Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A New Month is upon us....

March already??? February sure came and went so fast. Wow.

Month in Review: February 2011
Swim - 00 yds
................ 3,200 yds in January
Bike - 105.59 miles .............. 76.04 miles in January
Run - 28.96 miles ............... 15.13 miles in January

Total Number of:
Swims - 0
Bikes - 9
Runs - 10 (with a couple less than a mile)
BODYPUMP Class - 4
Pilates Class - 0
Yoga Class - 0
REST Days - 10

Highlights of the Month:
  • Four busy weekends with the BF, family, and friends. Busy, but so worth it!
  • Doning more runs - and longer than 2-3 miles!
  • Really hitting the strength and core training, as well as doing A LOT of stretching!

Lows of the Month:

  • No Yoga or Swimming - March will be different!
  • Getting yet another cold. This school year has been the worst for me getting sick.

Swim - 3200 Yds
Bike -191.62 miles
Run - 47.67 miles

How was your February?


Christy said...

Great job! I'm learning to try TRI's too! Thanks for the inspiration!

Carly said...

February was pretty good for me too. Looking forward to a warmer March!

Unknown said...

nice job

i can't believe it is march already!

Marlene said...

Awesome on the core + strength and putting in some more miles, while still having awesome weekends with the BF & fam!

Lily on the Road said...

Whoot!! Good Job on all the extra' glad you are finding time to spend with family & the BF!!

Jess said...

I seem to get sick every Feb. I don't knwo what it is about that month, but I always get de-railed by illness in that month.

Wes said...

I'd say you kicked it up a notch. nice work :-)

Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

Great job on all of that even with a cold- I feel like colds can knock me down for longer than I want them to.

Unknown said...

It seems like everyone is so sick this year - my sister is a teacher and has had it a few times! :(

Great job this month. Sounds like you were super busy and still posted great numbers!

Being Robinson said...

what a busy month! congrats on some great running. my february wasn't stellar for working out, but it sure was fun ;) nothing wrong with that, right?!

Gotta Run..... said...

great job on your Feb. get your butt in the pool and give your body some yoga love :)

Dusty Spiller said...

Love your blog, keep up the good work! :)

Unknown said...

Nice work--you are always inspirational!!