Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Must. Have. Routine.

I have sucked at blogging since I have returned from NY, and I am sorry. I have sucked even more at following others blogs. I get on, attempt to read a few blogs, may make a few comments, bust mostly I don't do any of the above. In addition, I haven't had much to blog about.

Summer school is winding down this week, I am spending many hours at the piano trying to prepare for my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary party this coming weekend, and I am trying to get back on a regular schedule with sleep and training.

Before I get to far, I must take a moment to reflect on my July numbers. Despite taking almost an entire week off while in NYC, minus one run, and a handful of days off after the triathlon, as well as missing 4 out of the 8 days of swim team practice (gah! that's why I didn't sign up for the team for August), I am okay with the numbers:

July Stats:
Swim - 13,500M ................ 18,000M in June
Bike - 98.55 miles.......... 127.78 miles in June
Run - 22.32 miles.......... 30.31 miles in June

Like I said, not the prettiest, but given the "busy-ness" of July, I am okay with this.

On other related news, I am trying to get back on schedule, training for the triathlon that is coming up in less than 2 weeks. I keep asking myself why I chose to do one in August, just before school starts. Things are starting to get busy and I am feeling unprepared for this event. I guess I will just plan to use this race as an experience, and not so much as a race.

Yesterday, after doing some sprints, my knee started to bother me. I hopped in the pool for a bit and actually had to call it quits because my knee continued to bother me in the pool. Then, today, when working on what was supped to be an "easy" 3-4 miler, it started to bother me 2 miles in. I started to get that tightness around the knee. I stopped, stretched it out on the mat, and tried to continue to run. It felt fine when I started to run again, but I could feel it tighten up as I was running (mostly on the upper-outer side). I didn't make it very far before cussing and deciding to call it quits. I was pissed. But, I was trying to play it safe.

From there I went home and spent some quality time with the foam roller and it hurt, nearly bringing tears to my eyes (as I continued to cuss). I am embarassed to say that it's been too long since I have used the foam roller on a consistent basis and the pain while using it was a sure sign.

I really need to get back into doing my TriPower sessions. Grr. If one asked me the last time I did a week of it, straight through, I would have to say it was June. Gasp.

If the difficulties in my knee are due to not stretching on a regular basis, not using the foam roller, and not following my TriPower routine... I will be a happy camper after I start getting back into all of the above.

I hate to admit it, but I am ready to get back to school... and a real schedule. I need structure, people. I must get into a routine.

Ending on a lighter note, I came across this group and had to share. I am usually behind on the new music (you know, living up here in ND - we have crappy access to good music - ha). So, if they aren't new to you, they are to me and I love their music! Enjoy!

Today's Song: Use Somebody - Kings of Leon


Unknown said...

I needed the encouragement tonight to get back on track with a routine myself--thank you!! It' so easy to fall out of one (my big one is water intake!), but encouragement like this helps.

WHat is Tripower session? I have a friend doing her first tri in a month...

Shannon said...

I was having the same thoughts yesterday as I was laying on foamy. "Why haven't I been rolling on this more often." If I go days without rolling out the IT band my knee always flares up. It's funny how I only have problems on the left leg and not the right.

BTW, enjoy the rest of the summer, school will be here before you know it. :)

Kelly said...

I find it really hard to do all the stuff we need to do to keep ourselves not injured- but take it from me and my knee- it's better than an injury!
I hear you on school starting back up. I work in the summer too but it's still all over the place. I am not ready for school to start yet but I hear you on the routine. Also I love that song!

J said...

Careful with that knee! keep foam rolling!

Anonymous said...

I like Kings of Leon too, you should check out My Morning Jacket too one big holiday and evil urges.

Hope the knee starts to feel better.

Jess said...

I love Kings of Leon, and am so pleased that they're getting mainstream popular now. My fav song of theirs is "Sex on Fire."

Good luck with trying to re-schedulize yourself!

Marlene said...

I recently discovered Kings of Leon as well - love them!

Like you, I totally need a routine to stick to my workouts. Flexibility does not work well for me. Good luck getting back at it, and I hope your knee is feeling better!

Marlene said...

I recently discovered Kings of Leon as well - love them!

Like you, I totally need a routine to stick to my workouts. Flexibility does not work well for me. Good luck getting back at it, and I hope your knee is feeling better!

Carolina John said...

damn it man. get back on that tri power schedule. you know you need core work to fix that knee!!! I'm going to stop reading blogs and do my tri power workout right now. thanks for the reminder. I did hit the roller this morning already, and I have been lacking in that department.

Ashley said...

Nice stats, lady! Both June AND July look impressive - nice work!

BTW, I LOVE your masthead! Did you make that yourself?? I need to make something cool for my bloggie blog! :)

Anonymous said...

I hear you about the schedule. It's easy to get too busy or play too much without structure. But, enjoy your summer! It will be gone soon.

Get back to that stretching/rolling and keep the knee happy! Good luck with the training!

Wes said...

Nothing wrong with finishing up the year with a "fun" race. All races this year have been fun for Dee Dee, cause she hasn't had time to train.

Take care of that knee!!

Holly said...

I know what you mean about structure and routine. I am a mess without it. I cannot wait to get back into the working world again - which hopefully is soon!

Hope your knee starts to feel better!

RunnerGirl said...

When do you head back to school? I've still got two full weeks off, but I'm tempted to visit my classroom next week and get started!

Take care of that knee - hope it feels better!

RunToTheFinish said...

I totally feel like i have been off schedule since I got hurt and you know what I am DYING to get back to a stricter routine. In fact that is part of my plan once I get back from colorado.

Unknown said...

a tri in aug just before school starts sounds like a great ending to summer break!

SavvyFitChica said...

Hey girl! I'm sorry to hear about your knee. Hopefully stretching it and working it out a bit will help. Don't forget to keep doing your exercises from the PT too.

You have been busy but doing a TRI will be good, it will be okay. It will probably help relieve some stress that you feel. I'm here to cheer you on these next couple of weeks of training!!


Unknown said...

It's summer and that's my excuse for being so bad at blogging and blog following. You get a pass! :)

Hope that knee starts to feel better! :(

Aron said...

it can be so hard to get back into routine after vacation in the middle of summer!! good luck though YOU CAN DO IT :)

Being Robinson said...

oh goodness. i feel you on the need for routine, i am SOOO routine oriented. well hopefully you'll get back in the groove, for now, enjoy the summer ;)

TX Runner Mom said...

I'm with you..I need routine to keep myself on the right track! Hope the knee feels better soon!