harder. It's been months since I have eaten there and I wanted to puke. I thought of POM's Cold Hard Tips and how your body will let you know when you eat the wrong food ... it almost felt like she knocked me on the forehead like those V8 commercials. Next time I will learn to speak up for myself.

The rest of the afternoon I felt miserable and worried about my workout. I was going to run, but had to switch to the bike. My stomach just couldn't handle the thrillmill. Tomorrow I guess.

The apartment was cleaned from top to bottom. Vacuumed, mopped, clean tub, clean toilet, clean kitchen, bedroom, closets, and living room. Aah. feels so good. I even tackled the vacuum cleaner and pulled out all the hair that was wrapped around the rotating wheel. I took a pic, but decided not to share. It was gross. I know for a fact it wasn't just mine... ehem...

On a completely different note.... I am wondering if anyone is interesting in picking up a book... for the blogland book club? it's been a couple months and I wouldn't mind getting back into it? Any others?

Anyone else excited for the NBA Finals to start? Or am I the only one?

I do like my Celtics, but a part of me likes the Lakers. Shh. Don't tell my Dad! It's just that Kobe bugs me. Probably because he is so good he is cocky. But, have you all seen this before? Check it out. Ridiculous but impressive.

OCN: 14:41 miles, 40:00, 21.61 mph

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tuesday Tidbits

Note to self ... meeting friends for coffee at 3 in the afternoon is just not acceptable. I struggled falling asleep last night, was awake at 2:20 to go to the bathroom and couldn't fall back to sleep.

Went to the bank. I was there a few weeks ago to change some stuff with my account and ended up talking briefly with a morgage counselor. She gave me some paperwork for a credit check, but I didn't get it in until today. It's been busy peeps. She called me this afternoon. It appears I have great credit, and the crazy bank is willing to give me a loan for my first home! So, I guess I will be working on that in the near future... I guess I do have the time.

Spent another hour or so at the school. I basically just shoved things into filing cabinets and cubboards. The janitors will be cleaning my room this week and I won't be back in until next week. I have so much crap to go through ... blech.

Day 3 of streaking ... and very successful. A part of me had a feeling that tonight's softball game wasn't going to happen, as it rained ... all .... day .... long ... so, instead, we will be meeting up for wings (I will be there to socialize as I plan to eat prior to heading out) and then heading over to the local bar that is sponsoring our team for a drink. One drink. I have work training in the morning.

Peace, y'all.

ORN: 2 miles, 24:06, 12:03 min/mile
OCN: 12.23 miles, 35:00, 20.96 mph
Strength training arms/core

Monday, June 2, 2008

First Day of Summer Break

After my swim this morning, which I might add was very nice to get back into the pool after a break that was too long, I spent a good amount of the day back at school. I couldn't have picked a better day to do so as it rained most of the afternoon.

With another special education teacher retiring this year, I was given the option to take her room or continue sharing with another special education teacher. I was all over having my own room. Little did I know, the teacher who left, took what she wanted and left everything else behind! I have so much work cut out for myself this summer. It's going to take a while to go through her stuff and organize my things as well. I am anal when it comes to organization and I will not start the school year with a cluttery mess in my room!

Tomorrow I will spend a few hours there as well. Should be fun times... fun times fo sho!

On a side note, I forgot to mention that on my ride yesterday with the Scheel's Cycle group... I biffed it. Yep. I went down. First time for everything right? We were coming through an intersection, taking a left, and a few of the guys ahead of me decided to ride up onto the grass to wait for those that were really far behind me. So, I di the same, although the grass was really soft and I almost lost my balance and trying to save myself I took too long to decide what foot to take out of my peddle, taking my left foot and starting to fall to the right. Boom. I went down. In the grass. I was hoping that my first fall would involve some good blood and eventually a couple nice scabs to share with you all, but all I had was a couple marks on my calves from the tires. Damn.

OSN: 1000M
10x50M Warmup
5x100M, 30 second RI

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Month in Review: May

I can't believe May has already come and gone. My numbers for this past month aren't superb, but they work for me. All I know is June is going to look hot!


OSN: 3200M................. goal was 8,000M..... ouch.
ORN: 34.22 miles......... goal was 60 miles.... eeks.
OCN:82.77 miles........... goal was 80 miles.... check!

My numbers for the pool were extremely shorthanded. My running miles were decent, not too hot considering I did a half marry. The bike was good... mostly done outdoors!

I am joining Lisa and doing a bit of streaking myself. I have the time, and really, there should be no excuses. My minimum workouts will consist of at least 30 minutes of either walking or running. I will be incorporating more strength training too. Along with joining my friend Lisa, I am also going to join Viv's weightloss challenge. June is going to be awesome!

Some of you have asked what I am going to do with my summer months off... because we all know I am a teacher and have 3 months off, right?! NOT. I am going to be teaching 6 weeks of summer school in the mornings. I will also be participating in a training in August for a new internet based IEP format that I will have to come back and train others on when school resumes. But, I won't deny the fact that I will have a LOT more time for getting in some good workouts and training for my next tri.

Happy June, y'all!

OCN: 21.1 miles, 1:42:00, 12.41 mph
62 - 75 degrees, sunny, and winds WSW at 12mph