Sunday, May 1, 2011

April: Month in Review

April has been another crazy busy month. I haven't posted since the 7th, and have had little desire to do so. I am just going to update with some number and such and hope to be posting again in the near future...

Month in Review: April 2011

Swim - 00 yds ....................... 00 yds in March
Bike - 157.63 miles .............. 90.74 miles in March
Run - 11.54 miles ............... 35.27 miles in March

Total Number of:
Swims - 0
Bikes - 11
Runs - 4
BODYPUMP Class - 2
Pilates Class - 0
Yoga Class - 0
REST Days - 12

Highlights of the Month:
  • Tried something new - this massively huge stair stepper that looks like an actual set of moving stairs. Doesn't bother my knees while on it, but I did notice that if I am on there for too long, it does start to bother them - like when I was on it for 45 minutes on Saturday - going 3.2 miles and 170-some flights of stairs... my knee was bothering me quite a bit after that.
  • Participated in the Great American Bike Race back home with the fiance and friends from his work. The proceeds for this went to families of children with Cerebral Palsy. It was so much fun!

Lows of the Month:

  • Ankle pain got worse (only when running - not when walking or biking) - took 2+ weeks off of running. This has killed my half marathon training and I will probably have to switch to the 10K. I am not happy with this at all.


Swim - 3200 Yds
Bike -441.99 miles
Run - 90.88 miles

I have a feeling May is going to be a better month, all around!


Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

The bike race sounds like a lot of fun. Sorry about having to switch to the 10K, seems like injuries happen to me all the time so I really understand!

Unknown said...

Sorry to hear about your ankle :-(

Jess said...

Sorry the ankle is bothering you. Hope May is a better month!

Unknown said...

Glad you posted an update! Hope that ankle gets better. And I'm glad that you're enjoying the stair stepper machine. We have two at our gym and it looks hard. Plus it looks like I'd need to be coordinated to use it! :)

Marlene said...

That stair-climber-machine-of-death is killer but WHAT a workout!!!

Steel Springs said...

It's so disappointing that your ankle pain is worse. I hope it gets better soon!

The bike race sounds amazing!

Julie said...

I totally understand the lack of too! You had a great month. I was thinking about you and wondering if you were planning on making it to Minnesota for a few TRIs this year. Let me know.

I hope the ankle feels better. Hang tough:)

Erika said...

hope your ankle is feeling better soon! I recently had to switch races too because of injury and it is super sad:/ BUT, you will ROCK the 10K!

Lily on the Road said...

Holy Sh*t girl, after reading your previous post I wouldn't worry about your April stats...good Lord, you've been super duper busy!!!!

Look after yourself, you want your ankle looking good in your wedding heels!!!

Badgergirl said...

Sorry to hear about the ankle. You'll do amazing at the 10K though!

Anne said...

We have those rolling stair machines at my gym. I am impressed you were on one of those for 45 minutes!

Jamie said...

Hope that ankle feels better soon! Getting injured sucks! :( Sorry you can't do the half.