Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sickness & Training

Wednesday I started coming down with something. I couldn't tell if it was cold or allergies related, but as time went on things got a bit worse and I realized it was probably due to spring allergies and has turned into what I think is a sinus infection. I didn't go to the doctor, but I have had my fair share of sinus infections and know one when I see one. Thus, most of my workouts were pretty low key this past week - if I did anything at all - three complete rest days, 52.35 miles on the bike, one 5.8 mile run, and a lot of stretching/abs/core work.

For the past 7 weeks I have been attempting to train for the Fargo Half Marathon. I have been kinda following the Jeff Galloway run/walk program. With that schedule, I was to do 8 miles this weekend and that just didn't happen with this sickness and all. I still have 9 weeks until the Fargo Marathon, and I think I could still train for the half. However, I do have a couple other ideas in mind, depending on how training goes.

Here are 3 options that I am contemplating for the Fargo Marathon this year (depending on how training goes):

Plan A - the Fargo Marathon Challenge = 5K Friday night & Half Marathon Saturday morning.
Plan B - the Fargo Marathon Challenge = 5K Friday night & 10K Saturday morning
Plan C - the Fargo Half Marathon

I have never done a 10K before, and think that the 5K/10K challenge would be something fun but not to strenuous on my body. That is probably the one I am leaning towards the most at this moment. I am able to run 6-7 miles pain free and would like to keep it that way, rather than pushing myself too much right now. I am going to stay optimistic and keep my options open for the next few weeks!

Tomorrow starts week 8 of my "training plan". Instead of typing out what I plan to do each day, I am going to write out what I hope to get accomplished this week. Things get juggled around so much but I hope to accomplish the following:

3 runs - with one 5-6 mile run
2 bikes - one short and one long
2 swims - swim team starts up again this week
1 bodypump class
1 hour of yoga
1 hour of pilates

That is 10 workouts and I know I will have to double up a few days to get them all in this week! Wish me luck! :)

I know many of you had races this weekend and I look forward to reading your race reports!

What are YOU training for? What's your week look like?


Anonymous said...

Looks like a busy week! I'm training for a half-marathon right now in May with thoughts of a Tri in July. I haven't swam since my last tri over the summer and I know I really need to get back in the pool but I feel like swim workouts are always the hardest for me to fit in!

Unknown said...

best wishes with your training this week!

Aimee said...

I'm sorry you're sick. That is never fun! Hopefully you'll get over the sinus infection sooner rather than later. If you're not up for a 1/2 marathon, then my vote is for the 5k/10k challenge. It sounds like it would be pretty fun!

Right now I'm training for a 1/2marathon that's on April 11. At the same time, I'm doing a triathlon maintenance program until my Half Ironman training starts in early April. So, I have 3 swims, 4 runs, 2-3 bikes, 1hr. yoga, and 2 strength sessions scheduled this week. We'll see how much I get done!

Unknown said...

I have my usual 3 runs, 2 bikes and hopefully a swim :) My run on Saturday is 11 miles!!! My longest so far. I hope you get feeling better!

Anonymous said...

So sorry you got the sinus infection. I was in the doctor last week for allergy meds and was asked a couple of times if I thought I had a sinus infection as well. I didn't have one. Not fun to run while under the weather. Hope your week turns out better than expected.

Shannon said...

I hope you feel better quick. Spring and summer colds are the worst because it just feels like you shouldn't have one during those months.

Its great that there are so many options for the Fargo race. That wya you can do whatever you feel up to.

By the way....I asked my husband if you looked familiar. He couldn't place you. He graduated from BHS in '95. Oh well.

Julie said...

Oh Stacy, I am sorry about you not feeling well. I am not feeling the greatest either and it sure sucks when you are trying to train.

I kind of like your 5k Friday night followed by the 10k on Saturday. Honestly, that is the option that I would take unless you really want to run the half. I have my next half in a few weeks and I have not been training as much as I should in terms of getting the higher miler runs in. The half is pretty tough for me. You have been swimming and biking so I am guessing that you are more condidtioned than me and would be just fine. Just do what you feel is best. I have two 10ks and one half marathon with in the next five weeks:) I hope that you feel better soon!

justme said...

i am training for tris in the summer but the current training is a 9+ mile run that i have to do on may 2nd as part of a relay team for a full 26.2.

i need to do as much as i can this week b/c we go to disney on friday and i don't believe i will get much done there since i have 2 young kids.

Anne said...

Sorry you're not feeling well...hopefully, you can take care of it quickly. That's quite the busy week you've got planned :)

Myself, I have my first 5K on May 9th and my first half-marathon on May 30...and I'm already starting to get excited when I think about it.

Kelly said...

Sorry the kiddos got you sick. This season change time is always hard on the immune system. I think it might be a good idea with sickness and previous injuries to do the races for fun, rather than hurting yourself. But I'm sure you'll do what you think is best :)

Badgergirl said...

Sorry to hear you're feeling under the weather. Hopefully you'll start to feel better soon.

Right now I'm training for the Green Bay Half in May, but I'll also have a sprint tri a month later in June. So this week I'll do the normal half marathon training (with a 9-miler on Saturday), but I also need to get back on track with tri training! I think my body might have forgotten what a pool is. Eek!

Marlene said...

Busy week! I know you can handle it, but good luck anyway!

I'm transitioning from having a gym membership to NOT having a gym membership (just putting it on hold for the summer) AND I just bought a bike... so my schedule may be experimental for the next couple of weeks. :)

AM! said...

Hi;-) hope you're feeling better!
I think you should go for either the 10k or 5k and go out HARD. I think it's great training for any running/triathlon you do down the road. That's my initial thought. However if the Fargo half was your 'A' race, then stick with the plan.
but gotta say...i think the 10k-go out HARD would be great

RockStarTri said...

i wouldn't give up on the half just yet but that 5k/10k combo looks like a great option if you think you aren't up for 13.1 (yet!)

Michelle said...

Hope you feel better soon! Good for you for listening to your body and staying injury free.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I hope you feel better.

I am a believer in the Galloway program

Wes said...

I think that if you get up to 9 or 10 miles, you'll be fine. That cross training counts for sumpin!

I am still working off my basic week: 2 swims, 3 bikes, 4 runs.

Hope you feel better!

Unknown said...

Good for you! I am still formulating a plan in my brain for a handful of races that I wanted to do that have fallen by the way side. I have a 10 K on the 3rd and a 5 k on the 17th of April, so they are in my sights first. Those will be fun runs and not much training, but then I get into half marathon season! Eek! I sure hope you feel better soon!

Unknown said...

Good for you! I am still formulating a plan in my brain for a handful of races that I wanted to do that have fallen by the way side. I have a 10 K on the 3rd and a 5 k on the 17th of April, so they are in my sights first. Those will be fun runs and not much training, but then I get into half marathon season! Eek! I sure hope you feel better soon!