Monday, March 29, 2010

Two Short Weeks & Training Schedule

The next two weeks are going to be short with having Friday and Monday off for Easter, but that doesn't mean that it's going to be smooth sailing around here.

Just for my sanity, I need to do a run-down of what's going on this week:
  • Today I have an early morning assessment results meeting, a mid-morning bi-weekly building check-in meeting, a follow-up intervention meeting after school and then my ever-so-needed hair cut and color (I may post before and after pics later).
  • Tuesday morning I have swim practice, my building rep meeting at the end of the school day, and then my CEC class until 730pm
  • Wednesday is somewhat normal (I may see the end in sight)
  • Thursday evening is the committee meeting for the Fargo Youth Run (part of the Fargo marathon). It's going to be a whirlwind
  • Friday - OFF. breathe.

I thought I would warn y'all - I may be posting on a consistent basis over the next couple of weeks, but my comments may be quite sporadic. I apologize ahead of time!

Now, let's take a look back on this past week's training. In black is what I wanted to accomplish, in red is what I did do:

3 runs with one 5-6 miler - 3 runs but not a 5-6 miler (3.1 mi, 3.25 mi, 4.65 mi)
2 bikes (one short and one long) - NADA
2 swims -
2 swims (4000 Yds total)
1 bodypump class - 1 class
1 hour of yoga - NADA
1 hour of pilates - NADA

But, I did get in a couple good days of my TriPower and tons of stretching. I am constantly struggling to balance everything. It seems like one week things will be all good and the next week something will suffer whether it's biking, running, or swimming. grrr! This week will be better!

Here's the plan for week 9:
3 runs with one 5-6 miler
1 bike
2 swims
1 bodypump
3-4 TriPower routines
1 hour of yoga

Not too different from last week but we'll see how things go!

Have a great week, y'all!


Unknown said...

best wishes with you training this week!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Have fun training this week

Marlene said...

Sounds like lots going on for this short week. Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your busy week! At least you get a 4 day weekend as a reward : )

Jess said...

I've got two short weeks in a row two and I couldn't be more excited about it. Good luck fitting everything in this week!

Scott McMurtrey said...

4.65 is close enough to 5 in my book. :)

My Life said...

I love that you're on the committee for the Fargo Run! Have a great week!

Wes said...

Don't try to be sane. Just run with it :-)

Gotta Run..... said...

hit those numbers this week. YOU CAN DO IT!! Go girl!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your break!!!!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your break!!!!

Unknown said...

You do have yourself a full plate. I hope you get all your training in this week. :-)

Anne said...

I sometimes find we pay for those shorter work weeks by doubling up on the work days that do exist. Your upcoming weeks seem to follow that pattern. Good luck with that!

Julie said...

Good luck training this week!! I hope that you have a nice break:)

RockStarTri said...

Sounds like a great training week.

Carolina John said...

we get NO time off for easter this year at this new job!! argh! enjoy your short weeks.

Michelle said...

Have fun this week! Let's see those before and after hair pics!

Shannon said...

What a week you have coming up! Don't forget to breath!

My blog commenting has been sporadic too....not to worry!

Holly said...

You have a crazy week this week! Maybe you should take a couple of breaths on Friday. :)

Kelly said...

Looks like a good workout plan :)
I know what you mean about busy weeks lately. I took Friday off but we don't get any time off for Easter :( Instead of complaining about it this year I decided to just take the day off haha

Unknown said...

I think you do an amazing job of balancing everything!! Keep it up and yes, take that breather!! Are you out of snow in Fargo? Yesterday in Mpls felt like June, it was GREAT! :)