Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April brings temps above freezing, sun shining, and good training

First of all, I want to thank all of you for the congrats and well wishes for my first triathlon. I spent a lot of the 3 hour car ride home Sunday replaying the events of that morning in my head; thinking of how I could train differently, more efficiently, and when I will participate in the next one! There is a triathlon in my hometown the 8th of June that I am seriously thinking about doing. It would be all outdoors. But, I am afraid the water might be a little chilly still...

With the start of April, it's time to look back on March's numbers. I thought all looked good, despite the fact that I was sick twice during the month.

OSN: 5150M (last month was 6300M... this will increase in April)
OCN: 58.76 miles (last month was 42 miles... better, but not super)
ORN: 38.84 miles (compared to last month's 39.45 miles.... not too peachy but will do)

Something new......
OSN: 8000M
OCN: 65 miles
ORN: 50 miles

I hate spending the first day of the month resting, just as much as I hate spending the last day of the month resting. I feel like they are opportune days to either finish the month strong or start a month off on the right foot. What did I do? I took a rest day, both on the last day of March and first day of April. I had a terrible migraine and just wanted to lounge. I can do that the 2nd day after a triathlon, right?

So, today I had no excuse. The temperature was near 50, the sun was shining and there was a little bit of wind but it didn't bother me! It felt like one of those runs that was over before it ever started. I probably could have gone longer, but my goal was at least 3 miles and I was starvin'. No more 2 mile runs for me. I am going to try and keep all runs above 3 miles. The weather is getting nicer and I just can't resist getting out there!

ORN: 3.59 miles
42:13 minutes
11:45 min/mile
47 degrees, sunny, 10-20 mph wind gusts

9 more days and I will be in sunny ArIzOnA!!


Unknown said...

Nice numbers for the month.

Your post also remind me that I ought to set goals for April. Which means I need to figure out what my plan is for April.

teacherwoman said...

Hehe! I think it is important to set short term goals as well as those long term goals! Keeps things fun and interesting!

Marcy said...

June 8th!! You know you want to!! Do it chica ;D ;D

Borsch said...

I think you should totally do the Tri in June.

Good luck with the goals for April!

And thanks for the warm welcome to blogland.

Brian said...

You have to find your next TRI, check out trifind dot com, I've found it to be the best site, at least for the Georgia area.

Good job on your tri, the indoor ones are fun, but outside is where its at.

Open water swims are different, but that's ok, just so long as you know what to expect. Also some of the sprints are 500-600 meters, so maybe 10-15 minutes, thats not too bad.

My advice, find a tri 8-12 weeks out, and find a training plan and follow it and you'll be amazed.

Good monthly numbers :)


Kevin said...

Its good to have those short term goals to keep you on track. Its about time that its starting to get warm. Time to get outdoors and ride and run at least.As far as June, I say go for it

Molly said...

You did great with your first should keep with it, a June tri sounds great!
Keep up the good work and thanks for all your words of inspiration!
Take Care!

Badgergirl said...

Nice numbers. And if the weatherman is right, those 50s are heading in my direction and I might finally not be too chicken to venture outside for a run!

NICOLE said...

Congrats on the race. Great job on the month. and enjoy the warmth.

IronGambit said...

cool, I will be in AZ in 7 days... cya there! :)

Wes said...

Those are good goals! Cold water is but a temporary thang :-) Go for it, tri-chica!!

Jess said...

Good April goals!

Bolder said...

hey! 9 days, and i'm going to be in Arizona! are you going to IMAZ?

Sherry said...

June's tri... DO IT! The swim will be over before you know it, so you can just gut out the water temp.

Go for it! :o)

Jess said...

Solid numbers for the month!

I think you should go for the Tri on the 8th...the chilly water will totally motivate you to swim faster!

Tri-Angle said...

Send me your email
I'm with Bold! Are you going to IMAZ....
I'm doing escape from Alcatraz on June 8th. Same day as your Tri. That you're doing...have you registered yet?
Stop by my Blog....there's a countdown clock.....we're getting close.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like perfect running weather! Those March numbers and April goals look awesome! Good luck. And enjoy AZ - sounds wonderful right now.

Danielle said...

Can't wait to read about the next tri!! I say go for can always get a wet suit.

Bolder said...

k, got your email. sent a reply with my phone number.

if you don't get it. send me back an email with your number, and we'll do this the old fashioned way!