Monday, November 30, 2009

Bringing the bullets back

Sorry for the lack of posting in the past week, but things have been crazy busy. Here's a recap, bullet style:
  • Last Monday and Tuesday consisted of 12 hour workdays due to evening conferences. I didn’t get in any workouts those days either.
  • Tuesday night, my sister drove in from the cities after work and a few of us went to see New Moon. I was pretty impressed with the movie and am itching to see it again! I am glad that the next movie will come out in June, rather than a year from now.
  • Wednesday morning, my sister and I headed to Bismarck for the long holiday weekend. We spent most of the day helping mom prepare for the 30+ people expected to join us for Thanksgiving dinner. Every year, it is my job to assemble the homemade gingerbread houses. We make enough for each of the little one’s to decorate after dinner, and then they take them home to enjoy through the holidays. It has become a great tradition and I think the older ones really look forward to helping the little ones. However, this year, for some reason, I couldn’t get the “frosting” just right and I was ready to throw all the houses out the window. Fortunately, after adding twice as much powdered sugar than usual, I had perfected it and it worked out just fine. All of the houses turned out wonderful!
  • Thursday morning I decided not to participate the Turkey Trot. It’s just too late in the morning, taking up too much time, and it was pretty chilly that morning – right around 12 degrees. So, my Dad, sister and I went to the Y early and got in a good run on the treadmills and got home just as the Turkey Trot was beginning. The 10k goes right by our house, so it was fun to watch the runners go by as we were preparing dinner.
  • Thanksgiving was perfect! The food was great and the company we shared it with was even better!
  • Friday morning, I did NO shopping. That is not my thing. Instead, we hit up the gym and then headed to my Grandparents house to help clean/decorate for the holidays. Later on, the fam went out to pick a Christmas tree for my parents house. There's nothing like the smell of frasier firs in the house!
  • Pretty much all day Saturday consisted of a friend’s wedding. This was a friend from grad school, and I was excited to go. I knew a couple people going but forgot how many people I had met through this guy during our year in grad school. It was great to catch up, but I am sad to say I didn’t really get to talk too much with the groom or another grad school friend. However, the wedding was beautiful and overall a really good time!
  • Sunday… on the road back to Fargo. I have been gone 6 out of the last 7 weekends and as much as I was sad to see the long weekend go, I am looking forward to being in town for the next few weekends! I spent yesterday running errands, filling the fridge, setting up a new tv stand for the tv I have yet to buy (I know, I am kind of backwards), finish putting up Christmas decorations, and cleaning the living room and kitchen.

Now, I need to get back into a routine and make the most of this full week!

Something to look forward to? I signed up for the Jingle Bell 5K that is this coming Saturday! Last year it was only 4 degrees outside and the wind chill brought the temps well into the below zero range. It was so cold that I had frost on my eyelashes and nostrils. Right now the weather forcast for Saturday looks like it will be a bit warmer than last year, but if you know anything about ND weather, it’s bound to change a dozen times over the next 5 days.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!


Kelly said...

Sounds like an awesome holiday weekend! I feel like you never get to see the bride or groom at a wedding haha, even when I am in weddings I still barely see them once everything starts!

I hope the Jingle Bell 5k does not involve 4 degree temps this year!

Badgergirl said...

Love the bullet point style. :)

Sounds like a busy, but fun holiday weekend! Crossing my fingers for you it doesn't get too cold for your Jingle Bell 5K this weekend!

Shannon said...

I love your gingerbread tradition! What fun! I'm looking forward to having that many little ones at our get togethers. You sure have been busy...I'm glad you will have a weekend at home coming up. Hopefully the weather will warm a little for your race. My in-laws were here from Bismarck for the holiday and they said it hasn't been terribly cold yet...

Anonymous said...

You are one busy girl. Hope the 5k goes well..

Marlene said...

What a fun (and busy!) weekend.

Wasn't New Moon awesome?? Just saw it for the second time this weekend. I already can't wait for Eclipse. :)

J said...

i decided not to do the turkey trot this year either! I just didnt want to drive all the way over there and then run. It was so much easier to just step out my door and run!

Being Robinson said...

it sounds like you had a great weekend, i'm not a black friday shopper either... bunk the system!! ;) glad things are going well, the holiday's are just plain crazy huh? good luck on that 5k, look forward to reading the race report. and i hope it's warmer this year.

RunToTheFinish said...

man the jingle bell is this satruday...dude that totally FREAKS ME OUT it can't be near christmas! :)

Sounds like a good time with the fam and eww on long work days

Wes said...

5 degrees? For the love of everything warm! Unbelievable :-) You are one tough cookie.

Holly said...

Sounds like an awesome Thanksgiving! I would never have the patience for gingerbread houses - good for you!

Kristen said...

Sounds like a great week!

Burr, those are some cold temps!! Makes me feel bad about complaining when it gets in the 30s/40s here.

Have fun with your Jingle Bell run!

Runner Leana said...

I am so impressed with your tenacity to go run a race in the cold! I was thinking I didn't want to run a 5K this weekend since it is freezing here now!! (Mind you, I haven't quite figured out how I'd get my 45 - 60 min run in this weekend either then...)