Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Three Things

I know I am only a couple days into the TriPower training book, but I must say I am loving it. Monday/Wednesday/Friday consist approximately 15-20 minutes of corrective flexibility movements, core exercises, and myofascial movements (basically foam roller routines). Tuesday/Thursday consist of about 35-40 minutes of strength. Saturdays consist of approximately 10 minutes of exercises to help with each specific sport. And Sundays you can rest or repeat Saturday.

I am trying to put together a spreadsheet to keep track of what I am doing, how many reps, blah, blah, blah... just for me to refer to. Until I get into a routine and more comfortable with this training, I don't if I am coming or going. Flipping back and forth in the book to look at the exercises is kind of annoying.

Tri Training
To me, there is not a better feeling then being able to follow training schedule. I think I have devised up a plan that will work for me. I might have to switch things around a bit to work better with the TriPower routine, but I will get a better feel for that after a week or so.

I almost hate to admit this, but in the past, it seemed like I was just putting in the miles (or meters), thinking that would be sufficient training. Now, while encorporating the TriPower training, I want do more quality workouts; each having a purpose.

I am slowing trying to get back into injury free running, and am not too worried about building miles at this point. I just want to get out there and run a couple miles a few times a week. Cycling doesn't bother my knee at all and I look forward to doing some longer rides along with my easy short rides. In the pool, I know I can easily kick out 2000M with no problem, but it's terribly slow. I have some shorter swims on the schedule with speed being the primary focus. I will encorporate some longer swims in there as well.

Big Sur Power Bars
I attempted to make these homemade bars. I am slowly trying to learn more about food, better food, more natural food. I must give Bobbi over at NHerShoes credit for introducing this recipe to me. She has made them and posted about them multiple times; and they just looked so yummy! Jess asked me to post this recipe on my blog, but instead I will post a direct link to the recipe instead. There's even a video to show you how to make them, for the visual learners.

Yesterday Workout:
Run 2.6 miles, 33:00, 12:41/mile avg. (slow, but okay)

Today's Workout:
(AM) Swim - 1000M, with first 600M in 10:00 (1:40/100M pace!)
(PM) Bike - 10 miles approximately, 32:00 on trainer

Today's Song:
Jakob Dylan - Something Good This Way Comes (in sidebar -->)


Shannon said...

I'm glad your back on track with your workouts.

SavvyFitChica said...

I think your new approach is really smart- quality is so much more important than quantity. Some of my CrossFit workouts are less than 10 minutes, but it's an intense and effective 10 minutes!

I am super excited to see where your assessments come in even 2 months down the road let alone 6 months or a year!! I'm pumped for you!

Keep up the good work!

Jess said...

It sounds like your training is really getting underway!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are ready for some great training.

Thanks for the breathing tip. Right now I breathe every 3 strokes, which I seem to have pretty much down. However, every now and then I take a couple of extra every two.

Marlene said...

It's a great feeling to train with a purpose. I'm sure you'll get the hang of your new routine soon and won't feel so discombobulated. :)

Thanks for the recipe link!

Carolina John said...

glad you're loving the tri power. i did my phase II tuesday workout last night before running intervals. it was awesome.

the tri power workouts themselves are designed to achieve a balance in tri training which will naturally lead to more injury free running. it's hard to think that a stronger core will help your knee feel better, but i promise it will. my knees and legs stopped hurting by the end of phase I. to me, this is incredible.

Marcy said...

I'm the same way! I just think "eehhh I'm running that should be good enough, right?" *sigh* I'll get there sooner or later hehe.

J said...

Sounds like you are one busy girl! It is good to have a purpose with each workout! Helps you stay on track for your goals!

Michelle said...

TW wonderful training plan. I think it is an excellent idea to follow a training program. I do not. I want to. Not tri's just running. I can't swim. :O)

Thanks for the link for the power bars. I am off to check it out now!!!

Rachel said...

Yeah for training plans! I have each block taped above my bed. Is that weird?

Lora Abernathy said...

I know EXACTly what you mean about just putting in the miles and hoping they'd be sufficient. I'm on a plan now and it has really, really helped me.

I don't know where you log your training, but I highly recommend Beginner Triathlete. You can even log your strength training and all the different workouts you can do in that. Shoot me an e-mail (from my profile) if you have any questions!

Ms. V. said...

Let us know what you think about the recipe!

RunToTheFinish said...

the bars are HEAAAAAVENLY. I will be making them as soon a I finish what she sent!

Runner Leana said...

Glad to hear you are enjoying TriPower so far. Keep me updated since it sounds really interesting!

And yes...I <3 me a schedule too, especially the workouts that give everything a purpose. Make you feel like you are progressing as opposed to putting in the motions!

Aka Alice said...

The book sounds interesting, but I'm like you, working out and flipping pages...GAH!

But those bars. I've been looking for something like that. Thanks for posting the link!

Kevin said...

I have the tri power book. I really need to read it again and try and implement it into my training