Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Swim Practice Numero Dos

This morning marked the 2nd day of outdoor swim practice with the coaches! As much as I dreaded getting out of bed, I was happy to see it wasn't raining and the temperature was warmer than the 44 degrees last Thursday!

(Just a FYI...I will be posting my regular swim workouts given by the coaches and linking to them in the sidebar if anyone is looking for ideas to change up their swim workouts.)

Wake-up Time: 5:15am
Swim Practice Time: 550am - 700am
Location: Outoor Pool (50M)
Air Temperature: 66 degrees and cloudy, slight breeze
Pool Temperature: felt cooler than the air temp

Practice Group: The 3 coaches rotated today. Our lead coach, Coach T was in charge of the Triathlon group. I didn't have to think twice about joining that group.


  • 4x200M - Set 1 - 200M freestyle, Set 2 - 200M kick, Set 3 - swimmers choice, and Set 4 - freestyle. I after the first 400M of this drill I forgot I was in a 50M pool and lost track of my swimming. Thus, I did 200M free, 200M kick, 100M free, 100M kick, 200M free. A little ass-backwards, but I got in the 800M!
  • 4x300M Free w/:30 RI - This was part of a ladder workout* that I didn't get to complete due to limited time. During these 300M sets, we used pull bouys and swim paddles. I had never used swim paddles and it was an adjustment; maybe a sure sign that something wasn't right with my form?! After my first 100M, Coach T pulled me asside and explained to me what I was doing wrong with my stroke. I was so happy that she noticed and before I got a chance to ask her. That's why I am paying the bucks, right? She said that I was crossing my hands over my body as I was pulling and proceeded to show me correct form! After 1200M of using the pull bouys and swim paddles I felt that I was well on my way to improving my stroke!
  • 200M c/d - pretty self explanitory. Felt pretty strong after 1200M of pulling. This was a nice cool down before hitting the showers and heading to work. I probably could have snuck in another 200M, but wanted to make sure I had enough time to shower and get to work on time.
Total Swim: 2200M

I thought this session went just as well as the first, if not better. There's just something about being able to get out there and swim before work, all while enjoying the fresh air and sun rising!

* Here's the Ladder Workout in complete:
4x300M Free w/:30 RI (Rest Intervals) - using swim paddles and pull bouys
4x200M Free w/:15 RI (Building - increasing speed on each set)
4x100M Sprints w/:10 RI - your choice of swim (free, back, butterfly, breast)


Unknown said...

Nice job!

Badgergirl said...

Nice job on the swim!

Anonymous said...

Nice job. I think having someone to help with your form is really important.

Jess said...

Nice job! That is really cold for a swim. I'm not a swimmer, but for recreational use, here in South Florida, most of us consider the ideal water temp somewhere between 84-86 degrees. Clearly, we'd just die in water that was 66 degrees or less.

Marlene said...

Sounds like another great swim!

Holly said...

Glad to hear you had a great swim!

Wes said...

I HATE KICK :-) Yes, that's what you are paying the coaches for!!! Money well spent, I say :-)

Unknown said...

Sounds like a great swim practice!

Runner Leana said...

Glad to hear the swim class is going well!

Stef0115 said...

Swimming first thing in the morning is DA BOMB!

I'm a bit jealous of your 50m pool. :-)