Thursday, April 2, 2009

Comparing Coffees

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So far my April "challenge" is off to a good start. I just want to quickly answer or clarify a couple things first.....
  • I am not giving up coffee completely. It keeps me sane with the industry I work in, okay?!
  • I am mostly giving up beer and soda (empty calories), sorry Stephen, and incorporating more healthy choices.
  • The big focus is eating right, getting enough sleep, and lots of water. Smart training should fall into place when those things are in check.

Oh how I love thee coffee!

I always knew that the coffee drink I order from Caribou Coffee, the Caramel High Rise, isn't the healthiest. I mean, really, can something so good be so good for you! Probably Not.

I also like the Caramel Lattes, but not as much as my Caramel High Rise. So I was looking at their website a bit more and compared the two drinks in the chart below.

---Caramel High RiseCaramel Latte
Fat Calories1055.0
Total Fat (g)11.50.5
Saturated Fat (g)7.00.0
Trans Fat (g)0.00.0
Cholesterol (mg)45.05.0
Sodium (mg)200150
Total Carbohydrates (g)42.012.0
Fiber (g)0.00.0
Sugars (g)41.012.0
Protein (g)12.010.0
Vitamin A (%DV)8.00.0
Vitamin C (%DV)6.04.0
Calcium (%DV)42.00
Caffiene (mg)180.0180.0

Information taken from:

Just another reminder to myself why I need to cut back. And maybe just stick mostly with my coffee at home....French Vanilla by Dunkin' Donuts with fat free creamer.

Do you drink coffee? What kind do you like? Black? Lattes? Frozen drinks?


Ashley said...

I love dark roast coffee with fat free creamer or skim milk & stevia. In the summer, I LOVE LOVE LOVE iced coffees! :) Also, splenda has some sugar free coffee flavor things...the hazelnut is pretty awesome. ;)

J said...

I love coffee! I just love the semi sweet/bitter taste that it has! I usually make it at home and just put skim milk in it. Or sometimes i just drink it black because i heard that it is better for you that way!

Anonymous said...

Wow - big difference between the 2 drinks! I'm not a coffee drinker - my weakness is Chai lattes. I, too, have cut back this month. OK, so it's only been a few days, but so far, so good! :) Good luck on your challenge!

IronGambit said...

You are my hero! Maybe when I start training again, I'll completely going to bug you for support! :)

Jess said...

Ick I can't stand coffee...that's probably a good thing for me or else I'd be hitting up Starbucks hardcore!

brent said...

it took me about a year to get from mochas, to lattes, then finally to the straight stuff. i'd suggest a gradual your way to non-fat latte w/full sugar syrup, then maybe work down to latte with sugar-free syrup, then mix in a flavored a coffee with some cream or non-fat milk. wow sorry for the complicated comment, hehe! what i meant to say was simply: a gradual approach works best vs. going right for the straight black coffee.

Marlene said...

WOW, huge difference.

I don't like coffee. Not one bit.

Rachel said...

Hey, don't feel bad--coffee is actually good for you. Full of antioxidants that prevent cancer. Also reduce your perception of pain so if you drink a cup of joe before you work out, you can go harder. Also, unless you're drinking A TON, it actually helps you hydrate (contrary to popular belief). Have a skinny vanilla latte to cut down calories (and benefit from the calcium and protein in the milk).

Shannon said...

I'm a coffee snob. Must be Starbucks Kenyan freshly ground beans with distilled water. I also have to have cream & splenda with a really nice looking mug.

I love Lattes too when I actually GO TO Starbucks.

Scott McMurtrey said...

I'm not a coffee drinker. But I'm addicted to hot cocoa. And chocolate chip cookies.

Aron said...

I <3 coffee!!!!!! I like reg coffee with ff milk + splenda (its my one place I use the fake sugar) or I like FF lattes YUM

Aka Alice said...

Oh yeah...Coffee? Don't even talk to me in the morning until I've had some.

Starbucks, one pump sugar free vanilla cappucino...(yeah, I'm one of those...). Just had one...wheeeeee!

Jess said...

At home, I drnk coffee with nonfat milk, and when I order coffee from Starbucks, I get a nonfat latte. Switching from full fat or 2% milk (or creamer) to nonat milk makes a huge caloric difference! So does cutting out any sweetners or syrups.

Runner Leana said...

I used to be all about the mochas and what not, but I switched to non-fat lattes with no sweetners at all. If I need a treat then I also like tea lattes, but those need to have some sugar in them. But...I'm trying to cut out the trips to the coffee shop and am trying all kinds of wild and different teas instead.

I Run for Fun said...

I am a tea person, but I love the frappuccinos from Starbucks.

Unknown said...

I stopped getting the sweet coffee things (i liked peppermint cafe mocha) at Starbucks and started just drinking coffe in the morning at home with some half and half in it. I don't know what the caloric difference is, but it has to be huge.

Once I leave home, I stick to peppermint tea. no caffiene, no calories.

Wes said...

My coffee only has 40 calories per serving, and that's worth fightin for!! :-)

Anonymous said...

I must have my coffee during my commute. If I didn't I would add to the traffic on the Garden State Parkway. (The busiest toll road in the US, believe me, it is.)

Danielle said...

My favorite is Steep & Brew Icing on the Cake if I'm making it at home. I like French Vanilla Coffeemate, but mostly I just use Splenda, I'm down to 2 1/2 packs of it in 4 cups...