Monday, December 13, 2010

The Birthday (cont.) & 12 Days of Christmas!

Things have been crazy busy around here! I posted last week a little bit about my 30th birthday celebration the weekend prior. After a weekend of fun, I had a long week at work with two nights of parent-teacher conferences, but still found time to celebrate my birthday at work and afterwards with a beverage.

THEN, Friday I headed home to what I thought was going to be a christmas get-together with the BF's family and was surprised by a double birthday celebration with his family, my parents, sister, some relatives, and friends! The BF's brother-in-law also turns 30 this month! I think we were both shocked! I know I was! It was so much fun!

THEN, Saturday night, the BF and I had dinner with my 'rents before heading off to the Mannheim Steamroller Concert! So much fun! I am so blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful family and friends. And, in the words of my sister - the BF definitely has won the award for BF of 2010! I am so lucky!

In hopes of not letting the stress of work take the fun of the holidays out of me, I am starting to celebrate the holiday with my own 12 Days of Christmas. For the next 12 days, I am going to do daily posts about my favorite things about the holidays. Anyone is more than welcome to play along.

Day 12: Favorite Christmas Songs
(in no particular order, except for number 1)

1. O Holy Night - John Berry, Josh Groban, Mannheim Steamroller
2. White Christmas - Bing Crosby
3. Joy to the World - Mannheim Steamroller
4. Carol of the Bells - Lori Line
5. Jingle Bell Rock
6. Baby It's Cold Outside
7. Silent Night
8. Drummer Boy - Mannheim Steamroller
9. The Grinch Song
10. Deck the Halls - Mannheim Steamroller

Mannheim Steamroller probably shows up quite a bit in my list since I just saw them live this past weekend, but they are great! Here's a Christmas light show video that goes along with Mannheim Steamroller's "Hallelujah" song. ENJOY!

What are your favorite Holiday songs?


RockStarTri said...

I like Christmas songs a little left of center. This week is Bare Naked Ladies "Elf's Lament"

J said...

I wish the radio stations wouldn't stop playing Christmas songs right after Christmas cause I want to listen to it until at least New Years. I love Mannheim Steamroller!!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday!! Mine was the 12th! I turned 30 too!!

RunningWhit said...

I also love the Barenaked Ladies holiday CD. My other fave is Harry Connick Jr.'s Happy Elf.

Carolina John said...

Happy birthday and merry christmas girl!

Katie A. said...

Yes, you're right, your BF does deserve an award! Sounds like a great week of celebration!

Jeff Vanis said...

Happy birthday! I am a huge fan of Manheim, saw them live for the first time last year. It is not Christmas without their music playing.

Aimee said...

Yay for an awesome birthday!

I am totally with you on "O Holy Night." It is my all time favorite Christmas song!

Anonymous said...

I love the classics, especially when sung by Andy Williams.

Jess said...

What a fun surprise from the BF! He sounds like a keeper!