Thursday, September 2, 2010

8 down, 4 to

Well August was an unstructured month, that's for sure. And without structure, my workouts weren't the greatest, or as frequent as I would have liked. But, live and learn, right?!

Month in Review: August 2010
Swim - 6,200 Yds ...... 4,700 Yds in July
Bike - 95.05 miles ...... 98.23 miles in July
Run - 26.30 miles ...... 24.90 miles in July

Total Number of :
Swims - 4
Bikes - 7
Runs - 9 (including runs off the bike)
BodyPump Class - 1 (no wonder why I was so sore for days afterwards)
Pilates Class - 1
REST days - 16 (YIKES!)

Highlights of the month:
  • Doing a triathlon with my sister! I just wish it would have gone better!
  • Enjoying the last bit of summer.
  • Spending time with family and the BF.
  • Going back to work. Yeah, I am only a week in, so I can still say I am happy to be back. Check back next month to see how I feel about it. :)

Lows of the month:
  • Struggling through my last triathlon of 2010. So challenging, mentally and physically.
  • The high number of rest days. Some occured because I was just too lazy. You know how you get in the routine of not doing something for a couple days and then it's twice as hard to get back into workout mode? Yeah, that's what happened... multiple times.

Goals for September:
  • Not get sick. It seems like I have dealt with some sort of allergies/cold the first couple weeks of school and I don't like it one bit. My throat has felt pretty dry the past couple of days and my glands are swollen. Seriously?!
  • Plan better. This includes my meals, workouts, and everything else. If I can plan a bit better, I will have used my time more wisely. I think this will also keep me on my "A" game for workouts.
  • Enjoy the fall weather while we have it. When October comes, anything is possible in regards to 'weather'.
  • I was hoping to think of some sort of challenge for the month, but can't. However, I hope to get to Bodypump and Pilates class weekly. I hope to run 40+ miles this month, bike over 100 miles, and swim close to 10,000 Yds. We'll see!

Year To Date Stats:
Swim - 59,100 Yds
Bike - 759.85 miles
Run - 256.40 miles


Carly said...

Aug. was not such a great month for me either. It happens. :-)

Unknown said...

August was too 'eventful' for me. I say, bring on September! and good luck achieving your desired numbers for the month. :-)

Andrew Opala said...

September is still young!

Marlene said...

Kind of scary how fast the years seem to go by sometimes. Good luck with September. Staying healthy - yes please!!!

Mike Russell said...

You can get that distance. You can get a good head start over Labor Day Weekend!

Jess said...

It's easy to get sick right away when returning to the germ-fest that is a school!

Running Diva Mom said...

You still got out there and did it! Be proud of yourself. Hope September treats you well!

Scott McMurtrey said...

Summer isn't gone yet!!!

Is it? :(

Jess said...

Love you Sept. goals. Hope you manage to fight off that cold/allergy nonsense!

RockStarTri said...

Great goals. Go for it!

Aimee said...

I still can't believe August is over. That means fall is just around the corner...yikes!
I hope you have a good Sept!

Running Librarian said...

Aug. was not the best for me either. I think between trying to fit in last min. vacations and going back to school I have let running and working out get pushed to the back burner. I am going to try and really work on eating better (I gained 5 lbs the first 2 weeks of school) and get on some sort of workout schedule. I just find I am so tired after school and it is so easy right now to come home and not leave the house again...

Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

I totally agree that I struggle with work outs during lack of structure times- yet I put more pressure on myself to do work outs because I'm like what else am I doing! didn't look like you did too bad in August though :)

Badgergirl said...

Looks like some good September goals!

Kathleen said...

I think I might just "borrow" your goals. Looks like exactly what I need to do! :)

Holly said...

It's always nice to get back to some kind of routine!

Anonymous said...

I love your goals. Although I've already failed at #1 because I'm fighting off a cold right now.. But I think plan better is a good one!

Kristen said...

You did awesome for August being "unstructured."

I can't believe it is already September!

zbsports said...

Great review, you are doing good. Keep it up!!!

Anonymous said...

I hate when summer is over but I do like being in more of a routine! The back to school sickies are the WORST!