Friday, September 5, 2008

From the mouth of a babe

First of all, thanks to all who have commented in regards to my crisis in my last post. I think I am going to wait it out a bit, contact the Apple store, and go from there. At least I still have access to a computer I can use at home. It just might be awhile before I can do anything with pictures or music for now.
On to today's topic. I had my group of fourth graders for math today and one of my students kept referring to me as misses. Her brother and cousin did the same last year, so I am kind of used to it (and partially ammused as well). But, I thought it was a teachable moment to discuss the difference between "Mrs." and "Ms."... From there, here's the breif conversation I had with a different student as a result....

Me: Am I married if I go by "Ms."?

K: No.

Me: Correct. would think the teachable moment would end here... but the conversation continues as I am writing problems on the board...

K: Are you getting married?

Me: Not right now.

K: Have you found a man to marry yet?

Me: No, not yet, K.

*sigh... I can only imagine where this will go*

K: How come?

Me: I don't know. I just haven't found the right guy yet.

K: Why?

Me: You tell me.

K: Well where have you been looking?

Me: In all the wrong places I guess.

K: I guess. Maybe you need to look in the right places.

Me: Where would the right places be?

K: I don't know.


K: I know what kind of woman I am going to marry.

Me: What kind of woman, K?

K: A Spanish woman. (completely random comment)

*end conversation ... divert back to math*

I always look forward to talking with this student. You never know what he is going to come up with. This student also asked me what my sister and brother-in-law did for their anniversary this summer. He remembered that they were married the previous summer.

I hope every one have has a wonderful weekend!


IronGambit said...

it makes sense to me! :)

Unknown said...

How funny.

Of course, what about the fact that the title Ms. could be assumed someone who *is* married but Mrs. cannot (or at least to the best of my knowledge that's true). Okay, maybe that's for 5th grade. ;)

As for that Spanish woman....heheheh

Kevin said...

Kids can be so funny.

Anonymous said...

That is so cute and funny.
Good luck with your Mac

Kelly said...

That is too funny!

Wes said...

Along with the headaches, I assume you are constantly entertained as well :-) Kids are a never ending source of amusement.

Ms. V. said...

Me: Am I married if I go by "Ms."?

K: No.

Me: Correct.

Really? :)

SavvyFitChica said...

I think that kid sounds amazing. Slightly weird, perhaps, but amazing nonetheless.

My neice is 5 and I love having "conversations" with her because you just never know where it's going to lead.


Runner Leana said...

That's hilarious!! If only I knew where these right places were...

Jess said...

Kids are always funny!

And, I tell my college students that they should always use "Ms" to address any woman, irregardless of maritcal status, and that to distinguish between Mrs and Ms is old fashioned and out of date.

Mendy said...

how cute! Kids say the craziest things, and I love that they have no inner filter. You get what's definately on their minds.

The pictures below from the wedding are so nice!

Unknown said...

As I was reading your conversation, I thought that "K" was a girl. So when I hit the sentence "I know what kind of woman I am going to marry" it sure made things interesting in my mind.

Marcy said...

ROFLMAO! I love kids, they say the most whack stuff sometimes.

Danielle said...

I agree, all the wrong places is where I've been looking too...a guy frined of mine (38 and just married for the first time) said the same thing to me about my looking...I simply said I'm not looking, although I wish someone were looking for me!

hepsmom said...

I feel your pain. Imagine a similar conversation when you're 40 and replace the 4th graders with seniors. It's very depressing. But there's always one guy who offers to marry you.

Eric said...

Next time, tell them you "prefer women". That will open up a completely new opportunity for teaching LOL!!!