Monday, May 12, 2008

The Weekender, Volume 4

Where did the weekend go?

After a restful night on Friday, I got up early for a nice Brick workout. I hit the pool for a very slow swim and then the spin bike. It's a good feeling when you can get in a good brick and not feel completely exhausted afterwards.

From there I spent a good 4 hours at work, doing some much needed paperwork. It was nice and quiet in the school and I got a lot accomplished.

I met a few friends at our usual "apps and taps" location and watched the Twins game. Unfortunately they were not able to pull through Saturday night. From there we ended up checking out a local band at one of the bars and ended up closing shop. Once again, a reminder of how old I am getting!

Sunday morning I woke with a nice hangover. A friend and I took out our new bikes for the first time and just practiced getting our feet in and out of the clipless pedals. After we felt comfortable enough, we took a ride (very slow and long) through the neighborhood. I can't wait to join the cycle group this Thursday and put some speed on that bike. I didn't last Thursday because the weather was too cold and windy.

Last night I chilled and watched the Twins ... spank the Red Sox ... 2 for 3. ha! Game number 4 tonight!

Now it's definitely taper time. The Half Marathon is in less than 5 days!

I hope everyone had a great weekend .... happy Monday!

Saturday BRICK:
OSN: 1600M, 45:00 minutes, 2:45 min/100M (told you it was slow)
OCN: 22.27 miles, 1:02:18, 21.45 mph

Sunday: road bike
OCN: 8.4 miles, no time.


IronGambit said...

Happy Monday, see this is where everyone else is beginning work, and I just finished :)

Marcy said...

Anyone beating the Red Sox is a good thing. You hear THAT Vanilla? huh? Huh? LMAO!

Wes said...

Yes, a great weekend! Get some speed on that bike! Treks love speed :-) Now, promise me you'll take it easy until your race?!?

J~Mom said...

Looks like a good weekend!!