Saturday, January 26, 2008

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

If you haven't ready Vanilla's post, Advice for a New Runner, it's a must. It's so true... and it made me chuckle. I think it was/is me to a T.

On my way to the gym, I passed a handful of runners. They must have been part of the running group from the YMCA, training for the Fargo marathon. I thought they were crazy for being out there. The sun was barely up, and supposedly it felt like it was 15 degrees below zero.

I went for a dip in the pool. I was a little hesitant with this head-cold-thingy going on, but I couldn't pass it up and I was dying to get back into the water. Forgive me father, for it has been three days since my last workout. If I would have timed it a bit better, or thought about it ahead of time, I could have participated in spin afterwords. As I was heading to the showers, I could hear the spin bikes being pulled across the floor above me. I will remember this the next weekend that I don't have a long run on Sunday.

The weather has finally reached a decent temperature (above zero)... for January that is. The sun was shining this morning, and my car started without making sound as if it were frozen. It is supposed to reach 32 degrees tomorrow, and if that is the case ... my plan is to run outdoors. 30 degree weather is awesome this time of year!

OSN: 1200M
sore arms and legs!

Now, it is time for some college basketball!


Wes said...

Nice swim chica! Go ahead and do that swim/spin and run the next day :-) Good training! Hope the weather exceeds your expectations!

Unknown said...

Nice job!!

RunnerGirl said...

Hope you get to run outside as planned, its so much better than the treadmill!

Anonymous said...

Brrrr! At least you have the option of swimming on those cold days. Hope it "warms up" enough for running!

J~Mom said...

1200 m is awesome!! uuf! I remember how sore I was the last time I did that. (long time ago now, LOL)

L*I*S*A said...

Way to go with your 1200M. I can't even imagine swimming ONE METER!