Monday, April 21, 2008

training taking a positive turn

Yesterday's run was about as bad as last wednesday's run. I was instantly over heating and constantly counting down the time. It was miserable. I wanted to be anywhere but on that damn thrillmill. I sucked it up and was off in 30 minutes.

Work this week is going to be crazy as I have a meeting everyday after school, and a variety at that. With that note, I was definitely ready to get my run/swim combo in tonight.

The run.. ... ..felt really good. In sync. Maybe it was because I was wearing these that I purchased on my trip. yeah... that definitely had to be it. I know there were others in that gym jealous of those. You like 'em?!? Come on... some one has to like them!

After a good solid run I had enough time to stretch really good which I have been neglecting for the past couple weeks. I also took advantage of the extra time a got in some ab work, as well as some super lifting on the arms.

Feel the burn.

Then, off to the pool. An experience in itself. So, I walk into the pool (of 4 lanes) to find all lanes open but one (yes!) .... and a male life guard. Damnit. I so wanted to let him know that I haven't swam in 2 weeks ... so don't judge me, but make sure I don't choke too much on water. In the far lane was my friend old man river, who I was afraid was going to drown. Poor guy, he's probably more fit than me. Within minutes all lanes were full and the guy to girl ratio was 6 to 1. That has never happened!

'nough said about that.

The swim came and went. What can I say? I really shouldn't take more than a 2 weeks vacation from the pool. Period. Lesson learned, I think.

Finish Strong, y'all.

Yesterday's workout:
ORN: 2.58 miles, 30 minutes, 11:37 min/mile

Today's workout:
ORN: 3.56 miles, 40 minutes, 11:14 min/mile
abs/lifted arms
OSN: 1000M, 30 minutes, 3:00 min/mile (ouch... very slow)

P.S. Tomorrow is Jess Day! You will HAVE to go wish her a big happy birthday!


akshaye said...

Nice work with the run and the stretching. Btw - I love your new profile pic.. very cool!

Wes said...

I like them, except for the little sun devil criter ;-) Gritting through a poor run is as important as having fun during a good one. Never surrender!!

Hope you enjoyed all the studs at the pool :-)

Marcy said...

I'll take em even with the Sun Devil! I'm not a big college sports fan hehe.
6 to 1, eh? You get any digits and not telling us? ;-)

Kevin said...

Good to see you had a better run on Monday after a so-so on Sunday. Nice shorts. Its always great to be able to end a crazy day at work with a good workout at the gym. Its definitely my source of sanity at times

Jess said...

Thanks for the b-day shout-out! I'm glad you'll be celebrating "Jess Day"!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if my wife was at the pool the same time you were. She got home and was pretty bummed. First time she has gone in the evening and "felt like a piece of meat". Felt really bad that I was not able to go with her. Hope it goes better next time.


Molly said...

I like the new pic!
Glad you had a better run!
Hmmmm...wonder if I can get UTK shorts?
Take Care

Brian said...

I like to think that the bad runs are like the end of a long race, you know its going to be hard so here it is.

And when you get make it, you just got stronger both physically and mentally.

Good work.

Anonymous said...

Great job on training.

J~Mom said...


I love me a little Sun Devil action!!!

YAY!! Now you be representin'! LOL

Scott McMurtrey said...

those are probably the most awesome shorts i've ever seen.

IronGambit said...

shorts are ok, but I thought that you were going to do a Danskin in 2008?

jahowie said...

Great job on the run. I like the shorts even though a pair of Michigan shorts would be even better. ;-) I like ASU's mascot. Keep up the good work!!

Mendy said...

Just catching up from my LONG time away. Sounds like you and sis had a great time in AZ. Loved all the pics! You both have such cute clothes!!

It's funny you mention the pool and the lifeguard watching you. Every time I'm in the pool, I know they're watching my screwed up stroke and judging me. Oh well. I have that crazy self-conscious thing going on with it.

Unknown said...

Sun Devils!?

If I were single... those would be some nice odds. :D