Sunday, January 11, 2009

Rest Days

So many of you commented on my training schedule in my last post and were wondering where my rest days were going to fit in. To be honest, I partly forgot and I partly thought the day I did Turbo Sculpt would be enough.

Not smart.

You're all right. I know for a fact that I will need at least one full rest day of no physical activity, especially when I start to increase my long run distance. It's just a given. Don't worry, I will work in those rest days. The last thing I want to deal with is injury.

Today I am taking a complete rest day. This past week has been pretty decent, not up to par, but after a week of little to no workouts, it was a good week. Here's what it looked like:

Monday: Lift upper/lower body
Tuesday: Swim 2200M, 46:00, 2:05/100M
Wednesday: Run 1.30 miles, 15:00, 11:33/mile;
Bike 9.82 miles, 30:00, 19.64mph
Thursday: Turbo Sculpt, 40:00
Friday: Run 3.27 miles, 38:11, 11:40/mile
Saturday: Brick
Swim 1200M, 23:00, 1:54/100M
Bike 21.34, 1:05:00, 19.69mph

When I look over my schedule for the next coming week, taking into consideration afternoon meetings at work and other extra curricular activities, here is what my week will hopefully look like:

Monday: Swim
Tuesday: Run 3-4 miles
Wednesday: Bike/15 minute run-off
Thursday: Run 3-4 miles (AM)
Turbo Sculpt (PM)
Friday: REST
Saturday: Long Run (5-6 miles)
Sunday: Swim/Bike Brick

If I am too worn out or sore by Sunday, the Brick will just turn into a swim. We'll see how this week goes!

Happy Sunday, y'all!


SavvyFitChica said...

Good call on the rest days, but taking a day off during the week just tends to happen for me whether I plan it or not. Things come up, schedules change, so maybe you don't need "PLAN" a rest day, just know that each week, you have to do one. Maybe that flexibility will work for you and maybe it won't. Just a thought.

Great week though for sure! I love how many different exercises and workouts you do! I bet you never get bored!

hepsmom said...

Very promising! I know you'll do well! Having been alive for 41 years, I know that listening to your body is very important. You'll know when you need to take a rest!

Also, I really like your pic of the winter sunset. Nice work!

Unknown said...

Looks good. :-)

Mel-2nd Chances said...

great that you fit in that rest day... so important, but we often forget it!

BeachRunner said...

Looks great, Teachy!

Carolina John said...

good show. that's a much more respectable plan.

Jess said...

Glad you could schedule a day for rest; those days are important not just for your mental benefit but they are also necessary for muscle recovery.

Laurel said...

I have the opposite problem right now. I am trying to incorporate some workout days into my weeklong rest-fest.

ChillyJ said...

Good idea on the rest day. Yesterday was a pretty hard workout. Thanks for the comment on my new shoes..I can't wait to try them out!

Viv said...

Great week, woman. You are totally dedicated and I love it. Glad you are working in that rest day and what better day then Sunday for that. Enjoy it!

Aka Alice said...

I love your workout plan...I always have a 7-day workout plan, then when teaching starts, it usually ends up being a 4 day plan...such is life...

Marcy said...

PPppfffttt who needs rest? LOL JK!! I'm glad you worked the schedule around.

Kevin said...

Rest days are great. Recovery days dont always have to be off days as long as you make the recovery day really easy like an easy ride or swim. Of course, some times you just need a total off day

AddictedToEndorphins said...

Veryyy smart. Thats where im having days.

Have a great week!:)

Jess said...

Looks like you have a good week planned out for yourself! Glad to see a rest day in there. I know it's hard to remember them when you're so eager to be out training!

Wes said...

Smart teacher!! You have an aggressive yet doable schedule!!! You are going to kick some buttocks!

N.D. said...

i need rest days too but I don't like taking them so i usually don't. I need to move !