Thursday, March 17, 2011


Wow, the past couple of weeks have been quite the whirlwind. I don't know if I am coming or going!

Last week Thursday the fiance, I, and another couple took a nice 4 day/4 night trip to Las Vegas! The weather was a perfect 75 degrees or so each day! We enjoyed some comedy/magic, a cirque du soleil show, dueling pianos, time at the pool, sun and warmth, and lots of good food and drinks. It was my second trip and their first, so it was definitely a new experience!

I cam back to a short week of school, but it has been long enough with evening conferences Tuesday night, and then again tonight. 12 hour days are not my style!

Some of you gave me a hard time for slipping my engagement announcement into my last post as if it wasn't a big deal! Well, I just want to clarify that it is a huge deal! BIG DEAL! I just didn't know how much I wanted to put out there, just yet!

This spring/summer is going to be a busy one with me finishing my spring grad class, starting a summer grad class, finishing out the school year, selling my twinhome, moving back home, finding a new teaching job back home... oh, and planning a late fall wedding! It's going to be an exciting 8 months! The thing that makes me the most nervous right now is trying to sell my home with everything else going on!

With everything going on in the past week or so, training has been so darn sporadic and oftentimes non-existance, but I am hoping next week will be a bit better! I was excited to get in a solid run while in Vegas... I guess we did do a lot of walking!

MONDAY (3/7):

TUESDAY (3/8):
Bike 10.8 mi (30:00)

Run 2 mi (25:00)
BODYPUMP (1:00:00)

THURSDAY (3/10):
Bike 15.07 mi (42:00)
SSC 20:00

FRIDAY (3/11):
REST - walking in Vegas

SATURDAY (3/12):
Run 4.5 miles (52:00)

SUNDAY (3/13):
REST - walking in Vegas

Maybe I will have a little time to check into your worlds next week?! Who knows!


RunToTheFinish said...

whew my head was spinning just reading what you have coming up!! go thing as a tri athlete you are used to juggling it all!

Jess said...

You'll be busy, that's for sure!

Marlene said...

Lots of exciting stuff this year! Good luck with all of it!!

Carly said...

I don't know how I missed the last post, but CONGRATS! That's so exciting. I'm wedding obsessed so I want to hear the story and see the ring (when you're ready of course). ;-) Happy planning.

Holly said...

Busy, busy, busy! I want to see photos from Vegas! :)

Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

I didn't mean to give you crap about slipping in your engagement :) I didn't assume it wasn't really a big deal, I just thought you were trying to not be too "look at me" about it and i thought it was funny. hehe. So excited for you and all the crazyness you have coming up.

Steel Springs said...

That is a busy schedule! I'm glad that you had a fun trip to Vegas. That city does require a ton of walking! The wedding planning will be busy, but fun. You have a lot of exciting changes coming up.

Jess said...

Wow you have a lot coming up in the second half of this year!!! Sounds like you will be extra busy! Good luck with all of it and I hope you'll keep us updated when you have time!

Being Robinson said...

congrats on the engagement, that's wonderful! what an exciting year you have going, enjoy! :)

Wes said...

Las Vegas! glad you had a good time. Happy you are happy and getting engaged. The semantics of the announcement did not concern me at all!

Anonymous said...

fiance :) Love it!

Katie A. said...

CONGRATS on the engagement! And I totally know what you mean, sometimes when you put something out into the web it can be scary!
You are sooo wicked busy! Sending good thoughts your way that you survive!
Have a great rest of the week!

Scott McMurtrey said...

Las Vegas!

Unknown said...

Vegas would be SO much fun and SO great!!