Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Okay, so I wasn't smokin' fast, but I was faster today than I was on saturday. And that has got to mean something.

I was really hoping to get up and do a long run this morning, but with the stiff legs and the heavy humidity I decided not to. Instead, I opted to go for a spin on the bike ... in the afternoon... with this heat?

Anyway. While I was flyin' by.... a nasty bug flew in my mouth. It was only a natural reaction to cough... and then spit it out. Well, in the process of doing so, this lady on her bike coming my way gave me the most evil look.... as if she was very disappointed. I wanted to spit on her. Besides, why is it necessary to dress nice, wear tons of make-up, big earings, and a lot of perfume while out on the bike? She reaked! I could almost taste her perfume in the split second it took to pass her. Crazy woman.

OCN: 10.96 miles
Duration: 46:19
Avg Pace: 4:13
Avg HR: 154
Max HR: 176
Temp: 81 degrees
Humidity: 62%

I have to get in my long run tomorrow... friday at the latest. Only a couple more days and we will be moving my stuff ... to my new place! And... I will probably won't be posting or commenting for a short while. I will be taking a long weekend, next weekend, to take a trip down to Chicago for a Jazz festival. I am sooo pumped!


- said...

i love the pictures on the side. the sweaty one is awesome, and you live near (on?) such a beautiful road.

Mom tried decaf once said...

Looking good on the bike!!

Can't wait to see pics of your new place!! Have a great time at the fest!

Marcy said...

ROFLMAO I love those types and the ones that have their boob jobs all popping out of their too tight sports bras. Very nice, very nice :P

Killer job on that bike!! Good luck with the move!

Mendy said...

LMAO at Marcy. True, come on now - we go out to sweat our tails off working our bodies past fatigue and you got these other women, just out there showing off!

Good luck on the move, and way to smoke on the bike today!

Scott McMurtrey said...

maybe that was one of her bugs that you swallowed and that's why she was upset. you know, the kind that hang around the guy who wears too much cologne...

jahowie said...

I've wondered about the perfume thing myself. Sometimes when I'm out on the trail I can actually smell the women coming towards me. A dirty look huh? Did she think that you were wasting a good meal or what?!?!

Danielle said...

Ah yes, the ones that primp for the gym are just as anoying. Anyone who is serios about their workout, looks like they are serious about their workout. Sweat and all.

akshaye said...

hehe... that was too funny :) good luck moving. and enjoy the jazz festival!

Jess said...

Too bad the bug didn't fly in her mouth...or attack her and her perfume...okay that was mean LOL.

But awesome bike ride and good luck with the move!

Unknown said...

So funny, as I was reading I jumped ahead and thus skimmed over that fact that you were on your bike and I was thinking, "Avg Pace 4.5 min miles!! She's more than smokin'!

Good luck with the move (I hate moving!) and enjoy the festival. :)

Unknown said...

You're coming to Chi-town?! How COOL! Have fun!