Monday, February 4, 2008

Old Fashioned Way of Communicating

I usually don't like to write about work for multiple reasons. (1) My job consists of way too much confidentiality, and (2) You never know who's going to run into my blog. This IS a small world after all. But, today was a day, a crazy day alright. To make a long story short, we have been deeling with some major schedule changes in our special education department. I have been on board since day one, keeping my negative thoughts to a minimal and constantly reminding others of the positives. The main focus of the schedule change was so that each special education teacher is placed with a specific grade, thus being able to collaborate once every 5 days with that grade level, work only with students in that grade level, and be available to work with a group of students during enrichment time. Sounds great. I am super pumped!

Well, today the new schedule was put in place, and I am afraid of how it is ever going to last. It started as a one-month trial period, to prepare for next year, but we can't imagine having to make another schedule change a month from now. Not for us, and not for the students. It's just too much. Despite the premature negativity from many, including myself on a rare occasion, I came to school today ready to face my new challenges with a positive attiude; coffee in hand and smile on my face.

The new schedule change wasn't my biggest challenge of the day. It is unbelieveable how time consuming it is to schedule meetings, converse with other teachers, contact parents, etc. Last week I played cat and mouse via telephone and email with about 3 different people last week trying to line up ONE, count them, ONE, meeting in the near future. Dates were picked, and one person was unavailable, another date was picked and then the time of day wasn't going to work, etc. It was rediculous. I get tired of trying to set things up via email, and have resorted back to the old fashioned way of communicating ... face to face. I spent and hour and a half today with a handful of different people on about 5 different topics and was finally able to cross a few things off my list of things to do. Plus, this gives me a sense of connection with the teachers and I get a chance to discuss how things are really going for some of my students in the classroom and during their specials.

Overall, the kids were good today. They were okay with the schedule changes for the most part. I could tell that things weren't going as smoothly, but that happens. And I think I am going to blame it on the weather. Remember all that cold weather we got in the past couple of weeks? Well, it has finally begun to warm up a bit (above 0), but now with the warmer temps it has pretty much snowed on and off all day here. It is very pretty, covering the dirty snow that had been sitting there for weeks. But, with the warmer temps, the snow was melting earlier today and has begun to freeze. With that in mind, I am taking a "Personal Snow Day" and staying home from the gym. No swim tonight. And I am not even going to feel guilty. I worked my ars of last week and deserve a monday night off.

I am going to leave you with a funny clip from one of my favorite sitcoms. It made me laugh.

Live life ... and laugh a little!


RunnerGirl said...

Oh sister, do I feel your pain! I'm lucky in that all my special education students are in the same grade and have the same team of teachers, but even that can be a nightmare when it comes to communication. With six teachers, me, parents, administators, it gets a little rough! Hang in there.

Badgergirl said...

Enjoy your day off! It sounds like you deserve it.

akshaye said...

Thats tough.. Enjoy your Monday night off!

I love King of Queens also.. Hilarious :)

Mike said...

funny clip :)

Never seen that programme before

Molly said...

King of Queens is the BEST!

Hope things smooth out at school. I was in special education in elementary school (mild dislexia/translation disorder) and the fact that my special ed teachers took the time to help me made all the difference in the world!

Take Care

Jess said...

That sounds tough, but I'm glad you've been able to keep mostly positive about it...hope you enjoyed your night off!

Runner Leana said...

Yikes, frustrating for sure, but after a few days hopefully the kinks will be lined out. I think you deserve a snow day - definitely don't feel guilty! Ah, yes, scheduling meetings is a pain. We have a handy dandy scheduler through our work e-mail that helps....until someone tells you they can't make the meeting because despite looking like they are available they have a PT session then. Sigh....and they were the one that wanted you to call the meeting too.

J~Mom said...

Ok, so fill me you pull out students that are integrated for a class period each day? Are you going into the classrooms? Now that I am learning about this what kind of setting are you in?

Danielle said...

That's too bad that it might switch for a month and then be back to the way it was. Seems a bit silly to do it for such a short period of time, in the middle of the school year. Hopefully it isn't as bad as you think it could be.

It sucks when people don't respond. Or maybe respond, but don't respond to the part that you really wanted them to!