Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Vote for Amanda!

I just had to dedicate a full post to this lovely lady, Amanda! Sam-e from Nature Made is looking for a writer for their blog, and I think she is the perfect match!

She upbeat, all the time! I absolutely LOVE her Gratitude Journal. If that isn't enough, she likes to share things she loves with everyone with giveaways!

Now, she needs YOUR vote! So, go over to THIS SITE and vote now! Today, tomorrow, and the next! You can vote every day!

Vote for Me
Good Mood Gig from SAM-e



Carly said...

Ohhhh...thanks for the heads up.

Scott McMurtrey said...

i voted...and didn't even get to leave work. :(

RunToTheFinish said...

You are such a sweetheart!!

Shirley said...

I'm voting for Amanda, too!

Was reading thru your blog about your knee problems, etc. I've also struggled this year with various aches and pains around my knees and so on, and once went to a PT who said I had a strained left hamstring. He said I need to strengthen my hamstrings because they are too weak in relation to my quads. Now I've been taking an exercise class where the "coach" is big on glute strengthening exercises. I guess it's pretty common to have weak hamstrings and glutes! Too bad they're harder to train than quads! I have stairs in my house, so I'm always working my quads. To try to mix things up, I decided to go down the stairs in different ways, such as sideways and backwards, to try to target different muscles. This way I can get some exercise in just by moving around in my house!

This year I managed to complete my first two triathlons, two half marathons (the 1st was put on by a local running club, the 2nd was a fairly big one), a duathlon (30-mile bike ride, 4.3 mile trail run, which I mostly walked), and a half-century bike tour, so I feel pretty good about what I've accomplished.

Wishing you success in your PT exercises and hope you have an even better season next year! :)