Sunday, January 24, 2010

sicker than a dog

I swear I have been sick more this school year than ever. I think I had a cold/sinus thing going on this fall, due to my allergies. The first week of November I got struck by a nasty 48 hour flu bug (and I am thankful it only lasted that long), and now, this?

Friday afternoon, I noticed slight pain, more of a discomfort than pain, when I swallowed. I met up with some friends for beverages and was home shortly after 9pm. I woke at 1am and was in excruciating pain, popped a few ibuprofens and went back to bed. I slept most of Saturday, but had that same pain, aches, and what I was to find out later - a fever.

A friend took me into the walk-in clinic Saturday evening and sure enough, Strep Throat. I have never had this before. And boy was I in pain. I think my neck and lower back hurt twice as much as my throat. A co-worker of mine had Strep last week and compared her aches to pregnancy. I told my friend last night that I wasn't going to have babies if that's what it was going to feel like.

Turned out I had a 102.1 fever. My usual body temp is below normal, so this freaked me out a bit.

I got me some drugs and was suprised to see I was able to sleep from 8pm until 530 this morning. I was only awake for about 5 hours between 10pm Friday and 530am this morning.

I had so much planned for this weekend: cleaning the house, the slushy snow needs to be removed from the driveway, watching the Vikings game with friends, and now here I lie at 630am on Sunday having done absolutely nothing in the past 36 hours. And, I will be watching the game alone. hhmmph.

Oh well. Hopefully I will be ready for work tomorrow...


Shannon said...

Oh, you poor thing! If I ever had strep it was when I was really little. I'm glad you went to the clinic. I hape you can get some rest today.

Anonymous said...

Aw no I hope you feel better soon! Rest up and take care of yourself!!

Melissa said...

I'll be at home watching the game too....just pretend we are watching it together. :)
Feel better soon!

justme said...

feel better and take care of yourself !!

Anne said...

That strep is nothing to sniff at, and rest is one of the best ways to heal from it. Get well soon, Stacy.

Kelly said...

Strep is awful. Rest up and feel better soon!

Carly said...

I used to get strep a lot as a kid, so I know how you feel! I hope you feel better really soon!

Badgergirl said...

Strep is awful! Rest up and I hope you feel better soon!

Jess said...

Poor thing! Get your rest and I hope you feel better soon!

MCM Mama said...

You poor thing! Strep as an adult just sucks. Beer Geek caught it from one of our germ magnets a few years back and his whole neck and lower face were swollen for days. The kid? He bounced back within an hour of starting antibiotics.

Feel better soon!

Patience said...

I have been suffering from the same thing this week and seven days later, still feel like crap. I hope you feel better.

Anonymous said...

I'm sick too! And this isn't the first time this year! Usually I'm never sick, so I feel for you. So sorry your weekend plans were ruined, hope you feel better!!

Kristen said...

OH NO!! Sorry you got so sick. Strep sucks but the good thing is once you get meds it usually goes away pretty quickly. Feel better soon!

Unknown said...

Aw man sweetie, that STINKS! It's great you are resting and listening to your body, here's hoping you are on the mend real fast. :(

Carly said...

Strep sucks!!! I hope you feel better soon.

Neese said...

hope you are feeling better and your fav football team wins :o)

Anonymous said...

Strep is so awful!! I hope you get well soon!

Unknown said...

get well soon

One Little Jill said...

Strep sucks! I get it like 3x a year, but luckily I have become superior at detecting it so usually I catch it before it gets bad.

Pining for Pinterest said...

I hope you are feeling better!

J said...

Seriously hope you feel better! I hate strep throat it is the worst!

Wes said...

strep sucks! hope you are on the mend!!

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