Monday, September 27, 2010

Mark your calendars!

May 19-21st, 2011
Mark Your Calendars!

Rock Fast,
Rock Friendly,

A little background information: The Youth Run kicks off the weekend that Thursday evening. The 5K is on Friday night, and the 10K, Half Marathon, 2- and 4- person relays, and Marathon are Saturday morning!

Did you know that they are going to have live music at every mile?
Did you know that Dean Karnazes will be speaking, not once, but twice, at the Pasta Feed?!

Did you know that registration last year exceeded the goal of 20,000 participants?

Did you know that it is known as one the of Fastest and Friendliest races around?

Did you know that this is a USATF Certified Course that allows you to QUALIFY for BOSTON!?
Okay, enough of that! I just absolutely love this event and want to tell everyone about it! I did the Fargo Half Marathon (my first and only) in 2008, the 5K in 2009, and then the 5K/10K Go Far Challenge this past spring!
A little over a week ago I got the flyer in the mail, with a magnet for my fridge, advertising for this weekend of festivities. You can only imagine how excited I was! I had posted that I have ideas for this race and I would share it at a later date. Well, today's that later date.
I am hoping to do the Fargo Half Marathon once again!
I have almost 8 months to train for this race which is MORE than PLENTY! I plan to train smart and take my time building those long runs. I haven't done much more than 4-5 miles at a time, for my long runs, for the past few months. So, I definitely have a lot of work to do and look forward to training once again!
Also, if all goes well, I would love to do the 5K the night before, in addition to the half marathon, and recieve my 3 medals as part of the GO FAR CHALLENGE once again! That would be sweet!
I have family and some friends already thinking about this race and what they would like to do train for. Who knows, I might be throwing a little post-race party for those that participated (and their significant others)!!
Any of you thinking of participating in the Fargo Marathon weekend events?


Anonymous said...

May 19-21st 2010! I missed it already! :)

teacherwoman said...

Dang typos! Will fix that!

Unknown said...

Yay! Go get that half!

Holly said...

YAY! How exciting to have a half in your sights again! I'm definitely considering the 10K since there isn't a race like that here. I'm getting the giggles just thinking about it! :)

Jen said...

YAY!! There's nothing more motivating than having a goal race to train for! Sounds like a great event!

Marlene said...

YAY! Love it! Go Fargo!!!

SavvyFitChica said...

You'll do great- I know it! I love the Rock N Roll marathons b/c of the music & hype everywhere. It helps a ton. And they're usually very organized! So excited for you!

let the training begin :)

Anonymous said...

So tempting. So, so tempting!

Turbo Photographs said...

It's a little far for me to make the trip, but I'll live vicariously through you!


Wes said...

perfect! I don't think I can make it to Fargo :-)

RunToTheFinish said...

are you trying to convince me to come to fargo? that's so nice of you. Hmm i'll have to debate this since I know I have to travel the weekend prior...but maybe

Unknown said...

That's awesome... I definitely think you should do both races! :) We're vacationing the next week or else I'd consider it. You sold me... :)

Julie said...

Fargo is one that I would love to do! It is known as the flat and fast race:) FLAST!

J said...

So fun! You have a ton of time to train and get ready! That Go far Challenge sounds like so much fun!

Erika said...

That's my birthday weekend! I'm hoping to find a race, but Fargo is kind of far away from me:/ The challenge sounds amazing though!

Today's Triumph said...

Um, yeah. I am pretty sure I will be there for Round 2!

Carolina John said...

Baloney! Malarky! Horsefeathers!

Run the full Stacey. You know you want to.

Come on, do it. 26.2 baby.

Kristen said...

Oooh I love those races that have a special place in your heart.

Go for all the medals!

Badgergirl said...