Saturday, February 9, 2008

Workin' For the Weekend!

We had a blast last night! We did dinner at a nice downtown restaurant, headed to the HoDo for their superb martinis, and then to the Venue to wait anxiously for "Hairball" to perform! And to top it off, I was completely sober! No drinks for this chica! I did end up grabbing a sprite with grenadine at the bar because I was so thirsty from singing and screaming ... Here some pics from the night.
A painting at the HoDo.... It was how I felt....waiting for the band to start.

They dressed the part ... for every song.
One of the lead singers... who is newer... as ... "Loverboy"."Queen""Twisted Sister""Guns N Roses"

Here are a couple short video clips from the band... the sound isn't too great.. but you can use your imagination.

I was completely exhausted when I got home after 2am. I think I am getting too old for this stuff. I slept until I could no longer sleep this morning and eventually got myself to the gym around 1pm. My lungs felt as if I had smoked a pack of cigs ... I hope ND goes with a No Smoking ban in the bars..... and soon.

My run was very successful today. I had set my mind to run at a pace of 12 minutes/mile with a one minute walk break every 6 minutes. The first three miles I had done so, coming in at about 37 minutes. Since, I was feeling pretty good I started to pick up the pace for the next couple of miles and finishing off with a full out sprint (8 min./mile). I don't know how some of you run consistently at that pace! I finished my 5 miles and hit the mat for some ab work. I wasn't completely exhausted after my run, but my face was so red and I was sweatin' bullets. I am sure the guy next to me thought I was going to pass out.

ORN: 5 miles
11:41 min/mile


Marcy said...

OMG how much fun does that look!! WHOOO HOOOOO!!

Danielle said...

Hairball is such a riot. They are fun to watch, and the new singer they got is kind of's about time. They had a hot one a long time ago and then they had two that were not so great...

teacherwoman said...

The lead singer that left since the last time I saw them ... he had a lazy eye, was old, and all around creapy!

akshaye said...

That looks like an awesome show! I love the GnR get up.

Nancy said...

Hey girl, 5 is a still an awesome effort. I'm planning to include you in the race results. I can do that -- I'm running the show around here. :D

Look for a report sometime on Monday.

That concert looked unbelievable!! :D


Allez said...

No smoking ban is the best! My area got one recently. Its nice being able to sit at a bar in a restaurant even, without getting all smoked up.

RunnerGirl said...

Looks like you had a blast - gotta love those big hair bands! Way to get out and run those five miles.

Unknown said...

You had fun!!

And nice job with the run. :)

Unknown said...

You had fun!!

And nice job with the run. :)

The 311 Boys Mom said...

. . . . how funny about the red face. . .mine gets so red its almost a purple. MY DH used to tell my to sit & he'd rush around & get me H2O & gatorade & all kinds of crap, now that he see's its just how I am & I get nothing.
But, last week an old lady (in her 70's, seriously) told me when I was stretching on the mats after a run that maybe I should "lie down" because I looked like I was gonna pass out.

Funn thing, is I felt so good I stretched there; I usually do it when I get home (1/2 mile from the gym), cause i'm so exhausted

Nancy said...

I included this 5 miles in our 9 on the 9th (under Valiant efforts). Hope that is okay. :D

My Life said...

That concert looks like it was awesome! How fun!

J~Mom said...

The concert looks great!