Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Physical Fitness Test

This morning I hit up the gym for a nice ride on the bike with atleast 15 minutes to follow on the treadmill. Then, I remembered reading MPA's post from yesterday and just had the desire to see how fast I could do a 1.5 mile run! From there, I was determined to do the rest of the physical fitness test. Remember doing that in grade school? Well, now they have a test set up for adults!
1.5 mile run time: 14:56 (boohyah!)
half sit-ups (1 minute): 69
pushups: 21
height: 5'4"
weight: 147 (eeks, I know)
waist measurement (at the belly button): 32.5 inches
Take your results and enter them into their handy-dandy website and it will show you where you rank with your peers:

1.5 mile run time: 40th %ile
half sit-ups (1 minute): 95th %ile
pushups: 30th %ile
average: 55th %ile
BMI: 25.2 (Overweight, Increased Risk of Disease)
Pretty interesting results. I know what areas are of concern and I know what I need to do to work on them. I would like to do this again in 6 months and see where I am at!
Go ahead, try it for yourself!
Today's Workout:
Bike 8.46 miles, 24:22, 20.83mph
Run 1.5 miles, 14:56, 9:57/mile avg


Carolina John said...

Wow, that seems like a neat test and fantastic results. You are in really great shape!

Unknown said...

Interestsing test. And I must say, you are very brave to post your results. I'm way too self-conscious to post mine, but rest assured, I'll be figuring this out. Thx for sharing. :-)

Anonymous said...

That is a really neat idea. I would be scared to take the test...maybe in about a year. You did a great job.

Wes said...

You are an animal! There's gonna be no stopping you this year :-)

Running Through Time said...

Great Job on the Physical Fitness Test. I think I may have to try this myself. I know I lack in the push ups though!

Thank you for sharing your results and passing this site on!


My Life said...

You can do 21 push ups?? Real or girly? Holy Moly, that's awesome! (&& I totally suck!)

I think your stats look good... can't wait to see how you'll be in 6 moths! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow - now we can put ourselves through the torture our PE teachers used to impose on us. :) Love it! Nice work - and remember not to rely too heavily on that BMI rating. You're an athlete - you've got muscle. That does throw the BMI off.

Erin Leigh said...

How is that many pushups so low on the percentile ranking?? You rock chica. I think I will try it. Def wont be going public with it but would like to keep track.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

i don't like that BMI figure either, but looking forward to seeing where you're at in 6 months! Awesome!

Jess said...

There's no way I could do that many push ups!

Did you have to do the "sit and reach" too? I always rocked that part of the fitness test when I was a kid.

Jess said...

Haha oh man I'm so with Jess. I always kicked ass at the sit and reach. It was my only redeeming quality in the fitness test. Well and maybe crunches. I was Ok at those.

Borsch said...

Sweet Adult fitness test. I took a really good guess on where I'm at, and I was right about the 60-70th percentile in all categories. Woohoo.

Ps...love the last post about Attitude!

miss petite america said...

damn girl! you did great!

but it is a nice way to gauge your improvement, no?

Michelle said...

Excellent TW!!!

You rocked it!!!

N.D. said...

That sounds like fun! good job!

SavvyFitChica said...

Oooh, a fitness test... that sounds like fun. I'll have to give it a shot as soon as I am recovered! Great job. Are you planning to do it again in X amount of time to see if you improve at all? Just wondering if it called for that...

Kevin said...

Fitness tests are a big part of my training this year.

Aron said...

wow that is awesome!! it will be cool to do it again down the road and compare too... great job!!!!

IronGambit said...

wow, I like you even more! :)

Runner Leana said...

I do remember that! That looks like fun - at least more fun than it was back then... I'm going to give it a try! Well, once I'm off recovery..!

BeachRunner said...

Very cool and interesting data. Nice results Teachy. It will be nice for you to look back on this info as the baseline for 2009 training.

audgepodge said...

I don't even want to know my numbers... BUT I would love to know my results when I was a kid and had to go through the challenge.

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