Sunday, June 14, 2009

A little of this and a LOT of that

This past week has been a busy one. I have lots to catch up on!

Tour De Cure: This is my last week of fundraising for the Tour De Cure. Thanks to ALL OF YOU who have donated thus far! It TRULY means A LOT to me! If you are interested in donating, please check out my website here! This coming Saturday I will be riding 32 miles. I am hoping for some wonderful weather like today!

Work related: Despite the fact that school has been out for the past 2 weeks, I spent a lot of time back at work this past week. Between a couple meetings Monday/Tuesday mornings, tutoring Monday and Tuesday (which will be Monday-Thursday usually), and prepping for the start of summer school Wednesday-Friday... I was BUSY! But, I am excited to start teaching summer school tomorrow! 2nd graders, here I come!

Triathlon Training: For the most part this week was pretty successful. However, Tuesday night at softball my right knee started acting up. Shooting pains were running down the front of my knee when I would stand in a locked knee position. I think I might have rotated it funny while running around in the outfield. Let me remind you, I was playing softball after 1.5 hours of sand-volleyball.

Thus, I have been babying my knee, and things are starting to look better. It doesn't bother me when walking or running, but I don't want to over-do it. Every once and a while it will just act up. Weird. Here's this past weeks training....

Week 7 of Sprint Tri Training:
Run - 6x400M Sprints (3.2 miles overall)
Swim - 1400M, 25:00, 2:05/100M
REST -yoga
Adult Swim Team - 2000M total;
800M w/u
16x50M w/:15RI - 2 kick/2 freestyle
4x100M Sprints w/:30RI
Bike - 24 miles (trainer ride)
Run - 2.3 miles
Bike - 10.7 miles
Run - 1.1 miles

I had my first outdoor Brick today. Oy. First of all, it was my first ride of 2009 outdoors and I have a lot of work to do. After 10 miles, only, I got home changed quickly and set out for my short run. oy oy. It was ugly, people. My legs felt like lead and I felt like I was going in slow motion. There is definitely room for a lot of improvment!

Operation Organize: I am in the process of trying to organize my house. It drives me crazy when things don't have a place and I am trying to fix that. Between my two trips to Target in 3 days, and spending tons of money, and I am on to a good start. Yesterday I spent a good hour putting together a couple of book shelves for the living room. Basement living room is super clean, and the spare bedroom for the renter is completely cleaned out. There are so many more things on the list, but I am tackling one at a time!

Sunday yard work: I had a long list of things to take care of with the yard that I have been putting off far too long. To make it more enjoyable, I had the radio cranked in the garage, listening to the Twins game. It definitely reminded me of the days we would help Dad outside with some chores. In a matter of an hour or so, I got two dead maple trees and two dead lilac bushes dug up. I hand pulled a lot of weeds and grass along the fence of my backyard. I think it's time to splurge and buy a weed-wacker. I struggled with digging up the dead rose bush, cussed at it a bit, and gave up. I will save it for another sunny day. I also got the lawn fertilized and watered. To top it off, I organized the garage a little bit, found a nice spot for my bike, and swept the garage floor! I was hoping to wash my car, but I was pooped out. I will try and tackle that some sunny afternoon this coming week.

I know that a lot of you were out racing this weekend, so I look forward to all of the wonderful race reports!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead of them!


IronGambit said...

you know everyone has been feeling weird with their running recently. (slow) including myself.

J said...

I love staying organized and Target is the best place! I could spend so much money there!! Have a restful weekend!

Unknown said...

Tri training is looking good!

Badgergirl said...

Nice job on the workouts! And you started organizing your house too? I'm jealous.

Being Robinson said...

oh man those weekends when i organize and get tons done are m fave, so wasn't me this weekend though! you must feel great!

Kelly said...

Oh man, I am so scared to practice the brick! But I'm not allowed to run right now because of my knee so it is not looking good! On that note though, baby baby BABY your knee all that you need to- don't end up like me!

I Run for Fun said...

Nice going with the training. You have some good variety in your workouts.

Hope the knee keeps improving.

Aka Alice said...

LOL...I'm always amazed at how much money I can spend at Target trying to get organized :-)

Kelly said...

Thanks so much for all of your advice! There is no such thing as too much when it comes to my first triathlon! I did have my bike fitted exactly to me, which is why I am thinking perhaps I am sitting wrong on it. I'm going to give it a little bit to get used to it and then I'll take it back and see if they can do anything. I just ordered the book you recommended. I have been trying to do some strength training but it would be nice to have a specific workout for triathlons. Thanks again for all of your help!

Anne said...

Wish I could help with your fund-raising, but things here are not good on the jobfront. Between the brick and the tree- and bush-pulling, you must be feeling pretty tired, in a good way. Keep an eye on that knee.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you have been busy! Looks like all is going well on the training front. It must have been nice to finally get outside on the bike!

Jess said...

Sounds like you've been very busy!

Marlene said...

Sounds like a busy and constructive weekend.

Great workouts this week. I hope your knee feels back to normal soon.

Holly said...

Wow, you have been a very busy girl!

Wes said...

Even if you don't have a run scheduled, a short 3-5 minutes after every bike ride is a good idea! and take care of that knee!!!

SavvyFitChica said...

Do you have an Ikea near you? Man, I love buying various organizational stuff from there. It really helps. Or try "The Container Store" - it's a little more pricey, but it's their specialty to get people organized, so it's good stuff.

Great job on your first brick workout. I know it was tough, but you did and you should be proud!

Does your knee hurt when you bike or swim? Or only when you run? My hip and knee are STILL bothering me and I haven't run since the half-mary in April. But, it only hurts if I'm running...


IzzyBubbles said...

Wow, that's a busy weekend! I'm super impressed that you managed to get all of that done. I didn't even get all of my laundry done this weekend!

Carolina John said...

i love that lead feeling in the legs. it tells me i really gave the bike what she needed. and it gets easier the more bricks you do.

today my legs feel like lead from the marathon. oy oy oy.

Natalie D said...

Wow you have been super busy! hope the knee starts to get better, and good job on the workouts! way to keep busy w/ all the school stuff too