Friday, February 22, 2008

3 Tall Beers and Yoga

Nothing like a random post on a Friday night.

The weather today was 17 degrees when I left the school at 3:45. Felt like Spring. I swear, if it would have been 10 degrees warmer, people would have lost their jackets! Not kiddin.

My sister and I are planning a long weekend away the second weekend of April.... does anyone have an ideas as to a good place to head? Possibly away from the cold weather?

Last night I did some yoga after my post... hoping to help with the right leg issue and stretch out those muscles. I think it really helped. Although, I am pretty much sure the issue is stemming from my hip flexors or something. Any suggested stretches are welcome.

Wes, the heartburn was still present today after eating lunch mostly. But not as painful as yesterday. Could it be from eating grapes?

Stephen... I knew you would find CPR hot. No comment.

Today I was up before 5am, without the alarm clock, but even though it was 50 degrees warmer than a couple days ago, I slept in rather than heading to the gym. I then proceeded to pack my bag and hope to get there for some cycling after work... all the intentions were there... it just wasn't in the cards today.


I met up with a few good friends at our local spot here in good old F. ND. We even had our regular bartender who calls us by our names :) With that note... I only made it ONE, count them, ONE Friday night without alcohol. After my first post about giving it all up, I thought maybe I would change it to just the night before a long run.

Well, now I gave that up too.

Akshaye, I have a 6.5 mile run tomorrow morning and successfully drank 3 tall beers, with clamato juice, all prior to 7pm.

Happy hour only went until 6pm people.

CPR/AED training has changed within the past couple of years, so if you are not certified any longer or never have been, now is the time to get it... supposedly it is easier than ever before. I agree.

Taryn, I am completely jealous of you... and others who were 100 degrees warmer than me. I will settle for 30 degree temps. That I can run in. I hope for that in 2 weeks when I have an 8 mile run. That, my friends, will feel like spring.

4:30 in the morning doesn't really seem that early any more. Either does heading to be before 9pm.

And yes, Nancy, you do sound like a Mom. But, it's still greatly appreciated.

Until tomorrow, signing off as...

One Chilly Polar Bear


J~Mom said...

I like your random thoughts!! I think you need to head to Phoenix in April-fo sho!

Molly said...

Yoga is the best! S is in the other room doing his yoga for back care dvd right now!
I agree with J Mom Phoenix sounds great! My parents went n a great trip there last year!
Take Care

Unknown said...

I had problems with acid reflux and heartburn lately. That ended after a trip to the doctor and now taking Pepcid AC daily, which had helped.

I love Yoga myself. This cold weather has really sucked. Phoenix sounds so good right now. It's going to have to wait until May though. :(

Nancy said...

:D At least I recognize it.

akshaye said...

3 tall beers.. not bad!

Some place warm.. thats got to be Fl. I am in Miami the second week of April and cant wait for it!

Danielle said...

3 beers...hey, it's AG...sometimes I've found beers before a long run help...but other times, not so much!