Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hello Summer Vacay!!

I am into day 3 of my summer vacation and lovin' every bit of it! The past couple days I have kept myself pretty busy with a couple volleyball teams, softball, regular triathlon training, and just overall enjoying the sun on my patio with a good book. Come on people, it's my summer and I am going to enjoy it before summer school starts up!

But, believe you me, I have plenty of things to do around the house. However, I have little motivation! Maybe if I post a handful of things that need to get done, I will be more likely to take care of them!

  • purchase a couple book shelves,
  • hang more photos,
  • organize closet - switching out winter clothes for summer clothes,
  • clean out 2nd spare bedroom so a roommate can move in
  • clean kitchen and reorganize some cupboards
  • kill the weeds in the yard (damn dandilions),
  • mow the lawn (again?!),
  • take grass clippings to the dump
  • dig up two trees and two lilac bushes (thanks to the old owners who planted them too late in the fall)

On the training front.... things are going well. After the past couple of days however, I realized I will need to shuffle some workouts around so I have easy one's on Monday-Wednesday, maybe even a rest day in there. This is because I have volleyball both Monday and Tuesday night, as well as Softball after volleyball on Tuesday nights. Next week I will begin working with the adult swim team at the butt crack of dawn, making Tuesday's exceptionally long, especially when 3 hours of teaching summer school and 2 hours of tutoring is thrown in the mix!

Speaking of volleyball and softball..... my Monday night co-ed VB team played really well. I only knew one of my team members previously, so I am looking forward to getting to know the rest a bit better. Last night we were short a player for VB, but played better than last week. From there we had a bit of time to grab a couple drinks and apps before softball. I didn't play much last night because we have a butt-load of girls (fine by me, I was wiped), but we did have a couple injuries in the second game. Our catcher got hit in the inside of her ankle with a SB at full speed - totally not worth the injury. And our shortstop got nailed just below the inside of his knee in the same inning. He had a huge bump, possibly full of fluid, and left early for the ER. Dangerous sport. :)

Did you all get out and run today? It's Nationall Running Day! I know I did. I took full advantage of the 68 degrees and hit the roads for a few miles! What a way to celebrate!


SavvyFitChica said...

I totally didn't know it was Nat'l Running Day! Oops- because I didn't run! lol

I'm SOOOOOOOO glad that you're taking a little bit of time to enjoy your summer vacay. You absolutely deserve it and you can't go 100% all the time like you do without stopping to smell the flowers!

Maybe do one item on your home to-do list per day so you don't get bogged down later w/ tons to do.

Marlene said...

Happy NRD!

Holy moly, you are busy! Glad to hear you're enjoying your summer. PLEASE be careful at softball! I took a ball to the ankle last year and thought for sure it was broken. Thankfully, it was just a bad bruise but I was out for a few weeks.

Unknown said...

Busy busy! I wish I had more time off, I have a long to-do list too.

Happy NRD!

I Run for Fun said...

Happy National Running Day! I ran too.

You have such an active summer planned. And of course, gotta love curling up on the patio with a book!

Brianna said...

Wow - great summer to-do list! I went for a 5K run with a mom friend - and we hit it off so well with our pacing that we're going to do another run together next week, longer even. Hooray for strong women and National Running Day!

IronGambit said...

room mate huh? :)

Anonymous said...

All I have to say is that I am so jealous that you are on vacation! Enjoy it.

Carolina John said...

take grass clippings to the dump? you should use those to mulch in your shrub beds. it's some of the best organic matter you can let rot on top of the soil. i use it to mulch my veg garden every time i cut the grass.

Jess said...

It's so funny how relative temp is. If it were 68 here, I'd be "cold"!

Glad you're enjoying your vacay so far -- looks like you have lots to keep you busy!

J said...

I got out to the track and really enjoyed it yesterday!!

My to do list is longer than yours! I feel like I have so much to do since moving into a new apt! It is overwhelming!

Holly said...

I didn't know there was such a thing as National Running Day! How fun!

Glad to hear you're enjoying summer vacation!

Being Robinson said...

i'm a little late on this, but i hope you had a great and productive day! i love lists, they help me so much. and so glad your workouts are going well. YAY.

Unknown said...

I hope you are able to enjoy every second of the long vacay

Jess said...

Wow I'm so super jealous of your summer vacation. I miss it so much! But you are certainly keeping yourself busy! And getting a roommate. That could be fun!

Aka Alice said...

Yay for summer Vay-cay!

That's quite a list...I think you should ponder it some more...I mean, that's what vacations are for, right? I mean that's what I'm doing :-)

Runner Leana said...

Oh, I got some miles in yesterday! Good for you too! With vollyball and softball going on it definitely takes some juggling to fit everything in. Just do the best you can, but don't feel bad if you have to skip a workout here or there. You don't want to get too burnt out!

E said...

How can it be a summer vacation if you are teaching summer school? :)

Nat said...

Enjoy your summer! I know I am sooo jealous. However, still grateful to have a job! Are you doing any races in the cities this summer/fall?

Natalie D said...

So fun!! you get out so early!! :)
Lots of things planned - should be a great summmer!