Thursday, July 22, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1. How do I clean my Camelbak water bottle? I mean, I know how to wash it, but I can't seem to get the "spout" of it really clean and it looks like there is mold growing inside both of my bottles! YUCK! I drink out of them all the time and actually end up drinking more water when using these! Help!!!

2. I have been rocking the workouts this week! Anything to keep me away from my darn project! No, just kidding. I have been pretty consistent this week and feelin' strong! Especially knowing that starting next Wednesday, I don't know what I will be able to get done while away on vacay. Here's what I've been rockin':

Monday -
Run 3.62 mi (AM)

Strength, Stretch, Core (SSC) - 2o min - 35 pushups, 40 tricep curls with 8# ball, 60 side crunches with 8# ball, 70 sit-ups with Bosu ball, stretching

Bike - 21.61 mi (PM)

Tuesday -
Swim 1600 Yds - 600 Yds w/u, 250 Yds swim with paddles and pull buoy, 50 Yds streamline kick, 250 Yds swim with fins, 50 Yds streamline kick, 250 Yds swim with paddles and pull buoy, 100 Yds c/d

Wednesday -
Run 3.61 miles

SSC - 20 min - 60 pushups, 80 side crunches with 8# ball, 100 sit-ups on Bosu ball, stretching

Today -
Bike 10.05 mi
Run 1.1 mi (Brick)

Bodypump Class
- 60 minutes

Tomorrow?! - Probably a rest day. I said I would help a friend that just got married move some boxes and such... (some rest day, lol)

3. My mind has been consumed by Autism Spectrum Disorders, due to my grad class. This week I have been listening to audio powerpoints, reading articles, and working on my final project. Symptoms of autism consist of difficulties in three areas: communication, social, and repetitive behaviors. Symptoms can usually be observed by the age of 18 months, so parents, please be aware of what your child should be able to do at certain months of age; early intervention is key!

Asside from that, I have a perfect video that shows the difficulty children with ASD have making friends (social skills/communication). How many of you watch the Big Bang Theory? Sheldon is definitely somewhere on the Spectrum - possible Aspergers. I love how he talks! Watch this video... it's great!

The Big Bang Theory - The Friendship Algorithm
(via YouTube)


Anonymous said...

I've never actually seen one of those bottles, but could you clean it with a pipe cleaner? You know, the little sticks that kids use to decorate things with...?

Aron said...

AWESOME job on the week!

Marlene said...

You really are workin' it!! Enjoy the "rest" day!

Anonymous said...

Oh dang. Lady J and I have the same bottles. Hopefully you'll post a "cure."

gene said...

i think that a cold beer and some bleach (tiny, tiny bit) will do the trick. here's how:
1) open and pour said beer into favourite glass
2) put a dab of bleach on q-tip, then pinch mouthpiece and swab it
3) have some beer. maybe some more.
4) rinse the bleach out several times. do it several more times, just to be sure
5) enjoy the rest of the beer while the bottles dry out.

Wes said...

You're going to suck down your mold and enjoy it young lady! :-)

Great workouts!

Autism has a special place in my heart (well, the kids do). Keep up the good work!

RunToTheFinish said...

woot woot work it out!!

Kylie said...

Hi. I have just found your blog and I love it!

With regards to cleaning the camel back, here in Australia you can get cleaning kits from camping stores. You can probably get the same there. It is kind of like a pipe cleaner but long enough to do the whole tube. And mold does grow in there so you need to keep it clean.


justme said...

i am not anal about my bottles but hubby is....if he read this post he would freak

Julie said...

Awesome job on the workouts Lady!

Shannon said...

I love the Big Bang! Sheldon is the poster boy for autism spectrum disorders!

Great week of workouts!

My camelbak is in the dishwasher right now. Mouthpiece, straw and all.

Middle Name Marie said...

I like Sheldon too. He totally makes the show. Good luck on the project!

Erika said...

My camelback rubber part snaps right off so you can clean it and replace it! Check into that for sure! Way to rock the workouts this week!

MCM Mama said...

Nice job on the workouts!

Have you tried a bottle brush? The bristles can often get in places you can't get to otherwise.

audgepodge said...

Nice job! You did more on Monday than I do all week!

And you know, I think that might be the *only* episode of BBT that I've ever seen. I think he was nominated for an Emmy this year!

Turbo Photographs said...

I've just convinced myself that while I see the mold, it's not actually going in my mouth!!

Great job on your workouts!!

timmypeace said...

I seem to have the same problem with my camel bottle. The rubber nozzle seems to get moldy fast. I found the easiest way to clean it is with a Q-tip. It was the only thing I got creative enough that would actually clean it well enough. Maybe try that? Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if this is the same water bottle I'm thinking of, but my mom would always put soap and water in it and then push it through the spout of the water bottle as if you were drinking it. Does that make any sense?

Anyways, great job on your work out and studying!

Unknown said...

i have the same problem with the spouts of my bottles of the belt i wear around my waist. still not quite sure how to clean them out, but i've tried boiling in vinegar water!

track coach and adorable wife said...

Hey, I am a new follower of your blog and this just happened to be your first post that I read. I think its fate because
A- My husband and I love Big Bang Theory, and How I Met Your Mother
B- I have recently decided to try doing a triathlon, so it is fun to read about you and your training, and
C- My oldest son (3) was recently diagnosed with Autism and I know they can be hard cases to deal with, so thanks for studying hard!

Scott McMurtrey said...

I just close my eyes when I drink from my water bottles, then I don't have to see how dirty the spout is. :)

Being Robinson said...

i've had the 'mold' problem on a few water bottles, and i just throw them in recycle. i know wasteful, but they are hard to clean. maybe bleach the spouts?

so for the joggers and lagers question you had? we drive to our meeting place (the bar) and run from there and do an out and back basically. so we have our cars there when we finish! hope you try it.

lastly. gulp. i think i'm going to train for a tri. i've been bike hunting the past two weeks, be prepared i'm gonna bug you with questions :)

Sherri said...

Sounds like a great week with great workouts! =)

J. L. said...

Cleaning camelbacks are always a problem...I'm new to your blog. I am addicted to tris, in a very normal person way. The reason I'm commenting today is in regards to autism. My son (now 7) was diagnosed with ASD when he was 2. We worked our butts off to get him into a special treatment program. He was in there for a year and completely mainstreamed. Early detection and therapy is THE KEY! He has what my husband and I call his "autistic" moments, but he's not labeled by anyone. That program literally saved his life.

Pining for Pinterest said...

Love that video!! Thanks for sharing :)

Kelly said...

Lol this video cracked me up. I have seen this show a few times but not this episode! I was just reading a book the other day and a boy in the both with autism said to his teacher, "I'm looking for social cues right now" so cute, but so true! Aren't we all and we just dont' talk about it?

Anonymous said...

Great work this week

Kathleen (Getting Healthy with Bubba and Bellie) said...

I love this video. One of my very, very favorite teaching positions I've ever had was an integrated program for K-6 kids with ASD. If I ever go back to school, this will be my focus for sure!

Unknown said...

I have the same problem with my bottles. No matter how hard I try, they just aren't as clean as they were when I bought them. I thought that's just what happened :)

Great job with the workouts... you did rock them! :)

Today's Triumph said...

Hey Sister! Check out my new blog!

Jess said...

I love The Big Bang Theory! Funny how the line between genius and disability is often blurred, eh?