Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Time Flies

May has come and gone! Wow! Here's a run-down of what May looked like:

May Stats:

  • Swim - 6,700M ................ 11,000M in April
  • Bike - 92.09 miles.......... 103.00 miles in April
  • Run - 31.54 miles.......... 24.49 miles in April

Not too shabby. I look forward to what June has to offer! I will have more time in my days to get in some longer workouts!

Last week's training was a recovery week and it couldn't have come at a more perfect time, with end of the school year things going on.

Here's what it looked like....

Week 5 of Sprint Tri Training:
Run - 3 miles, outdoors - no time
REST - Volleyball
Mow lawn
Bike (easy) - 10.5 miles
(AM) Run - 5x400M (2.75 miles total)
(PM) Bike (hills) - 10 miles
Run - 2.15 miles (easy)

I had my first "2-a-day" on Thursday. I knew with how busy things were I wasn't going to be able to get up early Friday morning for a bike ride, so I did it Thursday evening. Saturday morning I was hoping to get to the pool for a mile swim, but had a late night celebrating school ending, and had to get on the road early for a trip to the cities.

This week looks a lot busier than last week, and I am trying to figure out my schedule so I can get in all my workouts with being gone again this weekend for a cousin's graduation. Playing volleyball two nights a week and softball one night doesn't help either! Oh well, I have plenty of time in my day to get them all in!

Now, I am off to the gym, but look forward to getting caught up on all of you when I return!


Jess said...

May was a solid month for you! Good luck with all the activities you have planned for June!

Jess said...

Wow you had a really awesome May! Nice job girly!

Marlene said...

LOL, the two Jess' were first.

Nice workout numbers!

Carly said...

May looked like a great month for you! Keep up the great work.

Carolina John said...

looks like you had some fun in may. good job!

Kevin said...

Great #s for may. You have one crazy busy schedule

J said...

having the time for workouts is great! I am sure you will fit them in your busy schedule! Hope the gym was fun!

Wes said...

That's a great month! If you are like me, you don't like to factor these extracurricular activities into your training, but really, you should....

Unknown said...

Looks like May was a good training month for you again. Great job!

Marcy said...

Lookin good chica! You've upped the running nicely :-)

I Run for Fun said...

May's gone already??? Looks like you had a great month and are off to a flying start in June.

Unknown said...

Nice month.

Your numbers remind me that I really need to get swimming. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

I think mowing the lawn and then biking counts as a 2-a-day! Great job another solid month.

SavvyFitChica said...

Sounds like you had a busy week... sorry that this week isn't any better for ya. Hopefully you'll be able to fit in some workouts - they tend to help during hectic weeks I think.


Ashley said...

Nice stats!!!

Unknown said...

Great totals!

Aron said...

seriously where did may go??

great job on the month!

Unknown said...

Awesome stats! Definitely puts me to shame - I'm too embarrassed even to post mine. ; )