Thursday, April 1, 2010

Month of Madness

Instead of my regular scheduled program - "Three Things Thursday" - I am switching gears and using today to do my "Month in Review" post for March!

Let's roll...

Month in Review: March 2010
Swim - 10,600 Yds .... 11,600 Yds in February
Bike - 119.90 miles .... 105.00 miles in February
Run - 34.44 miles .... 30.00 miles in February

Total number of:
Swims - 5
Bikes - 6
Runs - 10
Spin classes - 0
BodyPump classes - 3
REST days - 9
TriPower days - 3 (newly added)

Total minutes of:
Yoga - 0
Pilates - 0
S&S (Stretching and Strengthening) - 240 (this actually includes a lot of yoga poses)

Highlight of the month:

  • Last month I was excited to have 5+ miles of pain free running. This month, I am happy to say I was able to run 6.66 miles pain free!
  • Deciding to keep up with swim team! I feel like my lungs are getting stronger and my swimming is improving!

Lows of the month:

  • Still struggling with getting in a good yoga or pilates session. However, I am doing a lot of strengthening and stretching routines and yoga moves daily, just not in a video or class form.
  • Getting over this Sinus infection. I think I have been sick 4 times this school year: 1 cold, 1 sinus infection, 1 flu, and 1 strep throat (which I have never had before...evah!)
  • Tuesday night CEC classes that go until 730pm... killing my workout schedule, no lie. One more week.

Did I accomplish my March goals?
  • Continue with Half Marathon Training? - check!
  • Cutting back on soda (and coffee)? - not so much!
  • Sticking with adult swim team? - check!
  • More yoga, pilates, & BodyPump? - workin' on it!

What are my goals for April?
  • Try to run outdoors at least once a week!
  • With the weather improving, familiarize myself with my new Garmin 305 (birthday gift from December!)
  • Get my bike in the shop for a tune-up before hitting the open roads!
  • Get on my bike outside!
  • Figure out what race even I will be doing in the Fargo Marathon.... coming soon!

Year-to-Date stats:
Swim - 23,200 Yds
Bike - 321.54 miles
Run - 95.81 miles

Overall, I am pretty pleased with March. It seems that my plan to incorporate yoga or pilates each week continues to fail. It's the first thing to go when there's a crunch for time. How do you include it into your routine?

How did March 2010 turn out for you?


Carly said...

Sounds like a pretty good month to me. I want to get more yoga in too, but I can't afford the classes right now. Do you have any good DVD suggestions?

Turbo Photographs said...

Congrats on your numbers! Just started following you -- our numbers look very similar. Also I ordered Tri Power and looking forward to getting it in the mail soon :)

James said...

Keep up the good work. Best of luck in April!

Anonymous said...

I do Pilates one night a week. I usually do a little cardio before class and sometimes I swim that same morning making it a two-a-day. It was hard for me to fit in at first too, but now that I do it, I love it and see the benefits!

justme said...

i love that you have goals for the month it is inspiring to me. i think fitting in the yoga and stretching moves is great, even if not class form, that is totatlly what i need to do, i did some w my girls the other night and it was just good to do a little ...

justme said...

i love that you have goals for the month it is inspiring to me. i think fitting in the yoga and stretching moves is great, even if not class form, that is totatlly what i need to do, i did some w my girls the other night and it was just good to do a little ...

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Nice month and good goals for next month

March was just a ton of bike miles for me.

Gotta Run..... said...

I am not perfect with including Yoga as much as I should but I have managed to do it a few times in the very early a.m. hours before work.

Cheers to reaching all of your April goals!!

Marlene said...

Great totals for March! Hope you can get outside more in April and I'm sure you'll be posting even more miles.

I'll be posting my March recap later today.

Being Robinson said...

it sounds like you are doing fantastic. with all the busy-ness and sickness too. i've been sick a lot this year too, i wonder if the colder horrid winter had something to do with it? well congrats on a great march and for sticking with it!

Kelly said...

March sounds like it was awesome! Way to go! I have no idea how to incorporate yoga/pilates. I've been having trouble doing that lately...heck, forever.

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

GOOD WORK!! I could never give up coffee and I have been sick this month too..

I used to do Pilates in the morning when I was getting ready for my wedding. 30 minute DVD on my floor. It was super easy to fit in..

Patience said...

Great work!! Good Luck with your goals in April.

Wes said...

What? I'm disappointed! Couldn't your review be one of the three? :-D just kiddin!

Great month!!! Keep up the good work!!

SavvyFitChica said...

Where's your April goal to make a budget missy? :) I'm here to encourage you! You don't have to share it but get one in place-- you'll feel so much better!

Julie said...

You had an awesome month! Keep it up Chica:)

MCM Mama said...

Good job! I could never give up caffeine. My husband would likely divorce me because I'd be so cranky and CPS would take my kids away 'cause I'd be sleeping all the time LOL.

I ran 149.8 miles in March, which is amazing, but I'm kicking myself for not getting in that .2.

Jess said...

Pilates and strength work is always what goes first for me when I get busy too. I love your goals for April though, especially getting outside to run more!

J said...

For me the yoga class works at my local gym. I like the lady who runs it and having her instruct me and go through everything helps because I dont know exactly all the poses and I always forget something. So thats how i get yoga in my life but I was thinking about trying a yoga DVD maybe from the library and see how that works so i can do yoga at home.

Aimee said...

Good job on your totals! I was having a hard time fitting yoga in too until I found an awesome class at my gym. Now, I go every week and it's awesome!

I like your April goals. Once the weather turns nice, it's great to finally be able to do more training outside! :)

Holly said...

Great job in March! It will be nice to be able to do some exercising outside now that spring is here!

Jess said...

Have fun with the 305. You'll have to let us know how you like it.

Kelly said...

I definitely know what you mean about yoga and pilates- so hard to fit it in. You are doing a lot of other stuff! Very impressive numbers!

Kevin said...

Sounds like March was a solid month of training

Carly said...

Nice month! You will have post how you like your Garmin 305...I may have to upgrade.

Michelle said...

Great March!!

I love Yoga, but seem to have a difficult time fitting it in. I may have to start scheduling it to make sure that I do it.

Shannon said...

I think that sounds like a pretty successful month! You'll love the Garmin. My husband got me one last summer and it has gotten a lot of use! Can't wait for summer again :)

Beth said...

Congrats on a great month! The pain free run is my favorite, and I'm so happy that you got such a great run in. Have fun with your new Garmin- you will love it!!

Scott McMurtrey said...

Awesome March. Soda/coffee regardless. :)

prashant said...

i love that you have goals for the month it is inspiring to me.
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