Monday, March 9, 2009

Warning Warning Warning....UPDATED

... a dangerous storm is heading our way.

What the?

Yesterday a Blizzard Watch was put into affect.
This morning it was raining.
Then the rain turned to snow.
The first of TWO storms made it's appearance today.
It has snowed all day.
The temperatures have been dropping.
The wind picked up this afternoon.
I had to take a longer route home,
to avoid large snow piles at the corners of side streets.
I had to gun-it into my driveway.
I have 4-6 foot drifts on the south side of my house.
I currently hear snow plows,
which means I will have a good pile at the end of my driveway.
Now, we are under a Blizzard warning.

And tomorrow?

That's when the real storm is supposed to hit us.
Not until noon, though.
7-14 inches of snow expected.
Winds will be picking up,
gusts up to 40mph.
Windchills are expected to drop temperatures to 30-40 below zero.

I am thinking we will be staying home from school tomorrow,
making it up on Friday, and
making up Tuesday's conferences a week from tomorrow.
We should know by later this evening.

UPDATE: Interstate-94 closed at 7pm from Jamestown to Fargo,
about 120 miles west of here,
and school was cancelled at 9pm,
This never happens the night before.

What will I do with myself tomorrow?
No work... probably not able to get to a gym...
I guess I will do some reading and try to do some painting on a canvas...

The flip side?

My neighbors are currently blowing the snow
from my sidewalk and driveway.
Time to bake more cookies for them.

And...temps should get to above freezing this weekend... this chica will be running outdoors Saturday or Sunday!


Lora Abernathy said...

This time of year really bites!

Badgergirl said...

I'm sick of winter.

IronGambit said...

damn that sucks, I was out hiking this morning in Phoenix ! :)

RunToTheFinish said...

good golly, i'll stop complaining about the rain now!

I Run for Fun said...

Ugh...sorry about the snow. Glad you have such awesome neighbors.

AddictedToEndorphins said...

You're getting a blizzard??
Here in Canada we have 5 degree CELCIUS weather. it's beautiful. I'm going to knock on wood now, i probably just jynxed it.
Hang tough, its almost spring!:)

teacherwoman said...

I think I jinxed our weather when I heard about the East Coast getting that bad storm last week and saying how I was glad it wasn't us... grrr....

Unknown said...

Your weather is terrible!!

Anonymous said...

Great blog! I don't know how I found you lol, but I'll definitely be back.

I saw you had a knee injury, I use foam roller for mine to roll out the muscles and it is very helpful (had ITBS after disney marathon this year).

Started training for a tri, moved, now returning to training for a tri after second marathon. Very excited, nervous, etc . . .!

Carolina John said...

holy crap! did i mention it was 82 here yesterday? wow, when is the snow pattern going to break in ND?

Sherry said...

OMG! I just CANNOT relate to all of that white stuff anymore! I don't even know what I would do with myself!! When does winter typically 'end' for you up there?

Unknown said...

Sorry for the horrible weather. I'll come shovel for cookies.

Runner Susan said...

what nice neighbors!

Wes said...

Sounds like the perfect time for a long trail run :-) OK. I am kidding! You need to move...

Marlene said...

Holy crap, that is some crazy weather! Definitely stay indoors! Glad to hear the weekend will be nice.

ChillyJ said...

I hate this storm...I wish I could bake cookies..but I would eat them!

Aron said...

YIKES!!!!! MORE storms?!?! not fun :(