Friday, November 12, 2010

Full Moon 5K and 30 DOT (Day 12)

"30 Days of Thanks"
Day Twelve: Weekends
I know most people look forward to the weekends, but in the past I haven't been much of a person to complain about it being Monday or if the weekend is ever going to get her, etc. Life is too short; we should enjoy every day, shouldn't we?
But, I still look forward to the weekends for many reasons, but right now my number one reason is for this:I am thankful that I have been able to spend time with the BF almost every weekend for the past couple of months, whether he comes here, I come there, or he rides with my parents here or to the cities with us. We have been lucky, busy, but lucky. It seems like there is always something going on every weekend. I dread the winter that will be joining us soon and how it has the possibility to affect our weekend traveling, but we'll worry about that when we need to. :)

Full Moon 5K:
Thursday, November 11th, 2010
Pre-race: I picked up my race packet yesterday morning as soon as Go Far Sports opened up shop. Before grabbing my packet, I took some time to look around and drool over all the nice running attire. Fortunately, I kept the plastic in my purse and walked out of there with nothing but my race packet.
For a $25 5K race fee, I am pretty impressed. This includes a timing chip, which isn't always present at 5K of this size (500 or less), a long sleeved technical shirt, and a pair of Fitsocks! Plus, we got a coupon for $10 off a purchase of $50 or more at Go Far Sports as well as a coupon for 25% off a Fitsock purchase! Sweet!

Weather: I have been thinking about this all week, especially since I have been fighting this nasty cold. I finally have my voice back to 100% and I can keep the coughing to a minimal now without sounding like a barking dog. But, I still worried about the cooler temps causing me to cough more.
This clip was taken at 4pm. Notice that at 7pm it was expected to be 39 degrees. I was excited for this because prior to 4pm today, it said it was going to be 36 degrees at 7pm for the past 36 hours! 3 degrees is 3 degrees, dude!

Clothing: Oh how I struggle with this, especially this time of year. I wasn't going out to break any PR's or world records, I do these fall/winter 5K just for fun... or insanity. So, I decide just to wear my capri running pants, long-sleeved black shirt, white adidas ClimaMax jacket, black headband, blue softball socks, and red gloves (trying to put a little RED, WHITE, and BLUE in for Veterans Day).

The Race: The start and finish of the race took place at a local middle school, just a mile from my house. It was an out, do a loop, and back race. There were 400 participants and the temperature was actually perfect.... or I was dressed perfectly for the temperature. I ended up taking my gloves off halfway through, which is no surprise because my feet and hands are the first things to get over heated.

It was dark, and the only light we had were from a few houses here and there as we ran through the neighborhoods. The race director warned us of ghosts and goblins, but I thought he was joking. No joke, my friends. There was a werewolf, ghosts, the Scream, etc. Just after the 2nd mile marker, I saw the Scream walking down the middle of the street, but as I was about 3 feet from him he turned to me and screamed. I screamed and was afraid I wet myself.

J and I stayed together for most of the race, running the entire thing. It was a bit slow, but felt good to run the whole thing. She had some knee issues and had to back off a couple times in the last half mile, but I was feeling strong and wanted to finish strong, kicking it up a bit in the last quarter mile.

The Results:
Number: 417
Age: 29
Division: 20-29
Division Place: 74/86
Sex Place: 263/316
Time: 39:00
Pace: 12:33

After thoughts:
  • This was a fun race, at a different time, with different expectations. Like most 5K's this time of year, I go out just to do it and have fun - and that's what we did.
  • However, I would have like to have done it a bit faster, but I was glad I ran the entire thing.
  • The past couple of weeks I have been thinking about marathons and the posibility of training for one in 2011, but after last night I started to question it. Now, this run was a good one, but my right knee wasn't perfect. In fact, it started to bug me a bit 2 miles in, but I focused on my stride and kept the thoughts positive.
  • I need to do more running outside, on real roads and end my love/hate relationship with running outdoors.
  • I know that there wasn't a full moon last night, and I too have questioned why it was called a Full Moon 5K, but with the orange light from some street lights and houses, it kind of felt like moon light. I will go with that.
  • I would definitely do this race again next year!

Happy Friday, Y'all. Off to work for a Professional Development Day. Yay...


Anonymous said...

A weekend preceded by a fun race - does it get any better!

Shannon said...

That's pretty cool that they gave a long sleeve technical tee! Awesome!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Congrats on the race, nice swag bag for $25

Unknown said...

nice race swag! and well done!

it *is* odd that it was called the full moon 5K when there wasn't a full moon. guess that was just their way of saying it was a night-time race?

i can't believe you don't already *LOVE* running outside. :-O

Unknown said...

I've never ran a nighttime race - seems like it would be fun though. I like the shirt you got - way to go!

Jason said...

Night cool. That would be fun to participate in and for $25 that is a great packet.

I run an online training program at that is a 40wk training program geared toward couch potatoes but if the knee is an issue maybe a long program like ours will work for you.

Marlene said...

Congrats on the 5K - great outfit!

Wes said...

They had a race here in Atlanta that started 10 minutes before daylight savings time ended, and of course, ended after daylight savings time was over. You basically finished before you started! LOL...

Me lurves the weekends too! I'm looking forward to getting some inside stuff done this winter!

Jess said...

Even though I don't comment on them all, I'm loving your 30 Days of Thanks.

And congrats on a great race. I think it's smart that you took it slow and steady. You can definitely focus on time for next year if you decide to do it again.

I've never done a night time run. I bet that was a pretty cool experience.

Unknown said...

Yay... glad that you are getting time with the BF! It might be crazy, but as long as it's together right??? :)

Congrats on a fun and great race!

Jen said...

YAY for a fun race!! And great swag to boot!! I like evening races because they're different, but I find them SO MUCH harder!

Have a great weekend!

tri like mary said...

I run outdoors all year long and LOVE it. Once you start I promise you that you will not go back to the treadmill unless you have to. Great job on your race and nice score on the long sleeve running shirt. I've only received 3 in all the races I've done and they've never been $25 races at that!

Julie @ HotlegsRunner said...

I'm thinking of wearing something like what you guys wore for my December marathon. It's getting really cold. nice swag bag, by the way =)

Richard Rush said...

Love your blog. Just stumbled across it and adding to my blogroll and follow list.

All the best to your goals

Richard (

Unknown said...

Nice Race packet!! Im jealous!! Nice representation of red, White and Blue!! :)

Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

That looks like a very fun 5K. I would be very slow at night though, I'm sure a morning person.

I think my knee may keep me from ever training for a marathon, but that's okay- I'm not sure I'd have the patience anyways!