Friday, July 11, 2008

Blogging Block, Updated

Do you ever sit down to write your post and have no idea what you are really going to write about, struggling with how you want to gather your thoughts and put them in cohesive order that makes sense?

Yeah, that was me today... and yesterday for sure. Thus, I haven't posted since Tuesday. I sometimes feel like my recurring posts about working out can be quite boring for y'all after a while. Maybe, I will find something interesting to blog about in the next few days... I will be heading to the Twin Cities tomorrow for my cousin's bachelorette party!


Last night I met up with a cousin of mine; the sister of the bachelorette. I was kindly reminded that I agreed to be the bachelorette's Personal Attendant.


Supposedly, the night I was partially in charge of putting together a smashin' beer-pong playin' - strip-n-go-naked drinkin' - karaoke singin' - going away party for a couple paras from our school.... I had talked with this lovely cousin of mine via telephone her and her fiance have just been transferred for work from England to Boston. That, my friends, was when she had asked me to be her Personal Attendant.

It totally slipped my mind... Why might you ask?

Because I was clearly intoxicated and she was taking advantage of the situation! Ha. I guess I was such a good PA for her sister a year ago that people just can't get enough of me! LMAO.

Then, of course her sister had to call the bachelorette and inform her of my memory loss due to being taken' advantage of under the influence of a lot of alcohol. The bachelorette then texted me.... and I had to remind her that I am totally looking forward to bending-over-backwards for her and wiping her ass if need be necessary!

OSN: 2200M, 60:00 ---> using the kick board slows me down a bit.
50M w/u with breast-stroke
500M free, 100M kick
550M free, 150M kick
650M free, 100M kick
100M sprint

ORN: 3 miles, 33:09, avg. 11:03/mile
--> Did on treadmill, too hot and humid to do outside. Felt good and faster!

UPDATE --- Friday:
OSN: 800M, 20:00, worked on speed and took about 1 minute rests between every 100M
OCN: 12.13 miles, 40:00, avg. 18.19mph

Have a great weekend y'all! Hopefully I will have some fun pics to post from my weekend in the cities!

Peace :)


Unknown said...

Nice job with the swim and run - treadmill is better than nothing!!

Wes said...

No blogging block as far as I can see :-) I draw the line at wiping someone else's ass though ;-)

akshaye said...

Since you accepted the position intoxicated ..might as well do your job intoxicated ;)

Have a blast!

Brian said...

That's a killer swim workout, looks like you really rocking the swim.

Blogger block, not sure if you have it, your doing a fine job.

Kevin said...

It sounds like you do well at the social planning thing. I still giggle every time you mention the strip n go nekked.

Stef0115 said...

OMG how funny -- Akshaye has a good point about doing the job intoxicated. LOL! Might be more fun for you?

Great workouts!

SavvyFitChica said...

Dude, I have had big time blogger's block too! No idea why! Glad to see I'm not the only one though.

Have fun planning the bachelorette party... you must be a good party planner- you're in high demand!

Jess said...

Haha oh man I hope your duties as PA don't cross into the ass wiping territory haah

Sherry said...

Terrific swim workout!!!

And personally... I ADORE your ramblings about exercise! :o) Don't worry about those occassional blocks... as you can see, based upon the frequency (or lack thereof) that post, it's obvious that I get them often.

Jess said...

They should really call "personal attendant" the "bride's bitch" since all you do is run and fetch things for her.

Holly said...

I'm all too familiar with the blogging block. :P Have fun at the bachelorette party!

jay_say said...

I agree with prior poster... "Since you accepted the position intoxicated ..might as well do your job intoxicated ;)"... sounds like a plan to me!

Runner Leana said...

Good luck with that writer's block! And um, good luck being a personal attendant... Just be sure the bachelorette eats something! That was the downfall at my sister-in-law's stagette for sure!

Marcy said...

I'm with Wes, wiping the ass is where I draw the line. Except if you my kids :P

Gotta Run..... said...

Lesson learned.... NEVER agree to anything while drinking :)

Anonymous said...

Have a great weekend. Can't wait to hear all about it. Have fun being the Personal Attendant!

Danielle said...

Bachelorette parties are fun...but being PA....not sure I'd like that. Bridesmaid is bad enough!! I have a friend getting married in Jan that I will probably be bridesmaid for again (second wedding) ah well. I haven't had to do it (or even be at a wedding) in a few years so I guess it's OK.

Lily on the Road said...

OMG, you are going to have such a blast, pack the Advil and have a GREAT time!

AddictedToEndorphins said...

Thats why I don't drink without my best friend. TOoo many times have I said something I regret because of alcohol.

have fun this weekend:)

Liz said...

THanks for the words of wisdom! :)

I like advice from teachers...since you see it all! :)

The day didn't get much better but they are sleepng now and tomorrow is a new day!

Have fun partying! :)

Runner Susan said...

blog block makes us stronger.

Unknown said...

I have definitely had a bloggers block lately, but it cetainly is way more of a block than yours. I agree with Wes about drawing the line at a certain point :)

Unknown said...

Have fun this weekend!

N.D. said...

Have fun this weekend bein the PA!

Unknown said...

I frequently have blogging/writing block... hence the reason I post scrapbook pages and pics of the kiddos making messes! :D