Sunday, November 25, 2007

Conversation with my endorphine craving conscious

What has your training looked like in the past week?

5K turkey trot... that's about it.

Any swimming or biking?

Nope.... look at my week 5 training if you don't believe me!

Damn, Stacy! Time to get back into training mode.... serious training mode. If you can't handle training over a long weekend away from home, how the heck are you going to do it when you have over a week off for Christmas break?

Good question.

Ughh.. Get your ars in gear or you won't ever be able to complete your first triathlon!

Bring it!


SavvyFitChica said...

I love how you told yourself to "Bring it!" That's awesome motivation right there!! I like the new background- it's very easy to read.

I hope you have a productive and healthy week!


akshaye said...

Yea.. this holiday thing is dangerous! Good luck getting back on track.

Btw.. your Vikings did great today!

Marcy said...

Holidays are def a hard time for most of us LOL.

Like the new look!! ;D But I do miss the scenic pics hehe

Wes said...

Ugh! What's up with all the (NC) blue? LOL!!!

Hey Stacy! The Iron Kahuna, over at Tri Geek Dreams needs someone from your area representin. Join the Tri-Bloggers Alliance today :-)

J~Mom said...

You can do it girl!!!!!!! I want to read all about your first tri!!

jahowie said...

Hmmmmmm...arguing with yourself huh? :-) Now get your arse back in gear!!

Danielle said...

You know, I had high hopes for last week as I have that marathon coming up in Feb and nope, nothing...I just didn't feel into the long run, and that was knowing this weekend I'm gone. I'm having two lazy weeks...but you know, you'll get there.

Joe said...

Get back out there and do it!

Neese said...

Hey a turkey trot is *something*, better than nothing :-)

You'll get your groove back..

Will you title your next post "How Stacy got her groove back? " ;)