Monday, March 7, 2011

Another one down!

This past week was another successful week of half marathon training. I was able to get in 6 days of solid workouts. Still, no yoga or swimming, but hope to get some of that in the next week or so... promise!

WEEK 5 Training:

MONDAY (2/28):
BODYPUMP (1:00:00)

TUESDAY (3/1):
Run 3.6 mi (43:29)
Stretch 15 minutes

Bike 15.10 mi (45:00)
SSC - 30 min


FRIDAY (3/4):
Run 3.17 mi (35:05)
SC (25:00)

Bike 10.88 mi (30:00)
Stretch 10:00

SUNDAY (3/6):
Run 6.4 mi (1:18:12)
Stretch 20:00

My long run on Sunday felt really long. I look forward to backing off a bit this week. Next week I hope to get in a 7.5 miler... but until then, I have a busy-short week before leaving for Las Vegas on Thursday! Woot woot!


fancy nancy said...

I love body pump class!! I miss it...haven't found one here! Woohoo exciting!

Unknown said...

Nice week!

Your long run felt long (as it should). Mine felt short (because it was, stupid knee)

Jess said...

Looks like you had a great week of running! It sounds like your training is going really well! Keep it up!!!

Joel said...

Congrats on the good week!

AM! said...

Hi there!
Vegas?! That's great! A group of my good friends are going on Thursday as well!

Whoop it up there! (and get a run in or two yah?;-)

Unknown said...

Great job this week! And have a ball in Vegas! :)

Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

You are definitely getting in some great work outs lately :) Great job with the run. Have fun in Vegas!

Holly said...

What a great week! Oh, Vegas will be so much fun - you'll miss the cold and snow, though! ;)

tri like mary said...

Great week! Have fun in Vegas!

My Life said...

Good week! btw, can't wait to hear the *story*!! :)